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I found this book to be quite interesting, but the language somewhat difficult I can t ignore the context of a white, early century author writing the main characters who are not The dialect of Gullah is easier to figure out to me when spoken, but the frequency of N words made that not something that was going to happen I actually haven t seen Porgy and Bess, but love a kids book the author also wrote. Really enjoyed this It was a quick read Heyward is very poetic and descriptive It definitely helps that I had already seen Porgy and Bess and knew the story, because sometimes the language was a bit difficult I got better at reading the Gullah dialogue as I went on, but I would like to listen to this one read aloud someday The forward by Dorothy Heyward as well as the afterward both helped to put this novel in historical perspective I could hear some of Gershwin s music in my head as I read this Always interesting to read the original version of this iconic story. #Ebook ì Porgy ì Porgy By DuBose Heyward With An Afterword By James M Hutchisson This Is The First Major Southern Novel To Portray African Americans Outside The Stereotypes This Novel Is The Story Of Porgy, A Crippled Street Beggar In The Black Tenement Unwashed And Unwanted, He Lives Just On The Edge Of Subsistence And Trusts His Fate To The Gods And Chance His One Shining Moment Is His Pursuit Of Bess, Whom He Wins And Then Loses During One Summer Of Passion And Violence The Fictional Characters Of Porgy, Bess, Black Maria, Sportin Life, And The Other Gullah Denizens Of Catfish Row Have Attained A Mythic Status And Have Become Inextricably Identified With Charleston This Story By DuBose Heyward Is, Of Course, The Origin Of George Gershwin S Acclaimed Folk Opera Porgy And Bess Heyward Created Porgy With Such Sympathy, Honesty, And Insight That Porgy Has Ascended Into The Pantheon Of The Universal This Edition Includes An Afterword By James M Hutchisson, Heyward S Biographer, Who Places Porgy In Its Social And Historical Context And Shows How The Novel Revolutionized American Literature In , Even Before Gershwin Transformed The Novel With A Musical Score, The Book Was Successfully Dramatized For The New York Stage The Production Revolutionized The Black Theater Movement With Its Casting Of Black Actors Porgy, Published In , Proved To Be On The Leading Edge Of The Great Southern Renaissance, In Which Works By William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, And Others Would Depict Black Characters Of Increasingly Emotional And Psychological Complexity DuBose Heyward Published Porgy To Tremendous Critical Acclaim And Financial Success He Wrote Poetry, Short Fiction, Plays, And Screenplays James M Hutchisson, A Professor Of English At The Citadel In Charleston, Is The Author Of DuBose Heyward A Charleston Gentleman And The World Of Porgy And Bess University Press Of Mississippi Porgy was a really great novel Dubose Heyward brought to life the black community of South Carolina of the early 1920s The story had interesting and some sweet characters Poor disabled beggar Porgy had a lovely caring heart Especially for Bess, he was always helping her with her troubles Since her man Crown left her with nothing So she wound up staying with Porgy They both happy together even though they stuggled together not only in their hardship, but from some of the people with cruel intention in their surrounding This beautiful, and bittersweet folk tale was worth the read But one thing I had to admit is that it was alittle odd is their language at first Luckily it wasn t too difficult aslong if you get used to it follow along I understood that all of the southern slang made sense in that period of time I could see why Porgy was the first major southern novel to portray African Americans outside of their stereotypes A classic indeed I can t wait to see the movie Unfortunately it is not on DVD Let s just hope they make it into dvd soon. If you are the kind of person who loves walking on hot coals or having shards of bamboo shoved under your fingernails, you absolutely must read this book. I didn t read it in this book I read it in Famous plays of the 1920s but it s not on good reads I adore this play I couldn t get enough of it while reading it and now that I m through, I m wishing there were pages Crown, Porgy, Bess love tension at its best I just can t get through the languagemaybe there s a movie somewhere Bess lay upon the bed in Porgy s room and stared at the ceiling with hard, bright eyes From time to time she would pluck at the sheet that covered her and utter hurried, indistinct sentences that bore not the slightest relation to existing circumstances A week had passed since her release, and its seven interminable days had been spent in this fashion.Porgy was out upon the day s rounds Occasionally the door to the sick room would open, and an awed, black face peer in The mystery of delirium frightened and perplexed the negroes, and limited the manifestations of kindness and sympathy that they usually bestowed upon unfortunate friends Even Maria was not proof against this dread, and the irrelevant observations that greeted her when she went in with the daily lunch sent her hurrying wide eyed from the room.Porgy returned early in the evening His face