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~Free E-pub ♷ Up With The Crows (The Unsylum #1) ♰ A Feather For My Nest My Financial Situation Is Beyond Desperate And That Stripper Pole Is Looking Better And Better But I Refuse To Put On The Baby Oil Just Yet, There S Got To Be Someone Out There Willing To Hire Me Luck Is Not On My Side, At Least Until I Spot The Crow S Feather The Wind Decides To Try And Keep Me From My Prize, So I M Left With No Choice Except To Follow It Two Seconds Later A Truck Plowed Into My Car, That I Just Got Out Of A Black Feather Saved My Life No, I M Not Kidding, It Literally Kept Me From Being A Can Of Spam The Feather, Not Done With Me Yet, Takes Off Again Driven To Chase It, I Do, And It Takes Me To This Gloomy Foreboding Building That I Don T Recall Ever Seeing Before And As Fate Would Have It There S A Now Hiring Sign On The Front Gate This Book Is A Slow Burn, Urban Fantasy With A Dash Of Unconventional Romance By the end of the book I loved this I do have to say that I really wasn t loving it at first, though Mel s internal monologue was both irritating and dull HOWEVER, once she got to the Unsylum things picked up massively I understand why the first part was necessary, in a way, as it sets out Mel s character, but it sort of felt like something we had to suffer through.One thing I have to say is that Zoe Parker writes amazing monsters Phobe from her Facets if Faerie series is one of my favourite anti heroes and she s hit is out if the park again with Vale and the other creatures of the Unsylum I serious love him and all the creatures If you like her other books, then you ll love this, just be prepared to plough through the first 30% and then it gets oh so awesome If it wasn t for the start this would almost be a 5 star read for me Plus, the MC is 38 How cool is that WOOHOO CAUGHT UP ON REVIEWS FROM THIS WEEKEND It s the best feelings ever Up With The Crows was ehh The cover and title intrigued me enough but I m not going to lie I did get bored here and there while reading it Thankfully, this book went by so quickly This book is dark, deep, and gives you the creeps Which is probably why I was so drawn to it even while bored out of my mind Then there s Mel, and ugh. she was okay but boring I just wanted something drastic to happen and when I got a little bit here and there then eh, I was done Besides Mel boring me, then there s Vale He was cute and dark but eh at the same time Honestly, things really picked up at the Unsylym world but by then I was just not really invested any I am, however, glad that I stuck with the book because it did get a bit better Just not enough to make me get all giddy and excited for the next book.Overall, I might dive into the next book but I make no promises. Great start to a series Love Zoe s darkness and humor This was such a good series starter and bonus our MC isn t a beautiful 20 year old I m excited to see where this story goes God I LOVE Zoe Parker s imagination It s such a breath of fresh air, I swear nobody creates stories like her This book is no exception About the charactersMel is awesome Some people may not like it, but I absolutely LOVE the internal dialogue she has going on for most of the book She was seriously giving off best friend in my head vibes.Vale Oh My God So sexy So HOT So drool worthy And that little speech he gave at the end knocked my socks off I was likeoh Jesus, yesLots of calling on God s name with this read Awesome side characters Athena, the 3 crows who I m really excited to knowabout, Mel s mum.Great everything Honestly this book is a win for me I cannot wait for the next one Zoe Parker has easily became one of my favorite authors. Okaydeep breath I am not sure how to rate this, on one hand I was engrossed with the world, the unsylum and what s going on there We don t get much information and I really want to knowOn the other hand our h is just annoying and a bit pitiful, her inner monologues were full of self pity and it was just plain depressing She waxes on and on about how crappy her life is and that it s not her fault with no explanation why these things happen to her.AND she s an older h so it seems evenpatheticI will read the next book but there needs to be some major character development for everyone in the story, I need to be attached and we didn t get enough in this book imo to do that First of all I have to comment on the cover It s gorgeous Just based on the cover alone you should go buy the book.I really liked the book I think it was great introduction to the characters and story As for the main character Mel I love how relatable she is She has shit days but just keep going As for Vale you get this feeling that there is something dark about him and I love that I always like my book boyfriends to have a bit of a dark side I can t wait to readabout the Unsylum world Love, love love and in need of .One of my favourite authors has delivered again Her stories are so original, you wont be able to put them down Such an amazing story that will leave you begging for Zoe Parker has done it again I am loving the start of this The world of Unsylum is going to be a fun and interesting one to explore My only complaint, it wasn t longer. Zoe has a new PNR out I love her as an author I haven t read it yet because of life You know But I have this one my List onbecause Christmas and bunny is going to be getting gift certificates so you can guess what book I will be buying I hear it s a great one and she is 1 ons fairytale list I suggest you check it out If you loved her others series, then I am sure this is worth a read.