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Action packed from beginning to end Elizabeth Heiter has written a fast paced suspense filled with intrigue, mystery, and love This book touches on the issue of PTSD and the kidnapping of a child Both are addressed realistically and gives the reader a touch of understanding Both characters, Colter and Kensie, are at a difficult time in their lives Kensie arrives in Alaska, much out of her element, after a lead surfaced about her missing sister Kensie has spent years following up on each new lead even though it s been 10 years since she s seen her sister Colter came to Alaska to heal and escape from both his injuries and memories of his service to the marines Colter sees a headstrong woman who has a troubled past that she s trying to get answers to Kensie sees a strong and hurt man who is infuriating at the same time This book has very strong characters, who are both complex and well developed I liked both immediately The plot is an edge of your seat that immediately pulls the reader in For me this was a one sitting read, as I didn t want to put it down after opening it This is a book I would recommend to anyone who loves a good suspense with a twist I received this book from the publisher via the author I was not expected to write a positive review All thoughts and opinions are my own. #Free E-pub õ K-9 Defense Ó To Help A Desperate Woman S Search,he Ll Have To Brave Treacherous TerritoryIn The Wilds Of Alaska, Grieving Former Marine Colter Hayes Shuts Out The World Until He And His Combat Tracker Dog Become Kensie Morgan S Last Hope Of Finding Her Long Missing Sister The Improbable Mission Starts To Rekindle Colter S Desire To Rejoin The World While Saving Kensie From A Killer Unsettles His Heart Can They Find All They Are Searching For Before It S Too Late 4.5 Stars Colter and Kensie, both broken by tragedy, meet unexpectedly as the latter is yet again chasing down leads on her missing sister who was kidnapped when she was little This time the trail takes her to Alaska and results in her meeting Colter when he and his former military dog, Rebel, save her life.Upon discovering what the pair can do, Kensie essentially pleads for Colter and Rebel s help, knowing she s so close to finding her sister, even though everyone else has reluctantly resigned themselves to the fact she s gone.Colter has intentionally sequestered himself from the world, and chose one of the most remote locations to do so after losing his entire team The only reason he survived was Rebel s fast reflexes which resulted in life altering injuries for both of them.With the appearance of Kensie and her determination to never stop looking for her sister, Colter finds himself living again, caring again Kensie makes him yearn for a different future than the one he d envisioned for himself, full of guilt and loss.But can they find her sister What happens if they do She s lived without her familythan she had them Will she even remember them And what does either outcome mean for Colter and Kensie Was the love they found together only meant to be temporary Or have they found their forever One click now and follow along as broken hearts are made whole I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. This is my 1st time reading a book by Elizabeth I loved the book The way she draws you into the story right from the beginning is interesting For its about the kidnapping of a sister 14 years ago with a new clue I love Kelsie how she can t give up even if its for wrong reasons I also love who Elizabeth picks for her hero Colter and Rebel The fact that they are flawed by war makes the story stronger for they understand each other Its full of action and suspense in it The end is the biggest surprise of all Its a great story to read, for it will keep you on the edge of your seat til the end I loved the story and look forward to the next one I would love see a story about the surprise at the end. Yet another fantastic book by Ms Heiter Kensie Morgan was in Alaska to find her sister who was Kidnapped Was the note a hoax She didn t think so She had to find out one way or another.What she found was trouble and Colton Hayes with his dog Rebel It wasn t a great introduction and she wasn t sure he would believe her any then the FBI and police did They wanted her to give up, and put it all behind her She needed his help along with Rebel s When Colton saw Kensie he didn t know what to do He wasn t going on a mission It was the last thing he needed But when he saw her in Danny s car something in him snapped He knew he would help her Colton and Kensie bought loved and lost Blaming for a mistake they had made which there was no way they could control See what happens and buy the book So good K 9 Defense by Elizabeth Heiter is a fast pasted romantic suspense set in rural Alaska.Kensie Morgan has never given up searching for her younger sister, Alanna, who was kidnapped at the age of five After learning of a note which is purported to have been written by Alanna, Kensie rushes to the small Alaskan town in hopes of finding her Unprepared for the harsh weather conditions and isolated area, she cannot be dissuaded from her search for Alanna Meeting reclusive Colter Hayes is a stroke of luck but even with his assistance will she find her missing sister Wounded in action, Colter moved to the remote Alaskan town in order to recover from his wound and grieve the loss of his brothers in arms Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, his PTSD and panic attacks are now under control With only his combat mission