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{Read E-pub} ì Least Likely to Marry a Duke ì A Marriage Of Inconvenience For The Buttoned Up Duke Bound By Convention, William Calthorpe, Duke Of Aylsham Is In Search Of A Suitable Bride To Help Raise His Half Siblings Despite His Methodical Approach To Finding Such A Lady, He Stumbles Quite Literally Into Free Thinking And Rebellious Bishop S Daughter Verity Wingate And When They Find Themselves Stranded Overnight On A Tiny Island, Compromising Them Completely, He Knows Exactly What He Must Do A tstl heroine She wasn t wild just dumb Having been thoroughly compromised she refuses to marry the hero So she trashes her reputation, the hero s reputation and of course causes her very decent retired bishop father humiliation Then she goes off to London where her aunt takes her to lunch with the queen who is so liberated she totally understands her spending the night on an island in some shack with the hero As if This just got stupider and stupider A dnf.