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Aside from her literary achievements, Nayantara Sahgal is well known in India for her forceful and unrelenting critique of Hindu Nationalism In 2016, Sahgal returned her Sahitya Akademi Award to protest what she described as increasing intolerance in India and the Akademi s indifference to attacks against rationalist thinkers She thinks of the BJP and Modi in particular as fascist in orientation and has displayed courage throughout her career in combating the right wing nationalisms of the Sangh Parivar This is the political womb, so to speak, from which her latest novel emerges The novel has been described as a political satire and this seems to me an apt description The novel s setting is a dystopian India which Sahgal believes has already arrived in which racial segregation, book burning fiestas, and state sanctioned torture all feature As regards its literary merit, the books disappoints for many reasons The plot is disjointed and not easy to follow the characters that populate her novel lack depth and the novel, generally, seems to have been hastily produced solely to inflict as much reputational damage as possible to the current political dispensation Be that as it may, Sahgal s short novel serves as a chilling commentary on disquieting developments in contemporary India that are increasingly unleashing illiberal instincts in multiple Indian constituencies It takes just 30 minutes of watching Indian news channels to see how bitter and coarse India s political discourse has become As the space of liberal expression seems to be shrinking and as minorities continue to be reminded of their precarious position in Indian society, literary activism of Sahgal s sort is required to remind us of the true dystopia that awaits us should we allow the present illiberalism to gather steam and percolate throughout the country. With a deep personal sense of history, this story tries to warn us of our tendencies of religious and caste supremacy and the homogeneity we seem to seek It is a meeting of 1984 and The Handmaid s Tale in an Indian setting of cow vigilantes, racial purification hygiene by compliance of women in procreation of the fittest and extermination ghettoing of the sub humans by a Directorate of Cultural Transformation. As a book group discusses a book in which the characters seem to be unbelievably oblivious to the escalation of violence not far from their own lives, one member of the group says that Not realizing what was so plainly going on all around you couldn t happen in real life, but then of course this was fiction The events in this novel illustrate the effects of Friendly Fascism In his book from 1980, Friendly Fascism The New Face of Power in America, Bertram M Gross states I see at present members of the Establishment or people on its fringes who, in the name of Americanism, betray the interests of most Americans by fomenting militarism, applauding rat race individualism, protecting undeserved privilege, or stirring up nationalistic and ethnic hatreds Substitute Hindutva for Americanism and Indians for Americans. 1.5 This book presented a picture of Dystopian India, drawing parallels between the situation in Germany during World War 2 and the current scenario in India as the author likes to believe it People have to wear badges and live in ghettos It was a really good plot and the story could ve been better if there was no political propoganda involved I just wish this book had a neutral tone not targetting anyone, but sadly that happened The protagonist Rehana is a member of a book club started by her friend and later the club is not paid much attention It talks of various other topics which were really not needed I didn t like how the author was just forcing her political opinions on the reader and this is where the book failed to impress me I was disappointed after reading the book I don t think I ll recommend it to anyone It is a dystopian satire but it missed the mark Something was missing in the writing It constantly frustrated me. When the moon shines by the dayNayantara SahgalIt is very rare or less often that you come across a book which holds so much potential that it tears you apart when you read it Added to that, the additonal information knowledge that one gains access to adds another feather to the cap Likewise, it s very difficult to write a political thriller Inspite of all short givings, this book is a marvellous work of art It s informative, catchy, inspirational, motivational, thought provoking enhances a fine quality read To make things interesting, the plot selected here has been extrapolated effectively extensively which talks about communalism, politics, dreams, countries, art, writings, poems, novels, writers, artists, etc The story revolves around recovering lost legends gems in the form of a book This concept has been highlighted intrinsically using numerous examples which amplifies the storytelling in an interesting manner What s the celestial loaf supposed to mean It means, For the poor man God is a loaf of bread Purity , doesn t exist It s a chimera, a dangerous, absurb imagining Noone nothing is just one thing The problem with revolution is, its boring Why did you get into it in the first place Because people are tortored for refusing to agree the moon shines by day the sun by night, because there re cells hell for the torture known as solitary confinement, because hanging doesn t break a neck, it cracks it slowly strangles And because of what happens up the road around the corner All this remains unsaid Language is riveting, poignant, painful, interesting, remarkable aptly balanced Narration is equally provocative.A must read for all the readers A superb concept satire and dystopia is on point taking into consideration the current climate in India Just wish she spent time fleshing out the characters There was just something missing in the writing.Still, a very uncomfortable in a good way read. Never has a book left me with such detachment from characters, where no sentiment is evoked at the cruelest of times.Nayantara sanghal messed up big time with which would had been a compelling dystopian satire Why was every character written with supreme privileges from the time of being born, and why are we slathered with information which we would had savoured if experienced, has still been a question meandering over me even after finishing it and throwing it in the pile of books which i promised to never touch.The only thing that made me give 1 star to this book was the writing, which at times, was as beautiful as the fake reviews i read, before picking this book.Maybe, i will be giving nayantara sanghal a chance. &DOWNLOAD PDF ⇜ When The Moon Shines By Day ⇟ India Has Changed Rehana Finds Her Father S Books On Medieval History Have Been Disappeared From Bookstores And Libraries Her Young Domestic Help, Abdul, Discovers It Is Safer To Be Called Morari Lal In The Street, But There Is No Such Protection From Vigilante Fury For His Dalit Friend, Suraj Kamlesh, A Diplomat And Writer, Comes Up Against Official Wrath For His Anti War Views A Bomb Goes Off At Cyrus Batliwala S Gallery On The Opening Day Of An Art ShowPresiding Over This New World Is The Director Of Cultural Transformation, Whose Smiling Affability Masks A Relentless Agenda To Create A Hindu Master RaceIn This Atmosphere, Rehana And Her Three Book Club Friends, Nandini, Aruna And Lily, Meet Every Week To Discuss A Book One Of Them Has Chosen Their Oasis Of Peace Amidst The Harshness Of Reality Even As Rehana S German Friend, Franz Rohner, Haunted By His Country S Nazi Past, Warns Her Of What Is To Come All Revolutions, He Wryly Observes, Follow The Same Path But Is India About To Prove Him Wrong In This Brilliant, Dystopian Satire, Nayantara Sahgal Draws A Telling Portrait Of Our Times To say that The Moon Shines by Day is a dystopian satire would be an understatement This book is than that I know I ll be reading it a lot Publishers Speaking Tiger.The story of Rehana, the daughter of two former rebels who fought against the war of racial purity in a dystopian world The political cliches but only what s wrong is right here The sweet setting is the book club of Rehana with her three friends, discovering the banned books and liberal ones Their personalities and love for art is generic.Kamlesh, a writer by side profession but which forms the most of his life is writing against the odds Franz, yet another writer, with the conclusion My country s past is the future of yours The Moon Shines by Day by Nayantara Sahgal is the account of political impact on the sensitive lives on the plus side as well The good that comes out of bad It s full of irony The books are banned for saying the truth and people tortured for their race It s the World War all over again coming from the view point of someone who fights for not herself but those who are deprived and wronged upon.The plot isn t vast but there wasn t an emotion or issue left undisclosed The ever sensitive Rehana, a sensible woman explores her way through the past imprints on the future The story ends in disbelief One worth reading the book for It s a book to be kept It s a reality check wonder. The book almost feels like the outline of a complete story It s hard to invest in the characters since none of them really have a personality The politics are interesting but still underdeveloped to the point that I almost missed the climax of the story Skip it.