dog, Rebel, to keep him company, Colter is surprised by how quickly he adjusts to having Kensie by his side Despite his misgivings, Colter nonetheless assists Kensie throughout her investigation.Kensie s and Colter s search for Alanna is a bit of a slow starter since the townspeople have a live and let live attitude Kensie soon becomes convinced they are on the right track but local law enforcement is uncooperative Many of the people live off the grid and fiercely protect their privacy Kensie crosses paths with a couple of people she believes could help her find Alanna When she finds herself in dangerous situations, will Colter rescue her before it is too late Set in the Alaskan wilderness, K 9 Defense is a fast paced and suspense laden romance Colter and Kensie are appealing characters whose lives have been shaped by their respective tragedies Their search for Alanna is filled with tension as they try to figure out which of their suspects might have her Elizabeth Heiter brings their search to an action packed conclusion Fans of romantic suspense are sure to enjoy this exciting Alaskan adventure. Kensie heads to Alaska in search of her sister who was kidnapped when she was 5 She has followed so many leads in her search and hit so many dead ends Then in the dead of Alaska winter, she comes across another lead she thinks is credible and happens upon Colter He has his own set of issues that he is avoiding working through by living near nobody Elizabeth Heiter does not disappoint in this page turner The mystery twists tighter before things start to unravel, and it s hard at times to turn the pages fast enough. Good book about two people, haunted by tragedy, whose chance encounter changes both their lives Kensie came to Alaska following a lead that is her last hope of finding the sister who was kidnapped fourteen years earlier, at the age of five Kensie blames herself as she was supposed to be watching her sister at the time The rest of her family has given up hope, but Kensie continued the search Both the police and the FBI told her the clue was a hoax, but Kensie refuses to believe it Something tells her that this one is real It seems that someone doesn t like the questions she s been asking around town, because she has a close encounter with a fast moving car If it weren t for Colter s dog, Rebel, Kensie could have been killed.Colter is a former Marine who moved to Alaska with his combat dog to escape his PTSD and his grief He and Rebel were the only survivors of an attack in Afghanistan that killed the rest of his team He considered those men his brothers and his guilt over his survival has taken over his life The last thing he wants is to get pulled into Kensie s problems, but he can t stay away.The first meeting between Kensie and Colter was kind of rough Rebel was the one who saved Kensie by pushing her out of the way of the speeding car When she found out about his work in the military, Kensie tried to talk him into helping her, but he flat out refused However, when Kensie put herself into a dangerous situation in her quest for assistance, Colter couldn t walk away.I loved the development of the relationship between Kensie and Colter Both are hurting and vulnerable, although they hide it well from the outside world Because they recognize each other s pain, they connect almost immediately Colter sees a woman who has put the pain of her loss to constructive use while he has hidden from his Kensie sees a man who is strong yet vulnerable in his pain I liked how the way they understood each other brought them closer, even though they both fought their feelings Colter especially resisted because being around Kensie broke through the walls he had put around his heart and made him start to feel again There were some intensely emotional scenes between them as they shared the events that made them who they were I ached for them both as they could see no way for them to be together The conclusion was fantastic with a solution I didn t see coming but made me love Colter even .The suspense of the story was very good From the moment Kensie arrived in Alaska, her determination was clear, even though law enforcement tried to discourage her But each step they took led to a deeper belief that Kensie was on the right track, especially as the attacks on her escalated There were many twists and turns to their investigation with some results that I did not expect The final confrontation was a nail biter as Kensie and Colter faced resistance from an unexpected source I liked the realism of what happened at the conclusion, as reactions were not what they expected.The dog, Rebel, was probably my favorite character I loved her loyalty to Colter and how she so quickly sensed his feelings, and when he needed her I also loved how quickly she bonded with Kensie and had the same kind of reactions to her stress There were some adorable scenes as Rebel comforted both Colter and Kensie There were also some exciting scenes, from Rebel s rescue of Kensie at the beginning to her support of Colter in his big moment. K 9 DefenseElizabeth HeiterCan Kensie Morgan find her sister who was kidnapped 14 years in the Wilds of Alaska Can an injured former Marine Colter Hayes, with his partner dog Rebel, find himself while helping Kensie in the wilds of Alaska Are they both on a losing path to heartache Strong determined characters with do not give up attitudes grab you by the heartstrings and don t let go until the end.Another late night read as you struggle through the vicious Alaskan weather with Colter, Kensie, and Rebel towards the answer they are searching for.