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Modern Dangerous to Touch is an interesting story of ostracization, preconceived bias and evil In the beginning of the book the author Jill Sorenson stated that this is her first published work, it is an excellent start The storyline was suspenseful, the characters multi dimensional and just an over all good read Good luck Jill and I ll be sure to look for your name on new releases I have happy romance buttons and this book pushed lots of them I have a weakness for the obsessive romance where the reader knows the whole romance is fucked up but the ride is so good you can t put the book down Can t Hurry Love by Molly O Keefe, Black Ice by Anne Stuart, pretty much anything Elizabeth Hoyt has ever written and this book fits the bill.Also, the hero was a complete dick most of the time That s not actually a complaint He made me laugh and I looked forward to every moment he was on the page I loved the way he tried to pretend he did have any emotions I loved how his neat, carefully dressed self always ended up in the mud I loved his control issues.There is no hiding that this book has flaws The heroine has some incredibly stupid moments, a conversation would solve several problems in this book that drag out, and I found the heroine to have moments of character inconsistency A reader without the same happy romance buttons won t probably won t enjoy the book as much as I did.But I totally enjoyed it. 2.5 5 3 stars C This is a fairly new to me author who has something I like in the way she writes so I m not giving up on her, even though I didn t rate this book that high In the afterword of this book it says this is her first book to be published.I liked the story, the animals, the psychic angle I really didn t like what a cruel, unprofessional character Marc was for much of the book I thought both main characters were TSTL at several points in the story and there were some pretty unbelievable parts view spoiler For example, a detective taking a witness suspect to the morgue to touch a dead victim Not likely hide spoiler Crash into Me CIM 215 Dangerous to Touch Dream man Behind Closed door Crash into me CIM CIM CIM 63 SRS 1518 I ve been wanting to read this book since it s release but somehow other books in my TBR managed to bump this one As this is Ms Sorenson s debut, I was nudged to delve into it because of a Debut Reading Challenge I m so glad I did Our heroine is a woman who shuts herself off from human contact as she has the gift of touch It s this gift that brings her to our hero, Marc, the detective searching for a serial killer When a jealous reporter reveals that the police are working with a psychic, it puts Sidney in danger Sidney and Marc both have insecurities and this makes them real I loved how Marc, though indeed a hero, is flawed and Sidney doesn t hold her punches pointing them out to him The suspense is great and adds to the sexual tension, though Sidney and Marc sure didn t need the danger to heat things up between them I m looking forward to reading Ms Sorenson s next release out in April. I randomly picked this book out to read because I had entered to win a copy of Sorensons recent book Wild and didn t win it The description of that book had me wanting to try it out, but not buy it yet The local library didn t have that book available, but it did have this book by Jill Sorenson So I checked it out and thoroughly enjoyed it I ve recently read a book where the main character had this psychic ability off of touch, so that wasn t exactly a novel idea for me But the progression of the romance, the storyline and the mystery suspense were very well done VERY well done The romance was real , with a bit of a modern edge that made it feel like it could really have happened Overall a quick, solid, enjoyable romantic suspense. I have some seriously mixed feelings about this book, but hardly any of them are good feelings The suspense portion of the book was well done, but where it fell flat for me was the romance If ever there was an example of the hated misunderstandings miscommunication plot devices, this is it It didn t happen just onceit happened over and over again One second they were smiling and talking with one another, the next second one of them would say something extremely hurtful All the way up until the end, I never could figure out how they truly felt I wanted to punch them both in the face for about 75% of this book I m not sure there was even one secondary character in this book that I didn t actively dislike except for the dog, Blue.Having said that, the ending was sweet and the mystery held my interest, so it wasn t a total bust It might be a while before I pick up this author again. `Epub ☘ Dangerous to Touch ✐ All Her Life Sidney Morrow Had Tried To Repress Her Disturbing Psychic Visions Until A Vision Of Murder Shattered Her Fragile Serenity She Had To Go To The Authorities Make Them Listen But Lt Marc Cruz Didn T Trust Her One Bit In Fact, The Sensual Homicide Cop Treated Her Like A Suspect And Sent Her Senses HaywireThe Dark Haired Beauty Knew Something About The Serial Killer Marc Was After But He Was Certain Visions Had Nothing To Do With It Determined To Be Her Constant Shadow, Marc Wasn T Prepared When Desire Blindsided Him And Put Them Both In The Path Of A Relentless Killer