was deeply marked, but the lines were those of anxiety, and his characteristic firmness of mouth and jaw was gone He closed the door on the curious glances of his neighbors, and lifted himself to a seat upon the bed How Bess now he asked softly.She shifted her gaze from the ceiling to his face Eighteen miles tuh Kittiwar she muttered Rattlesnake , palmettuh bush, an such Her eyes were suddenly fearful, and she closed her hand tightly upon his.Porgy cast a hurried glance over his shoulder Then, reassured, stroked her brow, and comforted her in his deep, gentle voice Yuh hyuh wid Porgy now an nuttin can t hurt yuh Soon de cool wedder comin an chill off dese febers Ain t yuh member how dat cool win come tuh town wid de smell ob pine tree an how de star is all polish up lak w ite folks silber Den ebbery body git well Ain t yuh know Yuh jus keep still, an watch wut Porgy say She was silent after that, and closed her eyes Presently, to his relief, he saw that she was sleeping This was the moment for which he had been waiting He went out, closing the door very gently, and joined a group of sympathisers in the court Wut we goin do now he asked A week gone, an she ain t none better Peter knocked out his clay pipe on a flagstone, with three staccato little raps, thus gaining the attention of the circle Ef yuh wants tuh listen tuh me, he remarked weightily, I adwise yer tuh sen she tuh de w ite folk hospital His words were received with a surprise amounting to incredulity Fuh Gawd sake, Daddy Peter an awed voice said at last Ain t yuh knows dey lets nigger die, so dey kin gib um tuh de student But the old negro stood his ground De student ain t gits um til he done dead Ain t dat so Den he can t hurt um none Ain t dat so, too An I gots dis tuh say One ob my w ite folks is er nuss tuh de hospital and dat lady is er pure angel wid de sick nigger Ef I sick tuhmorruh I goin tuh she an wut she say is good wid me I wants dis carcase tek care ob w ile he is alibe W en he done dead, I ain t keer Yuh ain t keer whedder yuh is cut up an scatter, stead of bein bury in Gawd own grabe yahd someone asked the iconoclast.Under this direct attack, the old man weakened Well, mebbe I ain t sayin I jus as lief, he compromised But I t ink Gawd onduhstan de succumstance, an mek allowance. Porgy Without Bess I had no idea Porgy existed apart from Bess and that a book called Porgy preceded the Gershwin musical But there you go I had heard Nina Simone singing songs from Porgy Bess and when I dug deeper and found the book and discovered it was set in Charleston SC I had to read it Once upon a time I had been stranded for a week in Charleston and had fallen in love with it Porgy brought me back to Charleston Porgy has become, opera upon opera upon opera about Porgy Bess, but the book, set in Charleston, South Carolina, fits into a neighborhood genre It could be Dickens poor London neighborhoods, or Elena Ferrante s impoverished Naples, or The Wire s poor, black Balti To a cast of neighborhood characters, add white outsiders, and a murder, and jailings, and big storms Porgy is a beggar, so crippled he has to be carried to where he begs in downtown Charleston, trundled there by his friend Peter, a meek man who is used and abused by others Porgy lives in a complex called Catfish Row and when he is not begging he is a pretty sociable guy around the neighborhood At the core is a love story that develops between Porgy and Bess, a Mary Magdalene figure I found Porgy the book touching than its movie adaptation available on Youtube Perhaps its partly because Porgy himself reminded me of a fellow with two bum legs like Porgy s who sat in front of the IGA on Queen Street in The Beach in Toronto in the early 2000 s cajoling and complimenting passers by into buying his pencils and pens Without romanticizing his or Porgy s situation, I always admired the dignity and humor with which he lived. This is the book upon which first a play and then the opera Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin was based Written in 1925, the novel makes use of Gullah, a creole dialect developed by slaves in the Sea Islands off the shores of Carolina and Georgia It tells the story of Porgy a crippled beggar in Charleston and his lover Bess Heyward created some unforgettable characters with Crown, Bess s violent past lover, Sportin Life, a drug dealer who leads Bess astray, and Maria, the fierce owner of the local cafe where they all hang out in Catfish Row These and a cast of many other unique characters form the main cast that gives this book its amazing life and colorful feel Heyward came in for a lot of criticism from the black community in his own time and for many years later when the book was published and when the play was produced Many blacks resented the picture of blacks as violent and common people who gambled and took drugs, feeling these represented stereotypical views of Negroes held at the time Not even the wonderful score of Gershwin s music and the all black cast in most productions could change minds By the 70s however, times had changed enough for people to begin to appreciate the nuances of this book and the small slice of black life it presented The rich sense of community and life giving support it shows the people of Catfish Row providing each other than makes up for the seamier aspects.