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I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book All opinions expressed are my own In Clusterf ck Ash Harlow returns to the tiny town of Waitapu in time for Darcy and Oliver s wedding Her best friend Ginger is her maid of honor and Ginger s long time crush, Oliver s business partner, Luther is the best man For a while it appears that this is the night her Luther fantasies will come True, he does make it clear that it will only be a one night hook up, but still Unfortunately, Ginger s fantasy remains unfulfilled when Luther discovers her virgin status To make matters worse, a few days later Luther approaches her to be the live in nanny to Rachel, a 5 year old he is guardian for Ginger accepts the temporary position with trepidation Even with the temptation of living under the same roof Luther, Ginger, and Rachel quickly settle in Before they even realize it, they have become a happy little family But Luther is keeping a secret that could destroy everything Ginger is one of the most likable characters imaginable She puts others mostly her mother in front of her own wants and desires She has a wonderful energy, is a loyal, caring friend, and is a bright girl She has a streak of insecurity that is endearing You can t help but wish for her happiness Luther is brilliant and ruthless He s a protective, loyal friend He s also a brusque, grumpy man This all changes around a little 5 year old princess Rachel brings out the warm and fuzzy side of Luther This is a new Luther that forgets to scowl I like my Luther very much There is little suspense in this book, the secret is obvious from the beginning What does create the tension is waiting to see how it will all play out This little family is adorable and Luther s secrets definitely risk their future happiness He risks their chance to ever become a real family Forgiveness will be hard, if not impossible Trust will be shattered Hopefully a full confession can salvage the relationship Entertaining read for these lazy summer afternoons I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review In this book we meet Virginia Ginger Hough and Luther Angstrom Luther has wanted Virginia for years now but a promise he made 5 years ago has kept them apart Thehe acts like a jerk to her the easier he believes it will be to keep that line in place However the line is being blurred and not because of something she did per se More of the fact that he isn t sure he can keep up this act much longer However when he needs her as a nanny he knows she is the right woman to ask He wonders though if it wasn t for that promise would she be the right woman for both him and this little girl Ginger has had a crush on Luther since she first laid eyes on him She knows he doesn t want anything to do with her That being said it has done nothing to quelch her longing for him So though she knows she should stay away from him she knows she can t when there is a little girl involved She wonders though being this close to Luther will it bring them closer or will it be the final nail in the coffin she has built up in her mind This is a great book about loyalty and love and finding out sometimes where the line or promises to others divide those two There are many twists in this book that will have you hooked from the first word to the very end I want to tell you so muchabout this book but don t want to ruin it for any other readers I will say I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Ginger has lusted after Luther for five years They grew up in Waitapu, New Zealand along with Oliver, the H of Crave Addicted to you, my favourite romance if 2017 You don t need to read Crave to enjoy this book, but you should because it is So Damn Awesome.The story begins with Luther and Ginger attending the wedding of the respective best friends, and are paired as best man and maid of honour together Luther has spent the last five years lusting after Ginger, which he has masked with a grumpy, scowling visage But the wedding loosens inhibitions and Luther convinces himself that maybe he can have Ginger for just one night, and kill the crush she has on him Instead, Ginger finds hope that she can peel away the layers and find the Luther she sometimes glimpses.Ginger knows about how Luther is loyal is to the people who mean something to him What she doesn t know is the extent to which Luther has protected and smoothed aspects of her life I don t want to put any spoilers here, because you need to experience The Feels the way Ms Harlow intended.This book is exquisitely written There is an unravelling of events that is paralleled by the unravelling of Luther s resolve to want, but not have, Ginger And Ginger can see beyond the pushing he s not rejecting her, so she continues peeling and unraveling to find the heart of the matter This is the way to slowly build a solid, loving relationship This book captured my heart because of the loving, compassionate way the characters