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thanks to Sheila for finding the book for meA nice short 1 day read At a crime scene, Brunswick County Sheriff Pickett found 2 nude bodies in a Tappacola tribal family home, Son Razko best friend Eileen Mace wife shot with 2 bullets in each of their heads, in her home Det Willard found Junior Mace husband unconscious in his truck outside a frequently visited bar with a Smith Weston with 2 bullets left Making him the obvious defendant killing his best friend wife cheating on him An inexperienced Defense Lawyer Larry Swoboda asked assigned by Judge McDover to the case.The prosecutor, Wag Dunlap, hunted for his first death verdict Witnesses were all against Junior.1 The bartender said Junior was always in a good mood but seemed depressed that night going to sit down in his truck.2 Ballistics expert matched the 4 bullets in the murders to the Smith Weston found in his truck.3 State pathologist study verified laboratory samples for diagnostic forensic purposes.4 Louise Razko cried not believing Son, her husband Eilleen, her friend would cheat 5 Wilton Mace, Todd s brother knew they loved each other.Larry Swoboda s alibi that Junior s propane pipups deliveries would keep him away from his house when the murders could have happened were defeated.The jury was bias 9 white, 3 black no native Indian All 12 had no problem with a death verdict talked in the jury room before the trial was over view spoiler A spectator, named Delgado, from organized crime, came went but not noticed by any during the trial Two major trial flaws Junior was never tested for drugs depression Gun never reviewed for prints wiped The bias jury s verdict would be guilty Delgado s assignment was complete he was thrilled as Junior was walked away in handcuffs.The Chief did not like Son Razko Junior Mace agitating the tribe at their last meeting against a white man s casino on Tribal ground This would now be easily overturned in their next meeting for his tribe s Prosperity growth was around the corner hide spoiler Grisham mixes his well established background in crafting sensational legal thrillers with an ability to offer quirky approaches to writing in formulating this short story It is that of the capital murder trial of Junior Mace, accused of slaying his wife and best friend in cold blood All the evidence points to Mace returning home early from work, where he rages at the act of adultery, and shoots them both in the head While Mace presents an alibi through his less than confident attorney, it does not seem solid and the State of Florida has than enough to substantiate their claims with a stronger prosecutor ready to send him to death row While the case unfolds, there is one man in the courtroom who knows what really happened someone with a motive to see Mace out of the way Alas, his reasons never make it onto the record, though the verdict could make all the difference in the world A unique approach to the legal thriller and a story that sets up the soon to be released full length novel that Grisham has for eager fans While not an earth shattering piece, surely one the reader can enjoy during the waiting game Grisham surely has something up his sleeve if this story is a prequel to The Whistler Without reading too much into that upcoming novel, I can only imagine how it all pieces together with a cast of interesting characters that found their way into this piece This story, a trial told in thirteen short chapters, offers something unique for the reader, while presenting all the needed information for the reader to remain intrigued Rather than Grisham s powerful courtroom saga, each chapter offers a brief summary of a witness testimony, almost on the verge of short paragraph summations, as well as a brief biography of someone having something to do with the larger case or investigation While I found myself looking for testimony or some development read meatier narrative , I was happy to get a short synopsis and at least get the gist of what is going on, if there is a purpose to all this when The Whistler comes around Grisham has done so well with spinning the law on its head that I can only hope he has something new to offer the reader Save for the deeper glimpse offered of Junior Mace, all characters received quite minor roles, though some have enough offered that their return will surely create an interesting cross mix and allow for the story to take many twists If The Whistler delves deeper into this case, or at least something along these lines, I can see much excitement to be had when I get my hands on the novel.Kudos, Mr Grisham for this peek into your next novel What will you do to keep the reader on their toes Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at This is a prequel to John Grisham s latest The Whistler coming out in next few weeks A quick introduction to the characters and trial that will dominate this book The perfect muder.or the perfect set up Junior Mace, a Tappacola Indian, finds himself on trial for the muder of his wife and close friend Claiming his innocence, Junior knows a conspiracy involving his tribe and big business are behind this accusation of murder John Grisham is one of the best for courtroom drama Can t wait This is an ebook prequel to the recently released John Grisham The Whistler Having already started The Whistler I am a bit confused At this time there is only one character that I see that crosses over into the novel and I have yet to make acquaintance with her she has just been mentioned in passing However I do believe she will be a major character before the novel is completed As for the other mentioned characters in this 23 page eBook I will just have to wait and see.This short prequel did do its work I am now curious than ever to see where The Whistler is going. A short and enjoyable