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!Free Epub ♩ Italian Prince, Wedlocked Wife ⚐ Single Mom Lucy Abbott Is Working As Many Hours As She Can, But Still Can Barely Afford To Feed Her Baby DaughterThen Prince Maximo D Aquilla Offers Her Millions, And A Way Out Of Her Desperate Life Max Whisks Her Away To Italyand Soon She S Totally HisMax Has Seduced Her Completely But Is He Driven By Revenge, Or Desire And Is He Ruthless Enough To Walk Away From His Captive Bride This is between a 3.5 and a 4 stars I can tell this is an earlier book by Lucas because her older books were in full steam ahead drama mode She s tamed that down a little in later books Maximo toes the line between complete villainy and dark hero He makes no bones about his desire to use Lucy to get revenge But he is also very attentive to her needs and is fantastic with her young daughter Chloe The beginning is set up for the reader to think the absolute worst about Maximo, with his shallow relationships, including discarded casual sex partners who are still part of his social circle Lucy is a bonafide Cinderella, and part of me was happy that Maximo was there to rescue her, even with the negative motives However, it s clear that Lucy is not just a victim needing saving, she has her own motivations and is determined to be her own woman, independent If it wasn t for her daughter, she would have sent Maximo on his way.I knocked this down to 3.5 stars because I felt the events prior to the ending were melodramatic and unnecessary, including an old man out of the Gothic novels I could understand Lucy s betrayal at Maximo not being honest, but the way she called him on it, I didn t like at all I did love his gesture of love though.Lucas books are always readable and thoroughly entertaining I think I ve liked some of her newer books a lotand they show a maturity in her writing that makes me grade this older bookcritically However, those who find Cinderella romance irresistible and like an antihero romance lead, will appreciate this book. I thought I wouldn t like a single mom s story but I can t resist Jennie Lucas Good melodramatic love story and even steamy but sadly no epilogue and a kind of abrupt ending Still an enjoyable book The ending moved this to a 5 review I loved how Maximo proved his love for Lucy It was great the way he gave up his revenge for her As usual with Jennie Lucas some parts were very dramatic In fact, I have to say this one was classic HP I think my favorite part was when Maximo asked Where is our baby daughter even though Chloe wasn t his So sweet I added this book to my made me cry shelf because I got a little teary eyed when I read the note Maximo wrote to Lucy sighNow I am out of Jennie Lucas books What to do What to do I guess wait until June for her next release. 4.5 .A re read Such a poignant heartfelt story.I loved the main characters so much After so much sorrow they deserve happiness My only complain is the absence of much needed epilogue.And the villainous grandfather got the company even though hero did that to prove his love for heroine.Strongly Recommended. Classic HP Very good revenge plot which had an actual, pretty solid reason for the revenge A twist at the end that was surprising and yet foreshadowed enough not to have come out of nowhere Arrogant hero fell hard for the heroine The heroine tried hard to resist him but he was pretty hard to resist He was not as ass to her so she had reason to fall for him There was a spot where the author could have gone all Disney fairy tale but chose not to make everyone so nicey nice and I appreciated that If you re an HP fan you should like this one Sicilian hero..check..revenge..check..passioncheck.grovelling or powerful remorse.check I thoroughly enjoyed this book I cannot believe I neglected to read this wonderful story I think I m going to go on a Jennie Lucas binge This was a fairytale of the prince rescuing his love since he was a child They grew up and loved I loved this hero,Maximo I recommend this read. Awe this one was cute It had a lot of pacing problems, like it was rushed in certain areas that the plot practically skipped and then dragged out in other spots The heroine and her baby did not seem like a package deal, the baby was just there to be adorable but she didn t seem to motherly all the way through the book And the end got waay too soap operay to be real or interesting Wish we had chosen a villain but we really had mean other women, a crotchety old grandpa who has like 4 lines, and the baby daddy Like commit a bit And the hero s pressuring the heroine doesn t read too great but he cares for them both, and immediately starts being a father to her baby I liked that the heroine was very smart, desperate as hell, but still smart and determined She never let the hero push her around, except when he wanted to bang Very quick and sweet read after everything has been read and done. This is a fun story in the tell me a story way There are some twists and turns for the heroine that make this a fun and interesting ride I don t want to give spoilers, because half the fun is not knowing where this story is going I will put up some reminders for myself, however Notes to self This is the one that opens in Chicago on New Year s Eve The heroine is working in a gross gas station Quick Trip type place Her boss tries to assault her, but the hero scares him off.The hero whisks her and her baby off to a grand hotel and marries her at the stroke of midnight She then signs a pre nup that will allow the hero revenge onsomeone.The hero is really generous with the h with money, with compliments, with interacting with the baby.This is the one with the crying grandpa at the side of the road.Don t question how this particular penniless heroine could have a passport to travel to Italy This is an HP.Parents are not made by blood, but by love There are two examples of that and I appreciate the author for not spelling it out in huge letters Just because you are a blood thirsty reader doesn t mean that the hero should have behaved differently at the end He is a better person than you and he really did prove his love for the heroine Urge HP fans to read this with a helping of suspended disbelief. Hmmm just too outlandish for me Cinderella story that was just as unbelievable as the fairytale We all read these romances as an escape, but somehow this was way too over the top The H is a Prince, gorgeous, hot and uber rich Finds the heroine and her baby in poverty and rescues them She is a secret heiress and he wants revenge on her grandfather who ruined his family Coincidentally, her baby daddy who abandoned her and her baby is also working w the grandfather to declare the missing heiress dead and release her shares fr the trust fund He is a fortune hunter who has another rich fianc e lined up and doesn t want her to know of his previous lover and baby He didn t know his abandoned lover, the heroine, was the heiress all along It s almost comical how he rejects her and his baby so totally and not a second after he finds out she is the heiress, he is practically on his knees declaring his undying love, spurning his current fianc e Sooo OTT The hero, the Prince keeps warning her not to fall in love w him, that theirs is merely a business arrangement so they can both get their revenge, but he treats her w the utmost caring and tenderness, as if he was in love w her, after knowing her for just 2 days.SPOILERS Further the TSTL heroine humiliates the hero during their wedding ceremony, in front of everyone and paparazzi and leaves him standing at the altar allowing her evil grandfather to have the last laugh When she comes to her senses and realizes that he loved her all along, she goes to him and without a sorry, he forgives her If this were the other way around and the hero had humiliated the heroine in such a manner, we would all have been clamoring for a 2 page grovel, at least.