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!Free E-pub ♍ Playing to Win ⚇ Holly Evans Educata, Intelligente, Va Matta Per Lo Sport E Sogna Di Diventare Reporter Non Sempre Per Le Cose Vanno Per Il Verso Giusto E Cos , Indossati Tacchi Vertiginosi E Minigonne Mozzafiato, Si Rassegna A Recitare La Parte Della Bella E Stupida Per Un Sito Satirico Da Lei Stessa Creato E Che Ha Avuto Un Successo Strepitoso La Sua Missione Intervistare Gli Atletici Giocatori Della Squadra Di Hockey Di Portland In Primis Il Bellissimo, Sexy E Fin Troppo Serio Capitano, Luke MaguireLuke Intuisce Cosa Si Nasconde Dietro La Maschera Di Holly E Non Vede L Ora Di Strappargliela Di Dosso, Insieme A Tutti I Vestiti L Attrazione Che Li Unisce Da Subito Fuori Controllo E, Tra Bugie, Scommesse Clandestine, Sospetti E Sesso Bollente, La Loro Storia Diventa Come Una Partita Giocata Sino All Ultimo Secondo Per Vincere This is a fun romantic comedy, from a new writer I loved the author s debut Blaze book, Kiss and Makeup This book was a little harder for me to get into, simply because I m not a sports fan and the book revolves around ice hockey Having said that, there was enough detail about the games and the hero s non scoring streak for me to understand the plot and the banter between the characters was great I enjoyed the heroine, trying to make it as a sports reporter and battling a bimbo reputation The hero is lovelyfull marks there 3.5 stars. Taryn Leigh Taylor has another winner on her hands and I m not just talking about the hero of her newest hockey romance I d loved her first book, Kiss and Make Up, so knew I wanted to check out her next story Definitely not disappointed The characters are colorful and leap off the page and their chemistry is combustible This book had lots of sassy action, sexy banter and steamy scenes yet the story was still heartwarming and actually made me weepy in a few spots It takes a great book to get tears in my eyes I loved it so much I devoured it in one sitting Nicely done Ms Taylor I will absolutely be on the look out for your next book as well. Rating 5 Trope Sports romanceChemistry Off the charts Scorchio One Sentence Summary The captain of a hockey team and a reporter stumble across a betting scandalReview I can t tell you how excited I am to finally stumble across a 5 Harlequin read It s been awhile since I ve thoroughly enjoyed one half as much as I did this one.Its brilliance lies in the fact it nails it in these three areas 1 The main characters had sizzling chemistry and the secondary characters were all interesting and had a role to play Also a minor secondary romance was thrown in for good measure.2 There was actually a plot which had depth and it wasn t just sex sex sex.3 Most importantly the characters waited 50 orpages before jumping each others bones Don t get me wrong, I understand that this is a Blaze read but for the story to work for me there has to be UST, groundwork and build up.So yes the characters Luke and Holly are interesting and engaging in their own right but what I really enjoyed was their interaction with the secondary characters Holly s interaction with Ethan was brilliant, her relationship with her Dad was interesting and I liked the history between Luke and his brother and his parents The surprise relationship between Jay and Paige was a great addition.The whodunnit betting arc was a nice counterpoint to the romance but didn t overwhelm the story but my favourite plot bunny was how Holly s mock idea of dumbing down hockey turned into a career opportunity for her and how she had to pretend she knew less than she did about sport.I hope beyond hope that there arebooks to come in what would be an excellent series We have met 2 other team players at least that deserve their own happy ever after, not to mention Ethan who could do with a little romance of his own maybe with his physiotherapist.Originally posted Love s A State Of Mind Loved this book Holly plays her ditzy blond sports caster role to perfection And Luke my oh my what a Hottie porn hot The chemistry and interaction between them is funny and swoonworthy for sure And exactly who is the player involved in a betting breach Loved the secondary characters Playing to WinGreat story Hockey Captain Luke and reporter Holly meet, mesh as he thinks she s an idiot who asks stupid non hockey questions What a journey this story takes you on through the playoffs Great story, hot,hot, hot sex Certainly worth reading as it is not only entertaining but there is some in triggering in the story as well Good job, really enjoyed this book They play to winThis was a well written book with some fun banter, some mystery of who was rigging the games and some forbidden loveand hockey OkTaryn Leigh Taylor.you had me at hockey I loved all the added parts of Luke and his brother, an up and coming hockey powerhouse paralyzed in a hockey incident.Loved his book Luke Holly s story Someone is shaving points and Holly s going to find out who it is, even if it s the captain of the hockey team, Luke Maguire. After reading a spin off book about a different hockey team by this author that focused on one of the minor characters in this book, I immediately had to go out and find the rest of the series in this universe This wasn t a bad book, but it did have a few issues.Holly rubbed me the wrong way from the start, and it was how she did her jobso than anything else It felt as if the author was saying that all a woman would care about was the superficial parts of an athlete looks, sex appeal, etc, rather than anything meaningful about how he played the game Holly s own father also fueled this theme And yet, Holly herself blew the stereotype out of the water I thought that Luke was too bitter about his brother s injuries, and it didn t give him any depth, but made him feel like he was martyring himself because of them.Despite my problems with characterization, I liked seeing what the minor character I mentioned earlier was like in his rookie days of his career Those interactions alone brought the story s rating up for me This was also a quick and steamy read, but I m not sure if I d continue down this road of reading the rest of the universe or not. 3.5