little prequel to Grisham s latest legal thriller The Whistler, that provides succinct coverage to one of the plot counterpoints and a brief introduction to the main players Whether it is worth 99c is debateable, given it is essentially a sampler it probably should be free IMO , nevertheless a nice teaser to the real deal This adds nothing if you have read The Whistler, which I did a few days ago It might have been an interesting taster if I had read it first |DOWNLOAD KINDLE ♿ Witness to a Trial ♎ A Startling And Original Courtroom Drama From New York Times Bestseller John Grisham That Is The Prequel To His Newest Legal Thriller, THE WHISTLER A Judge S First Murder TrialA Defense Attorney In Over His HeadA Prosecutor Out For Blood And GloryThe Accused, Who Is Possibly InnocentAnd The Killer, Who May Have Just Committed The Perfect Crime Good gosh, lets hope that the Whistler will much, much better than this bland short story. John Grisham sets up an enthralling crime legal thriller for the highly anticipated, The Whistler, coming October 25, with a fully loaded action packed prequel, WITNESS TO A TRIAL A conspiracy, corruption, and murderThe players are lined up and detailed for the trial, a perfect set up for what s coming next Plus everyone knows legal thrillers are my top genre and Grisham, my favoriteSet in the Florida Panhandle, the book opens in the courtroom Murders Two miles from the Tappacola reservation Not on tribal land, but in the local county, under their jurisdiction Two people were dead Found naked A man and woman Married to someone else Shot in the head Son Razko and Eileen Mace The Defendant Junior Mace, a full blooded Tappacola Indian, age thirty seven, father of three, and husband of Eileen, the woman he was accused of killing Until he was arrested he had driven a truck and delivered propane for a nearby company For fifteen months he had been in jail awaiting this trial Junior said he was being framed and loved his wife He declares he is innocent He was making deliveries when they were killed and did not own a gun Swoboda finally believed him after 15 months The Defense Lawyer Larry Swoboda, age thirty one, an aspiring criminal defense lawyer from Panama City.The Judge Claudia McDover 40 years old The previous year she had defeated an eighteen year incumbent by a thousand votes Her first capital murder case Before becoming a judge, she had been a small town general practitioner She strongly supported the death penalty.Witnesses First, Clive Pickett, the rustic sheriff of Brunswick Country Willard a second hick cop Next the bartender, Spike The bar owner was there to observe The fourth witness was a ballistics expert, Montgomery, from the state crime lab The fifth witness Dr Unger pathologist from the state crime lab Sixth witness Louise Razko, wife of the murder victim Seventh witness Todd Short, the first of two jailhouse snitches Eighth witness, Digger Robles, another jailhouse snitch His criminal record was not quite as impressive as Shorts The Jury Nine whites, three blacks, no Native Americans Equal split on gender Three college degrees, two without jobs, average age 52, conservative, middle class No problems with the death penalty The Prosecutor Wagner, was thrilled to be on the hunt for his first death verdict At the time Florida had 300 men on death row and not a single one had been sent there by him Junior Mace would put him on the map.The Brother Wilton Mace He was there for support He knew the truth They were happily married His brother is innocent Murders carefully staged by criminals hell bent on building a casino on Tappacola land Standing in their waySon Razko and Junior MaceWere the killers from the outside the perfect crime The Spectator Delgado He worked for a tight and well organized gang of career criminals determined to build a casino on the Tappacola reservation He is observing the trialWitness by Defense First Teenager, Heath Second Len McGuire owner of a nursery and garden shop Third Retired state trooper Taggart The Son Patrick Mace, age 14 Oldest of the three children A mother now gone A father fighting for his life He knows his dad is innocent Younger children not allowed in the courtroom.The tribe had voted no almost 3 yrs Earlier when Son Razko and Junior Mace had been agitating against the casino on tribal land They viewed gambling nothing than another white man s curse, and they had narrowly won Chief Two camps Now, with Son dead and Junior on his way to prison, the tribe would vote again and the casino would be built The casino would lift them out of poverty and reunite his tribe His dream Prosperity Junior knew whoever killed Son and Eileen was doing a fine job of framing him Remove them, and the casino would be built How will this nightmare endWe will have to wait to learn what happens next in the Sunshine State love the Florida setting A great teaser for The Whistler, coming October 25 Appears we have a dirty judge secretly involved with the construction of a large casino on Native American land The judge is getting a cut and looking the other way Now there is a whistleblower I love Whistleblowers Format I listened to the audio first 3 stars and too many names to keep track for audio not my favorite narrator Mark DeakinsSecondly, the Kindle version 5 Stars , which was much better recommend Combining for 4 Stars I am beyond excited Cassandra Campbell my favorite narrator will be performing The Whistler Yeah have pre ordered the audio Can t wait Campbell and Grisham a winning comboA huge fan of both Definitely recommend reading the short story, prior to The WhistlerWorth the.99 and JDCMustReadBooks I don t really see the point to this, but I like Grisham, and will read the book that follows I like courtroom drama, but this has very little dialog and is mostly giving a profile of the various characters.