behave during a sensitive time They need to rise above the clusterf ck to get to the destination I loved their journey.This book is also fun, and funny The overheard masturbation fantasy Cock brain The virginity clause This is a book to savour.I received an Advance Review Copy of this book and have voluntarily reviewed it And then I bought it, because it is so awesome. Anything But A Clusterf ckClusterf ck is the third story by Ash Harlow about the development of a relationship between at least one member of a group of friends who reside in the small seaside town of Waitapu, New Zealand It tells the story of the relationship between Luther, a third generation Waitapu lawyer, and Ginger, another Waitapu native who is multitalented, but still searching for her niche, having been stuck in the town after high school by her needy and manipulative mother Although extremely attracted to each other, only Ginger desires to act on the attraction while Luther tends to attempt to keep Ginger at arm s length When bachelor Luther turns out to be the guardian of a 4 year old child, named Rachel, who will be coming to live with him, he determines that the best person to act as Rachel s temporary live in nanny until he can find an appropriate professional replacement is Ginger Yet there is a connection that Luther has been sworn to secrecy to protect.Ash Harlow develops this story and the characters of its primary protagonists beautifully Her descriptions of the town and its inhabitants are painstakingly detailed and vivid, allowing the reader to come to know and appreciate them for all their strengths and flaws She injects just the right amount of emotion, intrigue and heat in just the right places Possibly what I appreciated most about my choice to read this book was the bonus inclusion of the two previous stories I did mention that this was the third , Crave and Stellar Love, which tell the stories of the relationships between Darcy and Oliver and Stella and Reuben, who are all part of the Waitapu experience portrayed in this book I read all three before writing this review and, without any doubt, my review of this story was equally influenced by the other two.Clusterf ck may have been my first book choice of a story penned by Ash Harlow It most certainly won t be my last. [ Free E-pub ] ☥ Clusterf*ck ⚖ Virginia Ginger, Hot Spice Hough Starlet Curves, Golden Hair And A Crush On Me Like A Wrecking Ball And She S My Nanny She Thinks I Barely Notice Her Yeah, My Act Is That Good But Nobody Knows How Hard It Is To Resist The Temptation Of The One Woman I Want, But Can T Have I Don T Make Problems, I Fix Them I Keep Secrets Like Others Keep Pets When I M Called On To Fulfil A Promise I Made Five Years Ago, I Need Ginger S Help, And I Ll Pull Out All The Stops To Make Her Agree There S Only One Complication I Took Charge Of A Little Family Secret Of Hers A Secret That S Grown Every Year A Secret That Ginger Doesn T Know She S Helping Me Conceal If She Finds Out, Our Cozy Little Arrangement Will Turn Into One Big Clusterf CkA Steamy STANDALONE Contemporary Romance With A Hot Dominating Wealthy Alpha Who Drops F Bombs Like Hot Potatoes No Cliffhanger, No Cheating, And A Guaranteed Happily Ever After Please Note This Contains Series Books Crave And Stellar Love So You Can Get To Know Recurring Story Characters Both Books Are Full Length Novels The Bonus Books Starts At About % 4.5 starsThis had everything for me Lots of angst when Luther was still being an ass to Ginger with all his running hot then cold Lots of steam, hope and a bit of something bad is gonna happen angst further into the story and sooo much emotion when Ginger discovers the truth.I loved the entire story, it is very well written and had me hooked from the start The characters are believable and well rounded and the plot flowed well and had good pace You could sort of guess the main part of the big secret from all the little clues the author drops However the consequences of Ginger discovering the secret, along with the whys and wherefores were not obvious and helped build the suspense.For me it lost the half star for two reasons Firstly I couldn t quite get Luther s reasoning for having kept Ginger at arms length, and the whole keeping the secret THAT LONG OK there was honouring the dead woman s wish but it wasn t morally right The second thing was how quickly Ginger got over her discovery She is obviously a muchgenerous soul than I am cos I would have been upset angry and holding a grudge for a little while over that one, to say the least refer back to it not being morally right.That said I still very much enjoyed this story, loved seeingof Ginger and Luther and would recommend this book to my friends. Another great read by Ash Harlow and this time it s Ginger Darcy s friend and Luther Oliver s best friend These two have had a secret crush on each other for years and now it s Oliver and Darcy s wedding and they happen to be best man and maid of honour What starts as an innocent dance