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Reading this book was an extremely weird experience.When the synopsis of a book is thrillerish contemporary in which a girl who just lost her virginity wakes up to a wildfire evacuation and the story expands from there, growing into an ever darker web of lies and abuse and darkness, you don t exactly wanna be like Relatable But as a wise group of extremely wealthy British men once sang said You can t always get what you want.This book follows Audrey, a teenage girl who, as mentioned, wakes up the morning after she lost her virginity to some extremely annoying loud knocking on her door It s firefighters, it s a wildfire evacuation, she s gotta get the hell out of dodge.You the reader at first don t know anything except that.The story expands from there, alternating chapters between past and present, slowly giving you and answers until you reach a Big Reveal that has, at that point, become overwhelmingly obvious.This is pretty much made up for, though, by the themes covered along the way Themes like young love, and the nuances of emotional abuse, and the damage that can be wreaked by loving boys who think they re damaged.There are problems, too Like the aforementioned bonkers obvious alleged twist, and a forced romance plotline, and the fact that sometimes it s so boring you want to join a volunteer fire department in California because at least fighting wildfires would be interesting.But overall the plot construction was SO COOL You start out knowing absolutely nothing, and then gain information as the story moves back and forth and the whole thing feels like being dropped in at the center of a spiral and then slowly looping outward.Also, I really do think the exploration of young relationships and just what qualifies as emotionally abusive dope.And I read it in a day Even though I was reading it on my phone, which I hate doing and firmly believe is the absolute worst way to consume any work of literature whatsoever A true testament to the quality of this read Bottom line Weird book Not for everyone Not perfect But pretty rad all the same.Thanks to Penguin First to Read for the ARC 33 [[ Free E-pub ]] ☘ Nothing Left to Burn ⇠ The Autumn Morning After Sixteen Year Old Audrey Harper Loses Her Virginity, She Wakes To A Loud, Persistent Knocking At Her Front Door Waiting For Her Are Two Firemen, There To Let Her Know That The Moment She S Been Dreading Has Arrived The Enormous Wildfire Sweeping Through Orange County, California, Is Now Dangerously Close To Her Idyllic Gated Community Of Coto De Caza, And It S Time To EvacuateOver The Course Of The Next Twenty Four Hours, As Audrey Wrestles With The Possibility Of Losing Her Family Home, She Also Recalls Her Early, Easy Summer Days With Brooks, The Charming, Passionate, But Troubled Volunteer Firefighter Who Enchants Audrey And Who Is Just As Enthralled By Her But As Secrets From Brooks S Dark Past Come To Light, Audrey Can T Help But Wonder If There S Danger In The Pull She Feels Both Toward This Boy, And Toward The Fire Burning In The Distance I was confused as to why I planned to read this and then I remembered the queen of hating books liked a book for once I thought that this book was okay It was one of those stories that I liked but didn t love and will ultimately find rather forgettable I am really not sure what caused me to add this one to my reading list since the cover does nothing for me and the synopsis is only mildly appealing I did find this book to be a fairly quick read and I was entertained but it was never a book that was hard to set aside.This book jumped around in time quite a bit About half of the book occurs on the day the fire comes so close to Audrey s home that she is evacuated The rest of the book is set prior to that day The present day events are told in a chronological manner but the flashes to the past do jump around just a bit with some happening closer to the fire and others at different times in Audrey s relationship with Brooks I never really connected with any of the characters Audrey often did things that didn t make sense to me I kind of wanted to sit her down and give her a good mom talk since she seemed to be on a rather destructive path Brooks was a character that I never trusted and his relationship with Audrey was rather unhealthy I did like the fact that the story was centered around a fire I thought that it was a really original setting and some of the descriptions of the fire were truly frightening I did find some parts of the story to be rather predictable but I wanted to keep reading to see if things would actually work out the way I thought they would I do have to say that I was really disappointed by the way the book ended I really felt like the book just kind of stopped instead offering some kind of resolution I do think that a lot of readers will like this one a lot than I did This was as story that kept me turning pages I would not hesitate to read future books by this debut author.I received a digital review copy of this book from Penguin Publishing Group Razorbill via First to Read. A compelling coming of age story, Nothing Left to Burn is Heather Ezell s debut novel and a fairly impressive one, at that I don t know how to say what I don t yet understand This book is told in two timelines one in the present that follows the twenty four hours after Audrey is woken to the firemen evacuating her community due to an oncoming wildfire and another in the several months prior leading up to the night before the evacuation The two timelines are woven together nicely as they alternated and fed off one another The characters are well thought out with believable relationships, and Ezell perfectly captures that crazy first love feeling.Nothing Left to Burn touches on some complex, tough issues including mental health and toxic relationships but is nicely balanced with healthy relationships and lighter topics, making for a gripping read I look forward to see what this author does next Recommended Many thanks to Penguin Random House s First to Read program for providing an arc of this edition in exchange for an honest review. Heather Ezell s thrilling debut novel, Nothing Left to Burn, is one of that will make you stop and think for a long time after you finish reading When I first started reading this I had no idea what to expect okay yes that is a small lie I did read the blurb so in that aspect I new exactly what the main gist of the story was but before I realized it I was already halfway though This novel is the perfect coming of age story It has humor, mystery, tension, and classic teen moments It has the sense of Oh my god, did that just happen and Did he really just say that With a timeline of 24 hours and dual POVs, Nothing Left to Burn, leaves the readers on the edge of their seats This story was simply flaws, well done Ms