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I really enjoyed this book I love a book where you can make a connection with the main character Addie is the daughter of a victim of a serial killer copycat She is convinced the right person was arrested for it 25 years ago, but the son of the killer thinks differently It seems that Addie and Ethan, the son of the killer, have a past and not a good one Ethan has come back to Addie after 10 years with new evidence that may show that his father is innocent What follows is a lot of action and mystery I did not see the ending coming I will always give a 5 star rating if the author can trick me and Amanda Stevens did just that As soon as I put the book down, I ordered the next one in the trilogy Full disclosure I received a free book for an honest review. Interesting At least this book didn t end with the typical I love you and marry me which harlequin is famous for. Criminal Behavior is the first book in Amanda Stevens new trilogy for Harlequin Intrigue It is a good read and features a feisty heroine and a very intense hero I liked the two of them together As with these shorter books the story ends too soon but it is a hopeful ending These two have a past and I would have likedbackground but it did not take away from the story I did not quess who the murderer was and I was bit surprised I have read many of Ms Stevens books and enjoyed them, especially her Graveyard Queen series She has a knack for writing books with a real Gothic feel to them Recommended. This is such a neat book Its like a psychological thriller in away For its about the murder of Detective Adaline Kinsella s mother Talk about some neat twist here they will surprise you right to the end Agent Ethan Barrow is a interesting love interest for so many reasons One being who his father is I love the way Amanda weaves this story for she makes you curious to find out what is going to happen next But what s neat is that this is a series called Twilight s Children As you read this book you will see why Hence my reason for calling it a psychological thriller For when you come to the end you will come to a startling discovery and hang on to your hats It will surprise you I m looking forward to this series for there was some neat twists in this book I m curious to see what s up next in her next one Incriminating Evidence Stay tuned Ethan is trying to exonerate his father of murder His obsession ruined his relationship with Adaline 10 years ago now he s back Together they are trying to uncover the truth but powerful people don t want the truth to come out Ms Stevens has a way with words that make you feel the chill down your back and smell the magnolia flowers That s how well written her books are This one is no exception Creepy, suspenseful, and twisted Great start to a new trilogy I received a copy of this book from the author for a honest review. I love Amanda s books She writes intelligently and clearly I especially enjoy her strong female characters She must love Charleston because it is the setting for many of her books This story has just enough creepiness and romance to keep you turning pages I have been a fan of Amanda Stevens since reading THE DOLLMAKER and hiding the cover when it was on the nightstand.because.holey crappe Take a look at the coverit s a scary asse book too I ve gone on to read and totally dig her Graveyard Queen series on the keeper shelf and turning my dad onto her books CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR is a Harlequin Intrigue book and is short and quick to read I have veered away from thrillers and FBI agents,etc over the last few years but this is Amanda Stevens I will read everything she cares to write Two main characters, a detective and an FBI agent The pair have history and not all is at has seemed in both their lives Plenty of twists and turns,than should have fit comfortably in this slender book I can definitely recommend this author and I can recommend this book I look forward to the rest of the series. I have to say I have never been disappointed when I ve picked up an Amanda Stevens book This was a masterfully plotted thriller that really kept me on the edge of my seat It made me want to crawl into a hiddey hole and not come out until I finished the book Ethan and Adaline had some amazing chemistry that had me rooting for them from the first time the reconnected And while I had a small hunch about the mastermind behind the crimes, it didn t in any way diminish my love of the story And boy was it some twisty stuff So, if you want to stay up all night with a really great thriller with some serious heat filled romance, I can t recommend this book enough Now, on to the next installment Criminal Behavior is the first book in a new romance suspense thriller series titled Twilight s Children by author Amanda Stevens This author s books are always highly atmospheric remember The Graveyard Queen series , and she sets the creepy, ominous tone early and builds on it from beginning to end in this new one Agent Ethan Barrow has never given up on exonerating his father from a murder conviction in a case that sent him over the edge and into a psychiatric ward Now ten years later, Ethan has new evidence he s sure will clear his father s nameif he can convince his ex love Det Adaline Kinsella to team up with him once again The only issue is Adaline is convinced of Ethan s father s guilt and believes the right man is locked away A man guilty of murdering her mother But someone is taunting and threatening Adaline Is the rightor wrong man in prison Criminal Behavior is a twisted suspense story that unfolds with a creepy, impending doom kind of vibe The setting is masterfully woven into the scenes setting a mood and causing this reader to stay on the edge of her seat throughout Well developed characters carry this story through several twists and turns and kept me guessing until the end The romance is secondary and pretty low key as the case is the focus of this book I will say I felt that the ending was a bit rushed after all the time spent building the suspense, but it in no way diminished my enjoyment of this story I can t wait for the release of book 2 A Must Read With many thanks to the author for a paperback copy of this book for review Reviewed at Cross My Heart Reviews `Free Epub ☋ Criminal Behavior (Twilights Children #1) ⇝ Together, Can They Find The Twilight Killer Before He Finds Them Special Agent Ethan Barrow S Father Was The Most Brilliant FBI Profiler Of All Time Now He S In A Psychiatric Ward, Committed For The Very Crimes He Cased But New Evidence Leads Ethan Straight To Detective Adaline Kinsella The Woman He Had A Past With Ten Years Earlier Addie Can Trust Evidenceeven If She Can T Trust The Emotions Ethan Elicits Can She Now Put The Past Aside To Bring The Real Twilight Killer To Justice