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I hate this book It needs to die a long suffering death.What doesn t it have A stupid, strident heroine, Keira, perhaps one of the most immature h ever and that s saying something She s either screaming hysterically at the H or screaming during sex Yawn Needs to die.Cruel, sadistic bastard of a hero, frickin Patrizio He thinks she s cheated on him and he calls her slut, whore Tells her he would catch a disease if he slept with her because of all the otherwell you get the picture Then has sex with her Die, you SOB, die.Keira s parents are a piece of work as well, unsupportive and critical Horrible Expire, por favor.Even her guy best friend view spoiler betrays her when he tells her and Patrizio that he slept with her He does it to help her out and extends the lie because he s gay and it makes him look macho to his parents Needs to die as well Not to mention the fact he never tells her s gay although he figured it out at 14 Come on, your female friend is the first one you would tell if you were gay hide spoiler [Read] ♷ Innocent wife, baby of shame ☣ For Patrizio Trelini, Everything Points To Keira Worthington S Infidelity The Ruthless Italian Throws His Temptress Wife Out He Won T Listen To Her Lies But, Two Months Later, Necessity Brings Keira Back Into Patrizio S Life, And Into His Bed, Although His Heart Remains ColdWith Her Marriage Revived, Keira Has One Last Chance To Prove Her Innocence But She S Just Discovered She S Pregnant Will Patrizio Accept The Truth That Keira S Having His Child HA Agent Scully and Vintage have dubbed this Innocent Readers, Characters of ShameI, however, am not an innocent reader since I dove into this well warned.Yes, the hero is hurtful and mean and said he had a tit for tat sexual relationship while they were separated.And yes, the heroine is confused as to whether she slept with her bf that night, but she believes him because he was her bf from childhood.And yes, this is Melanie Milburne s trademark heroine who beats herself up and wallows in the guilt And of course the heroine s mother had the same thing happen to her when she was a newlywed, which is why her dad is so horrible.And gay bff is sorry no sooory He s moving to Canada to be all gay and stuff.Hero is also sorry but he never mentions the other women Hmmm Heroine has been sorry all along Hero s nephew and heroine s brother are not sorry for faking their fight.Me Am I sorry I read it Nope this one was ridiculous, but the OTT emotions were about right for a MM story. Oookay. This story is ridiculous Kiera was lying in Garth s bed, naked And Patrizio is nothing but furious He despised her for betraying him and when she said nothing but apology, he was ready to kick her out of his life But things happen, and the sparks is still ignite between them. The storyline is good, great in fact Full of angst, exactly what I like BUT But, the execution is damn awful Miss Millburne describe Patrizio s hateful blatantly and I don t like it He s just pure hatred and I don t understand how Kiera stand his hates If I were her, I just go and move on no matter how much I love him Because he show nothing but hate And up and down, they goes from arguing to having sex in a matter of minute, and that s kind of strange I mean, Patrizio s words are burning yet she still manage to have sex with him after hearing it Seriously I just don t get it And Patrizio manage to have sex with ANOTHER woman to get even I was like whaaaaat He didn t even apologize to her I don t dig this one Not at all Could be better. I wanted A bigger grovel scene and an epic one He treats like shit is whoring around like there is no tomorrow and after a few days He is an asshole and I totally hated him I would have hired a hit man on him so fast I hated him so much While she was wearing the hair shirt for something even if she had done it, which she didn t, was not as big a betrayal as what he had done Where do they get the sense of entitlement when they treat their wife like shit to be all sanctimonious because their wife are doing what they are doing themselves How many mistresses did he have or sleep with I will never read this book again, it just got me soooo pissed I wanted to hit something Why are the woman so forgiving I guess I am a vengeful bitch cause I would make his life a living hell and take him to the cleaners royally Do not recommend There is nothing redeeming about any character in this whole book and Of course, they can t keep their hands off each other She was a pathetic excuse for a woman and he was just a scumbag Plain and simple Quick opinion this book is icky and not in a fun way I would not advise wasting one s time on it Setup Angry millionaire businessman was in the process of divorcing his demoralized wife for her infidelity, but now they have to fake a reconciliation because his nephew and her younger brother are feuding at school over the breakup and are risking their academic futures Everything that is wrong with the book The hero is a slut shaming hypocrite who doesn t understand the concept of consent Although I am obliged to note he isn t actually a rapist in this book Please see Dino Jess s review fordetail delivered with greater ferocity and better formatting The heroine is a clump of damp tissue The OW is a waste of those two letters The hero s sex life during the break was better served as a series of nameless to the reader hookups Giving it form and a name simply raised my expectations, which weren t met They weren t even approached Dear authors I am your litmus test If you can t get me to rise emotionally to your OW bait, you ve done it wrong The best friend OM was view spoiler a rapist until he was a liar If he had had sex with the heroine while she was incapacitated by the drug he had given her, that would be rape Since he didn t actually have sex with her, he s just a slimy narcissistic liar who opportunistically doesn t care if he destroys the heroine s fragile life as long as he can improve his own hide spoiler Just ignore the book,it was so horrible I was like this,wanna save your head avoid the book I felt sorry for the heroine, thought the hero was an absolute ass, and spent much of my reading time pulling my hair out The heroine takes the blame not to mention the public ridicule for something you later find that she didn t do This is probably where the Innocent Wife part of the title comes from Anyway, the hero offers her a six week reconciliation before they finalize their very, very messy divorce The reasons for it were rather ridiculous to me, but it served to get guy and girl together in one place, so I was willing to go with it What I wasn t willing to go along with was the hateful way the hero treated his wife His treatment of her was insulting and bordered on sexual and emotional abuse I could not see why the woman loved him at all.I didn t like the double standard to the story either It really bothered me that the hero slept around during their very, very short separation, while they were still legally married, and that he took great pleasure in telling his wife about it Never once does she call him on this, not even after they find that she never cheated on him in the first place He accuses her of destroying his love because she gave herself to another man, but his sleeping around is okay and doesn t even warrant an apology in the end This issue is never resolved and the unfairness and stupidity of it left me feeling very sullen and disappointed.I found this a hard story to rate I want to give it 1 star because of all the issues I had with it, but I must admit that it was very well written and the plot was quite intricate The author did a very good job of feeding me little tidbits of info as the story went along, little things that furthered the story and broadened the mystery of what actually happened between the heroine and the guy she allegedly slept with I suppose, just for that, I should give it an extra star although it s a grudgingly given one.http iheartpaperbacks.com