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|Download Ebook Ñ Midnight Wolf (Shifters Unbound, #11) ⚤ The Eleventh Novel In The New York Times Bestselling Paranormal Romance Series, Shifters Unbound Angus Murray, Bouncer For A New Orleans Shifter Bar, Is Sent To Round Up An Elusive, Collar Less Shifter Woman, Tamsin Calloway, Who Is Causing Trouble For Shifter Bureau, And Possesses Information They Want If Angus Refuses, He Risks Losing His Cub He Finds Tamsin But She S Slippery And Not About To Be Rounded Up Quietly In Fact, Quiet Is Nothing Tamsin Will Ever Be She Leads Angus On A Wild Chase, But He S Determined To Bring Her In To Save His SonCan Tamsin Convince Angus She S Worth Helping Before She S Locked Away By Shifter Bureau, Collared, Or Perhaps Killed Review Giveaway Midnight Wolf A Shifters Unbound Novel by Jennifer Ashley Date April 24, 2018Genre Paranormal RomanceReviewed by Reading in Pajamas DonnaRated 5 Stars Angus and Tamsin proved to be a fun couple on the run from the Bureau and shifters alike Just when you think a storyline or trope has been overdone a story is told with enough freshness to sweep you along for the ride It fulfilled all my wants on a romance A hateful villain, smoldering romance, favorite characters stepping in to help and an unexpected resolution to ensure the happily ever after I had a good time reading this Review copy provided by Penguin in exchange for an honest review Kindle Series Link Every time I start a new book by the shifters unbound series, I know what I will read I will read an excellent shifters story Jennifer Ashley always delivers The world that she has had created with the collared shifters is unique and it keeps expanding So, I really cannot imagine my life without a couple of books based on this world every year.This time the story is about a character that we met briefly in the previous book, Red Wolf Angus Murray helped Jaycee and Dimitri We did not know much about this character before this book except that he is wolf, a bouncer and he has a son Moreover, we did not know anything about his future mate, Tamsin Calloway Not even the animal that she shifts into.I wasn t very happy about this choice of characters to be honest I mean there are still so many old favourite characters that haven t get their story HINT Yes, I am talking about Ben But I have to admit that I truly enjoyed their story Angus is a big, sweet he blushes all the time when he is embarrassed , protective overprotective maybe wolf who has been betrayed by his previous mate and he is thirsty for love and trust And his son is adorable.Tasmin is such a wicked female character She knows how to survive and she knows what she wants Her inner animal is obvious from her actions.Together they will live an awesome adventure running away from bad humans and bad shifters hiding in a carnival, meeting new interesting characters, helping others and falling in love.In case you miss the characters from the previous books, do not worry Many of them will make an appearance DimitriAngus, what the h hell are you doingJayceeYou could leave right nowTigerNo killingZanderAren t you cuteBenNot Fae Got itDylan By the way, why is he that powerful Supposedly, he submitted in the first book Now he keeps popping up and Liam has disappeared Why I love Liam and because of him, I started loving this series Sean And I really don t like the fact that Sean keeps appearing as Dylan s lackey He is too important to behave like this And the sentient house of courseEnjoy Midnight Wolf features Angus Murray, introduced in Red Wolf he is a bouncer in the New Orleans club and joined Jaycee and Dimitri in their adventures He s a growly black wolf with a ten year old cub he ll do anything for He s assigned to bring in the fugitive Shifter Tamsin Calloway a new character , but the wily Tamsin isn t ready to give up her freedom for a Collar and Shiftertown She has many tricks up her sleeve to elude Angus which drives him crazy , but soon she has to turn to him for help.Tamsin and Angus are fun, funny, and heartwarming As usual in the Shifter books, they re better together than apart Also I reveal new information about Shifters and their origins.Ben makes a return, as do Tiger and Zander, along with the haunted house I will be writing a book for Ben He so needs an HEA.Out April 2018 Publisher s choice of dates. READ MY REVIEW ON THE BLOGIt s been a while since I last visited this world and I see I missed a lot That is not to say that you can t read Midnight Wolf as a standalone No, Jennifer Ashley is really good at explaining prior events and facts about a fantasy world as you go and I never felt lost That being said, I think the experience will be richer and deeper if you ve read some of the previous books in the Shifters Unbound series Plus, you ll just want to know what happened in the prior books.The Shifters Unbound world is fascinating Shifters are being treated as second class people at the best of times and animals at the worst They wear collars that send waves of pain through their bodies when they get so upset that violence is imminent But there is a revolution going on, unbeknownst to mankind One shiftertown in particular is rising against the oppression of humans they secretly wear fake collars and prepare for insurgence.Against this background we meet Angus, a wolf shifter whose brother tried the rebellion thing before and failed, leaving Angus with a bad reputation and without a mate because his brother took that away from him too Now Shifter Bureau has his cub, blackmailing him into rounding up a collarless shifter who, he s been told, has been close to his late brother.I loved Angus so much A blushing alpha male is pretty unusual and it was adorable to see this growly, brooding, quiet wolf shifter getting a little flustered about Tamsin s boldness He is immensely protective of his son, he is the reason Angus goes after Tamsin to begin with but he regrets soon that he has to hand over Tamsin to the Shifter Bureau Angus doesn t trust easily but those who call him friend are loyal to a fault to him because he reciprocates Tamsin s crashes down his reservations in one fell swoop with her light and laughter Tamsin tasted joy in every second of her life, Angus realized She was on the run, being hunted by Shifter Bureau , wanted in connection with Angus s brother s activities and recently a murder, and yet she took time to find delight in a simple love song Tamsin is a handful She s sassy, snarky and brave and gives Angus a run for his money There is to her than meets the eye but it s not only that she s one of a kind among shifters that attracts him She inhales life, lives it to the fullest and finds joy in the smallest things She loves to poke the wolf but it s all in good fun, she is never malicious Where Angus views potentially dangerous situations from all angles, Tamsin jumps right into the brawl You see, they are polar opposites but that s why they work so well We belong together I knew it when I saw you, kicking ass at poker and being all smug about it Ciaran, Angus s cub was so cute and precious You could practically watch him fall in love with Tamsin as well.I have no idea why it took me so long to go back to this rich PNR world I really love spending my time there and I enjoyed Midnight Wolf and its main characters I also loved seeing Dylan and Sean from the first couple of books again I wonder who the next book will be aboutbut no matter I have some catching up to do I recommend the Shifters Unbound series to those who love fast paced, enjoyable PNR Shapeshifter stories I think you will fall in love with this universe and its characters.