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!Download Book ☾ Wedded for the Baby ♲ His Family Of Convenience For Widower And Ex Doctor Trace Warren, A Fresh Start In Whisper Creek Comes With A Catch To Save His Home And Apothecary Shop, Trace Must Remarry While Making Katherine Fleming His Wife Is Simple Enough, He Refuses To Fall In Love Again But Keeping His Distance From The Kind, Beautiful Woman And The Infant She Brings With Her Is Dangerously DifficultKatherine Promised To Protect The Baby Left In Her Care, And A Marriage Of Convenience To Trace Is The Only Way To Do That But All Too Soon, Trace Possesses Katherine S Heart, Even As He Still Carefully Guards His Own With Hopes Of Turning Their Arrangement Into A True Love Match, Can Katherine Convince Trace To Forgive Himself For His Past Mistakes And Embrace His New Family Trace Warren is a widower doctor who was unable to save his wife and unborn child from a viral illness He s moved to a town in Wyoming where he signed a contract saying he d live with his family for 5 years and run the town s apothecary and he s hiding that he s a doctor He thought his widower status would fulfill the contract provisions, but finds out differently, so he makes a deal with Mrs Howard to enter into a marriage in name only with her and provide for her and her infant son Unfortunately, Mrs Howard is very ill and passes away while on the train on her way to Trace s home She leaves her son in the care of Katherine Fleming.Katherine delivers the baby to Trace Together they decide to name him Howard to honor his mother Trace gives Katherine enough of an explanation of his circumstances to get her to marry him in name only While I do realize this is set in a historical time when unwed mothers are ostracized so the idea of a legitimate looking marriage would be desirable , I don t really agree with pretending to be married I also didn t understand how Trace planned to annul his marriage to Katherine and then marry someone else to fulfill the contract without the townspeople talking Was he planning to tell them Katherine died Or that she couldn t handle Western life and went back to New York There s little meaningful communication between the two Trace is trying to steel his heart because he s lost faith in himself and his abilities, he doesn t want a situation he can t control, and he doesn t want his heart broken again if he loses someone he cares about He s got a million excuses why he can t love Katherine or Howard Katherine seems to feel that she s already had her one great love in Richard who was lost at sea before they were married and maybe she feels loving someone else would be disloyal to him Instead of talking to each other and admitting that feelings have changed or that there might be some sort of relationship between them, there are just reasons why they can t love the other person even when it s totally obvious to all us readers that they re just fooling themselves In a twist of irony Trace reveals he is a doctor to the town and the town s founder the one who wanted the contracts is so thrilled that a real doctor is willing to live in the town that he negates the family clause of the contract at the same time that Trace realizes he wants to make his marriage to Katherine a real one.Another reviewer pointed out that Trace, as a doctor, should have known how many people die even with the best care during the time this is set True, but he did have a personal stake with his wife dying and I can see where that might shake his confidence a bit. There were hidden secrets, a marriage in name only and unexpected twists and turns for Trace Warren and Katherine Fleming as they adjusted to living in a new Wyoming Territory Will overcoming the past sorrow bring healing to these two individuals I picked up this book at our library used book sale, thus no review was required I ve started my own opinion. A cute little romance It has a rather unbelievable premise, which is true of many romance novels It also occasionally suffers from strange timing, but on the whole a pleasant, quick read. Wedded for the Baby is a Christian romance set in 1868 in the Wyoming Territory This is the second book in the series You don t need to read the first book to understand this one However, the couple in the first book were also major characters in this one, so you may wish to read the books in order.Katherine helps a fatality ill woman while on a train trip to visit her sister and ends up responsible for an orphaned, unwanted baby Trace is named the guardian of the child, but he needs to marry or he ll lose his livelihood the only way to support the child Katherine agrees to an in name only marriage and to care for the child until Trace can find an alternative Trace treats her with kindness but tries to minimize his time with her as he still mourns his dead wife and child.Katherine has no idea how to care for a baby, though, so Trace has to show her They keep getting thrown together and discover they share interests and admire each other The main characters were nice people, and I understood the reasons behind their actions They both heal from past hurts The historical details about everyday things, what was happening in the territory, and even some of the medical debates of the time were woven into the story I suspect the author got her hands on a catalog of baby furniture from that time, as Trace ordered a lot for his house.There was no sex or bad language Overall, I d recommend this sweet romance.I received an ebook review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. Wedded for the Baby is a marriage of convenience story that had some unique twists and choices in the plot that made it enjoyable.I like the marriage of the convenience stories, where the love grows as the couple gets to know each other This story had the twist of a baby a baby that wasn t either of the protagonist s biological child Katherine Fleming was a soft hearted, kind woman who was willing to go to extreme lengths to keep her word and take care of a baby she just met She had lost the love of her life several years ago and was certain she would be a spinster Trace Warren was a wounded man by his past, a bit dramatic, yet kind hearted and considerate His self pity went a little too far for me, as a doctor, he should have known the realities of life as they were at the time I liked how his character developed, how the new possibilities downed on him, how he slowly but surely opened his heart to Katherine and the baby The challenges of the time period, the new frontiers and the demands of the life back then, the culture, the lifestyle, it was told with authority and in a