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I got this book from the library after getting a different dog training book from the authors of that book and wanting something a little basic We have a rescue dog, Moose, who loves learning tricks and also needs to learn basics I was looking for simple, fun tricks the kids and I could teach him I did find a few such as adapting shake hands, which he knows, to wave goodbye but of the 101 there were only about 6 that I made a note to try and those were very, very basic.There are some cool sounding tricks in the book like teach your dog to get a can of beer from the fridge, but it s not for real You can see in the photo that the beer can is actually empty and you have to do things like tie a towel around the fridge handle and put it in a can cooler to make it easier for the dog to actually carry it and looking closely even then you can see that can was empty too Your dog is never going to actually get you a can of beer or pop from the fridge from this trick the way it s presented in the book It s funny as a party trick, but the author never says to use an empty can and that Fido won t be able to actually do it, so it seemed a little shady For the record, I don t want to train Moose to get any drinks from the fridge or even to know how to open it, which seems like a terrible idea for our food obsessed boy anyway Each trick has color photos showing about 3 4 steps and a little trouble shooting box It was helpful for seeing how someone might introduce the idea of some of these positions that wouldn t come naturally to most dogs I d recommend it as a library check out to look for some fun inspiration. A for awesome trick ideas, nice layout and great pictures C for execution and training suggestions I have several problems with the training ideas First of all, don t use a cue until your dog is doing it properly Don t encourage the dog to do the trick for the first time with the cue Pleaz You ll either teach them early on that the cue doesn t mean anything or that the cue means to do it with the mistakes you had in practice Also, I would have liked to see clickers encouraged Clickers are especially helpful with teaching tricks or things that don t come naturally to the dog And some of the ideas don t quite work For instance I tried the suggestions for bow Push your hand toward your dog s nose and downward with your dog standing in front of you I tried it with several variations and couldn t make it work I ve had luck shaping that cue So, I d say it s a worthwhile book for expanding your imagination on tricks but you might need to draft your own way of training them Still looking for a great trick book. As a professional dog trainer, I recommend this book to all of my students Brilliantly presented, the process for training 101 innovative dog tricks are presented in an easy to follow format that makes it easy for dog owners to bond with and engage with their dogs while teaching them cool tricks If you have a pointing dog that doesn t get to go hunting, you need this book Many of the tricks require focus and mental acuity and energy burning physical output fitness benefits too This book is a winner. Best dog training book ever It breaks down tricks step by step so you can teach your dog positively with less frustration Also gives handy tips on which tricks you can try next after mastering a particular skill Photos are great. This is the best dog training book I have read It is easy to understand, good print and pictures. Easy for pupMy dog took to these easily She already knew the basics, so to add to them was much easier than expected It was great for her mental stimulation She s a border collie mix and really needed to learn new things. Fun tricks to teach pup There s many levels of difficulty so I ll have this book ready to refer to when Coco is ready and she s a fast learner. I didn t try all of these by any means, but the tricks I did teach my new puppy worked well. Great photos, descriptions, and sense of humor made reading this book a pleasure I loved the images of the main dog with her thoughts in the margins hilarious.Kyra covers a wide range of skill levels and definitely bring the wow factor if you want to up the ante and set up a skit with your dogI have to disagree with the reader who argued against using the cues from the beginning Dog training is all about consistency You don t need to expect the dog to recognize the hand cues the first few times you use them with the vocal cues the dog won t recognize either but the consistent options you have for each command the better for your dog and for you ^EPUB ⇜ 101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog ☋ Dog Tricks Is An International Bestseller In Languages With Over A Half Million Copies Sold Worldwide This Beautifully Designed Book Features Step By Step Instructions With Easy To Follow Color Photos Of Each Step Each Trick Is Rated With A Difficulty Rating And Prerequisites To Get You Started Quickly Tips And Troubleshooting Boxes Cover Common Problems, While Build On It Ideas Suggest Complicated Tricks That Build On Each New SkillTricks Range From Simple Ones Like Sit, Shake Hands, Fetch, And Roll Over, To Extraordinary Ones Like Tidy Up Your Toys Into The Toybox And Get A Soda From The Fridge Organized By Theme, It S Easy To Find The Next Trick To Work On With Your Dog Just A Few Of The Themes To Choose From Chores, Such As Newspaper Delivery And Get Your LeashFunny Tricks, Such As Doggy Push Ups And Play The PianoDancing, Such As Moonwalk And Chorus Line KicksLove, Such As Kisses And Wave Goodbye Trick Training Will Help You Bond With Your Dog And Integrate Him Or Her Into Your Family Tricks Also Help Keep Your Dog Mentally And Physically Healthy And Establish Paths Of Communication Between You Many Tricks Build Skills Used In Dog Sports, Dog Dancing, And Dog Therapy Work Dog Tricks Will Inspire You To Do With Your Dog Millions Of People Have Found Success With Kyra Sundance S Step By Step Techniques And You Can, Too