Ezell, what a perfect way to enter the literary world I was provided an advance copy of this title in exchange for a honest review. Couldn t put this one down This book is dark and compelling and chilling, lingering yet compleeeeeeetely intense, with the most beautiful prose if any all of this sounds like your thing, please put this book on your TBR and or preorder it Also, I highly recommend going in blind to this one I read the Kirkus review after reading the book, and while it s a good review, it s somewhat spoilery Compelling, dark and quite fascinating, too A really, really good debut, of a 4,5 stars, actually Definitely recommend Full review coming soon on the blog, I received an ARC of this from the publisher thanks so much to Penguin for sending me over a copy but it didn t change my opinion of the book at all Okay, 2018 needs to simmer down because I ve read 3 2018 debuts in a row and they have all be ridiculously well written, and if this keeps going, I m so unprepared for this goodness.This book was a twisty, dark tale full of complexity, depth, and a lot of twists and turns I m going to warn you this book is quite emotional and it s a deep look into grief, a very complicated relationship, and a girl at her breaking point You re diving into a story that is will pretty much wreck your emotions and mess with your mind on what is right and wrong and what a person should or shouldn t do It lies in the grey lines, but it has a lot of heart and it s such an interesting psychological, deep read that if you re into books with a lot of brilliant characterization and well thought out and timed stories, this is the book for you It s definitely contemporary done right IN CASE YOU SOMEHOW DID NOT GET IT THAT FROM MY LITTLE INTRO THERE BECAUSE IT MIGHT SCARE SOME PEOPLE OFF XD But I just wanted to let people know this isn t a nice little fluffy contemporary full of adorable swoons and unicorns and sunshine and happy endings This story is Audrey and partially Brooks, but mostly Audrey because she owns this story It s hers to tell and it flashes back and forth between the past, now, and just some of her general thoughts Sometimes, I get a little annoyed between jumping back and forth between them because I usually focus on liking just one, but in truth, this one was well timed out and flipped back and forth between how we got to this point and the drama that was ensuing I was eager to flip through the pages to get back to how the past shaped the present and all the drama that was going on right now I did have to knock off a point because I was super totally confused for about 1 3 of the novel I mean, I got what was going on, but I felt at times that the author was trying to make things too mysterious and I was just getting lost and feeling like I was just missing something It finally got its groove and then the writing and plot organization was just gold from there.As I said, this is Audrey s story She was such a complex, shining character You re not going to agree or like all of her choices, but she just felt so realistic She was well done and well layered and I could feel her pain and numbness and could see where she was coming from even when I was yelling at her not to do something She was the perfect heroine for this story, and I felt for her so much sometimes The side characters were well done as well Brooks was certainlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy well done It was so ridiculously interesting to see his evolution along the way and I feel like Ezell must have taken psychology at some point because she just totally nailed allllllllll of his characterization so brilliantly Grace, Hayden, Quinn, and the parents were all done well as well I did like Maya quite a bit, but I honestly kind of wanted a bit from her since I never got a true, true connection to her The setting was so well done as well I honestly felt like I could picture it all wonderfully and it was just so well described I felt like I could feel the fire licking at my skin sometimes I was quite amazed and impressed You totally feel like you ve been dropped into OC, California, and it was such an interesting backdrop to the story.I m a little bit torn on the ending Okay, I loved how realistic it was at the end, and it was kind of the ending I totally wanted for it But I felt that the last two chapters working it up to it, kind of really confused me and I kind of just had my eyebrows raised since I sadly can t do the one eyebrow thing too well I just felt a bit lost there But I was pleased with that last chapter, for sure.Overall, this was such an interesting and fascinating story that definitely takes you on a journey This was a stunning debut for sure, and it s full of intense and haunting characterization, a wonderfully done setting, and a plot that was well executed and time I did get quite confused in the beginning, and the ending left me a bit torn however, I did enjoy the story for the most part and it was such an addicting read You can easily torn through it, but prepare yourself for an emotional, twisted and dark tale that is contemporaries done right Four crowns and an Ariel rating You can find of my reviews at Forever 17 Books Nothing Left to Burn is a novel that captured me A story about being swept away in young love, the cost of secrets, and survival when faced with the flames aiming to consume you.The story is told in alternating chapters as we follow Audrey being evacuated from her home in the wake of a wildfire threatening her neighborhood and the hours that follow along with chapters that provide a backstory on her relationship with the new boy in town, Brooks, and all the ways it consumed her I had no idea what to expect when I picked this book up and I can t say I completely know what it was I read when I finished because I found a story so full of twists and turns, so mysterious and full of secrets that it kept me guessing until the very last page, quite literally It touches upon serious issues like mental illness and toxic relationships while retaining lighter moments filled with strong family bonds, especially between Audrey and her sister The characters were flawed and intense yet showed a great deal of vulnerability and strength in their resolutions This is absolutely a coming of age story for Audrey in so many ways and I was on board for her journey With the threat of the fire in the background, it added some serious elements of excitement and danger.If you are looking for something a little dark and unlike anything you ve read before then this is absolutely one to check out This contemporary had all the elements of a thrill ride that will leave you hypnotized very much like the very fire burning among the pages Prepare to be on the edge of your seat and watch the events unfold A fantastic debut from this author A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review