believable matter The story was enjoyable to read, the characters growth and advancement as people, and as parents were entertaining and appealing The Love Inspired stories are Christian novels, and as such, I expect a message of faith and or faith development, especially if it is pointed out that the main characters have been struggling with their beliefs and convictions I felt that that part of the story was not carried all the way through Since the authors have been given this amazing platform, I wish they used itthoroughly.Overall an interesting and heartfelt story, where the characters are challenged not only by the environment they live in, but by each other, and the wounds of their past, and the hurt life sometimes bring us Three Spoons with a teaspoon on the side Katherine is on the way to visit her sister when she helps a sick mother on the train The mother makes Katherine promise to take care of her son before she passes away Now Katherine is stuck, on her way to meet the mother s fiance When Trace, an ex doctor, asks her to marry him to secure his home and help with the baby, she agrees But both agree that it s only a marriage of convenience that will only last until Trace can find another wife Neither of them are willing to share the secrets that are keeping them from their full potential But maybe the little boy will mend their hearts.The premise of this book was definitely a twist on the mail order bride type I enjoyed the descriptions of the town and the characters Some of the characters stood out a littlethan others for me While I didn t really connect with either of the two main characters or really feel any of their chemistry, I did enjoy reading the story The book is listed as Christian fiction, but while there were some references to faith, it wasn t the main focus of the book The romance of the plot, while not strong, is clean The book is the second in the series, but can be read as a stand alone.I received this book from NetGalley All thoughts expressed are my own. This is book two in the Stand In Brides series, however it is a stand alone book You do reconnect with people from the first book but it is not necessary to read to enjoy this one.Katherine Fleming is a loving, caring woman who just happens to be in the right spot at the right time to help a dear mother in need When she makes promises to the dying woman she never dreams where her life will take her.Trace Warren is a little harder to read, while just trying to keep his business and home he agrees to a in name only marriage to a woman he has never met When things go topsy turvy he does the only thing he feels he can to save what he has built But will this turn of events be to his best interest I loved the sparks, communication and sometimes lack thereof between Trace and Katherine Both have past that they need to overcome to finally find the peace God has in store for them. I nearly skipped this one because the blurb piled up all the tropes I hate However, I wanted to read a Western historical book in particular, and this was available for review, so I gave it a chance Also, with Harlequin cancelling this book line, I plan to read as many of them as I can before they re gone forever.While this one falls closer to the obviously religious end of the Christian fiction spectrum than many books in the line, I was happy from the outset to see all the tropes I was dreading were turned around.I m not a big fan of the VERY popular Western romance setup of the wrong woman posing as the hero s mail order bride, nor do I enjoy books where the hero signs some bizarre contract saying he must be married or lose everything.However It isn t the heroine s baby I didn t feel like reading about yet another widowed mother.The heroine doesn t pretend to be a different woman.The weird contract the hero has saying he has to marry isn t as annoying as these things usually are.And the marriage of convenience would just about make sense in real life.So, with all of my most hated things thwarted, I settled in to enjoy Wedded for the Baby.I will say that the widowed hero is hard to like for much of the book It s all about his Pain, and how much worse things are for him, and poor him, and he can t look at a pregnant woman or a baby.This is the nineteenth century almost all married couples lost a number of children, either before birth or soon afterwards Women had a HUGE chance of dying in childbirth e.g Jane Austen lost multiple relatives that way clever of her to never marry The hero was a doctor he would have known all of this, and yet he acted like this was something so unusual he had to be antisocial and rude to everyone forever .The heroine lost her love, too, but she isn t allowed her pain.It was, honestly, selfish of him.I much preferred the too often teary over the orphaned child heroine, and I did like the writing of the baby he felt realistic Too often babies appear in books like this just to be cute accessories rather than characters.I also liked the little attention to historical detail, just as I did in the author s previous book.One problematic thing this is not the first book, nor the first author, in the Love Inspired Historical Christian series I ve read that has had troubling stereotyping of minority characters Chinese in the last two books I ve read There s writing someone whose first language isn t English, and then there s making characters come across as idiots They re not the same thing.These books target a very particular demographic, and it s ahemTrump than tolerance I d like to see LIH fix this issue, but as the line is now defunct it s too late.Good and bad in this one As with the previous book in the series, I appreciate the author s attention to detail and historical feel However, I wish this grumpy hero had woken up to himself a little earlier on Review copy provided by NetGalley. Wedded for the Baby is a sweet romantic yet stirring story of a man who needs to marry someone before a certain date and Miss Fleming was in the right place and the right time with something he didn t want or did he They went through a lot together there is obstinace and patience but most importantly there is GOD who is being turned to and when HE is involved HE can fix all things Make all things right Amen He is being called on but will they listen Will things work out for those two or will he drop her like a hot potato like he said he would in the start I could not believe how that baby grabbed my heart and wouldn t let go so I had to read and read and find out what happened to him So will you I received a copy of this book from the Publisher and Netgalley all the opinions expressed in this review are all my own.