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DOWNLOAD ð The Café in Fir Tree Park ⚷ Maggie S Caf Is At The Very Heart Of Fir Tree Park Business Is Booming, Her Lemon Drizzle Is The Stuff Of Legend, Her Children Are Happy And Life Is Good But She Hasn T Had It Easy When Her Husband Clint Was Sent To Prison, She Had To Raise Josh And Kelly Alone But Clint Can T Hurt Them Now, And There S No Denying That Paolo, The Italian Football Coach She Spies Every Weekend Out On The Green, Is Than Easy On The EyeIt May Be Summer Outside, But A New Arrival In Fir Tree Park Sends An Icy Chill Through The Caf From its gorgeous cover, to the delicious sounding cakes inside the walls of Maggie s Cafe, every page is a delight, as the lives of the four leading ladies weave in and around each other in a very clever tale Regardless of which of the voices chapters you are reading, you are generally not only learning about their character, but also of some of the others, as the lives of all for women are interlinked, but its only as the months progress, you see the full extent of everything We have Maggie, who can almost always be found in her cafe in the centre of Fir Tree Park, she is continually baking, and has her two children Josh and Kelly, and an ex husband who is currently in prison We see a lot of Kelly than Josh, so it feels as though Kelly is the 5th lady of this book, ever present and lovely to get to know, plus a really strong support character Maggie may have her eye on a certain football coach that is incredibly sexy sounding Kelly is also best friends with Fern who works in Maggie s cafe, Fern has such a strong crush on someone that she barely notices a potential boyfriend who keeps coming into the cafe She also has self confidence issues, and a storyline involving her brother scared me to my core, as it encompasses one of my biggest most recent fears Pearl who is related to Kelly and her family, is still getting used to being by herself after the death of her husband Luckily she has an adorable daschund that keeps her going She also has a massive secret on her hands that is hinted at a lot, and then slowly revealed to the readers, before some incredibly shocking and emotional few scenes Then there is Lacey, who is in training for a half marathon, despite not being a fan of running She is doing it to raise money in honour of her late aunt, and is determined to do her proud Both of her uncles and her other aunt are very supportive, but none as much as the young man she meets early on in her training Over the course of a summer you will see these ladies lives change in ways you probably could not have predicted at the start of the book I loved seeing how the story evolved and found it be a gentle and easy to follow writing style This is a story of friendships, of family and relationships, of which Maggie s Cafe is the centrepiece of the story So much action takes place in the cafe and in Fir Tree Park, which proves itself as a hub for the community I thoroughly enjoyed following the lives of Maggie, Fern, Pearl, Kelly Lacey throughout the book, and was glad to see for a change in books that the main characters spanned a good age range, from student to a lady in the latter half of her life All of them are relatable to, and I was so glad I had the chance to get to know them all Thanks you much to Harper Impulse and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 4 Scrumptious Delights, Perfect Summer Read The caf In Fir tree park is a beautiful story of friendship,secrets, relationships and family and of course scrumptious delightsMaggie owns the caf , which she took over when her husband got sent to prison She brings up her two children alone With such strength.The caf which really is the community hot spot, where everyone is welcome The story is centred around the caf and the park.Maggie makes scrumptious cakes but her famous lemon drizzle is mouthwateringly good I can literally taste it Maggie hasn t had the easiest of lives, her ex husband a real piece of work., which left Maggie with low self esteem, which makes her character so relateable In fact all the characters are very relateable and very likeable.The story is told by each of the four women and you get to see their friendships form and their past uncovered as each women is connected to the caf in some way whether it be as a worker or as a friend.It s so lovely to see Sometimes this style of narrating can be confusing but each chapter is beautifully written and flows with ease.This book literally has it s fair share of ups and downs and lots of drama.It s fast paced and jam packed full of content.Beautiful characters and scrumptious lemon drizzle, a story of finding Love and learning to love again, facing their fears, and embracing new beginnings.A perfect scrumptious summer read.But be warned the delightful goodies inside will leave your taste buds tingling.I would recommend this book to readers who love Chick Lit, Rom coms, scrumptious delights, Summer reads, story of friendships and new beginnings.I received this book from the Publisher in exchange for a honest and fair review via Netgalley. Add a cafe and a park to a book title and you have my interest And this became a pleasant surprise as it turned out to be a little than just the run of the mill light reads often associated with cafe settings, and developed into quite a moving look at a community, family and friends that revolves around life in the cafe.It is told from a number of perspectives, which did get a little confusing, but I did enjoy all the separate strands that were nicely woven together throughout.Maggie runs the cafe so is always baking the most delicious cakes, and has two grown up children Josh and Kelly And Fern who works in the Cafe is also friends with Kelly from school Pearl is a widow is often in the Cafe to help out when needed and has her own secrets that she is beginning to tire of keeping to herself And we also meet Lacey as she starts training for a half marathon in aid of charity by running round the park, and finds the unlikeliest of training partners to help her Ooh and it helped that one of the characters childhood crush was Matt Goss from Bros What good taste she has That is all it takes to win me over to a characters side As we follow their individual and shared stories we get to see the women facing their fears, confronting the past and embracing their futures Set in the most idyllic location it features some very endearing characters ooh and cake Lots of lovely cake A very enjoyable read Thank you to Harper Impulse for an advanced copy of this in return for a fair and honest review. Maggie is a 40 ish divorced mother of two, her ex husband Clint is serving a 10 year prison sentence for armed robbery and she now owns and runs the cafe in Fir Tree Park.Maggie s daughter Kelly is bisexual and studying for her A levels English secondary education qualification pre college for 18 year olds , she has qualified for a place at Birmingham University studying history.Maggie s son Josh is at Oxford University.Fern works in the cafe with Maggie, she was at school with Kelly and in the same year as Josh On the voluptuous side, she has been in love with Josh for years and years Her younger brother Luke was seeing Kelly for a while but they broke it off.Pearl is a 60 ish widow who occasionally helps out in the cafe She is Maggie s mother in law s sister She and her husband Alf never had any children and so she dotes on Kelly and Josh.Lacey runs round the park every week, she is training for a half marathon which she is running for charity in honour of her aunt Marilyn who died of cancer Her uncle Marilyn s brother Carrick is the park groundskeeper.The story takes place over four months between June and September 2017 and features chapters written from the POV of Fern, Maggie, Pearl and Lacey as they uncover old secrets, new love and their own worth.I liked this book but I didn t love it I think my main issue was that the voices of the different narrators weren t differentiated, I couldn t tell Pearl s voice from Fern s or Maggie s.I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.