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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ♾ Own Your Future ♭ We Politicians Are The Second Least Trusted Profession, Just Barely Ahead Of The Journalists Who Report On Us Even The Used Car Salesmen And Lawyers Are Being Rehabilitated Compared With Us No Wonder John Key Achieved Political Superstardom By Effectively Saying I Ll Keep Those Other Muppets Out And Then I Won T Change Anything But What If Politicians Could Solve Real Problems, And Were Prepared To Set Out Their Solutions In A Book This Is An ACT Party Tradition, Ever Since Sir Roger Douglas Wrote Unfinished Business And Richard Prebble Published I Ve Been Thinking This Book Is Filled With Fresh New Ideas Inside You Ll Find Out How We Could, With The Political Will, Teach Prisoners To Read While Saving Taxpayer Money, Make Councils Want To Process Resource Consents Quickly, Stop The Disaster That Is One In Five Children Born Onto A Benefit, Genuinely Rebuild The Self Esteem Of School Drop Outs, And Bring Back The Birdsong That Captain Cook Heard To Every Suburb Of New Zealand None Of This Requires Higher Taxes Or Rules And Regulations, In Fact, The Opposite It Shows How Those Of Us Who Believe In Freedom, Choice, And Personal Responsibility Have The Answers For Creating A Richer And Inclusive Society