between the two when it s the bridal party s turn, their proximity to each other takes all their self control Problem is Luther has always acted like he hates Ginger giving her scowls all the time to keep his distance and to deter her, but that night he lets his true feelings shine through and Ginger plays along But the night doesn t end like how either had expected and when he needs a favor from her regarding a little girl, she can t deny him in all things Unfortunately due to a promise he made years agothey may be done before they even start.WOW WOW WOW what a read with steamy scenes that will make you swoon and sigh but not only that watching Luther transform as he tries to fight his attraction and feelings for Ginger and Ginger giving as good as he gets with her comebacks and surprising him many times with her indifferent attitude when he was expecting a meltdown With a promise that you don t find out the details till near the end, a cute 5 year old that will melt your heart and two people with chemistry and sparks that ignite the pages.could NOT put the book down I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book Oh WOW Where do I start This book is tremendous It encapsulates drama, secrets, humour, flaws in people, caring, possessiveness, protectiveness, devotion, lust plenty of lust , hot, steamy scenes that will make you turn on a fan air con, riveting characters, great secondary characters, fantastic writing and a storyline that will surprise you and keep you turning page after page till you reach the end of the story At that point, I just wanted to read it again as it was such a draw to me Why was Luther always watching her when he thought she wasn t looking Why did he always avoid her if possible Virginia, Ginger, is a strong minded woman who has been attracted to Luther for over 5 years but won t give her the time of day, yet she continues to hope that he will look at her with love in his eyes These and The Secret you will find out when you read this book Not if, but WHEN as you won t want to miss this roller coaster of a story that is so well written by Ash Harlow.I was surprised when with the twist in the story due to The Secret which I really liked as so many romance books do tend to have a formula for a book but this was definitely something different I thoroughly enjoyed this story and recommend it without reservation I received an ARC of this book but voluntarily leave my review here I m now looking forward to readingbooks by her Another 5 star winner from Ash Harlow This author has a talent for wtiting lovable, quirky, witty characters within an emotional, suspenseful tale I full on adored Virginia, Luther and Rachel The chemistry between Ginger and Luther was palpable and angst filled But thankfully we don t have to wait too long for them to start failing the fight against their attraction We know there s a big secret and I had some guesses but I wasn t able to figure it out The author slowly unveils clues that keep you intrigued and dying to know When the the mystery was revealed my love for Luther soared evenBut it was both beautiful and heartbreaking and it made me tear up Rachel is an absolute doll and adds such a sweet and unique element to the story This is a perfectly crafted story of forbidden love due to secrets, promises and past connections between two people that are so drawn to each other, it s inevitable Luther and Ginger fall hard and fast despite their fight There s laughter, angst, frustration, excitement, mystery and super hot sexy times Luther is a alpha fixer and Ginger is fiercely independent The push and pull is fantastic Ash Harlow has become a favorite for delivering sexy love stories with a twist of mystery in a dream location New Zealand I immensely enjoyed this read and highly recommend it. I think I like this bookthen the last book and that s hard to do Ginger has always had a crush on Luther but, he never gave her the time of day He always acted like he didn t even like her as a friend When actually he always had feelings for her But he had a secret.a big secret and he just couldn t go back on a promise he made It was always easy to keep his distance until his best friend and Ginger s best friend got together and got married Luther was the best man and Ginger was the maid of honor Something clicked that night when he saw her all dressed up and beautiful He ended up taking her home that night He made sure to let her know this was a one time thing and once the sun came up they would go back to the way they have always been However, when he finds out something he cannot go through with it He then needs her help a week or so later and has to explain some things to her Then offers her a job as a live in nanny How will Luther and Ginger live under the same roof when they can t seem to get the other out of their minds This was such a well written, smoking hot book And the twist towards the end.not sure how but, I totally saw that coming Luther is my new book boyfriend Love him