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!READ BOOK ♈ Victor (Chicago Blaze, #3) ♥ He S A Hockey Star With A Headboard Full Of Notches She S A Shy NHL Concession Worker At Who S Never Been Kissed LindyThey Don T Call Me Belinda Boring For Nothing It S My Name, After All And For AYear Old With Plain Brown Hair Who Still Lives At Home And Gets Tongue Tied Over Nothing, It S A Fitting One I M Not Even One Of Those Quiet Girls With A Hidden Talent, Unless Making A Mean Order Of Nachos At The NHL Arena I Work At Counts My Life Consists Of Working, Reading And Harboring A Secret Crush On A Hockey Player Who Doesn T Know I Exist At Least, Until We Accidentally Meet And Become Unlikely FriendsVictorI M Living The Dream A Poor Kid Who Worked His Way Into The NHL, I Ll Never Forget Where I Came From, Though I Try To My Past Follows Me, A Nagging Reminder That I Ll Never Be What Everyone Thinks I Am As The Threat Of My Secret Being Exposed Looms Closer, My Game Slips, Leaving Me In Danger Of Being Cut From My Team The Only Family I Have I M Losing My Hold On Everything When A New Friend Helps Me Find Hope She S Nothing Like The Women I M Used To, But By The Time I Figure Out That S Exactly Why She S Right For Me, I Ve Lost My Chance With Her Somehow, I Have To Convince A Woman Who Thinks She S Invisible That She S The Only One I See Victor is a star player for the Chicago Blaze but if he can t get his head back in the game his first line position is in jeopardy It is speculated that his break up from his most recent celebrity girlfriend has him tied up in knots, but that couldn t be further from the truth Victor is hiding something dark from his past After an adorable meet cute Victor tried to friend zone concession seller, Lindy, but soon can t seem to get her out of his mind and dreams our happiness can t be contained in words It s in the warmth of his touch and the gleam of his eyes It s in the beat of my heart, This story is low angst, but deals some sensitive subjects that will have your heart going out to these characters Victor is book three and a standalone in the Chicago Blaze series 4 Stars I can t WAIT for you guys to read this one. I really connected with this main character I m totally with her on not wanting to accept what my league is It sucks, but maybe I have to I know unlike Lindy, I ll never be lucky enough to have a hot hockey player turn out to be the guy I meet and fall in love with, and who falls in love back with me But enough about me, let s talk about how good this story was It was a page turner I really liked both characters, they were just real, and while I totally connected with Lindy, Victor was a bit of a mystery, but a good guy, even with how his life had been and the way he felt about women to start There was a death of a side character what seemed really early in the story, and not one I would have seen coming But that character s back story ended up being an integral part towards the end, that I see how the author tied it all together I really like that we were able to get our two main characters falling in love enough before the end that the final obstacle or issue of the book was Victor s secret past issue coming up to be faced I liked that it wasn t some kind of wrench in their relationship In some romances that just seems like how the author adds that last bit of drama, and I actually like itlike this book when it happens I really enjoyed this one, and hope to go back and read the others in the series as well Review first appeared on Lisa Loves Literature. Full Disclosure time I am a huge fan of hockey romance novels HUGE FAN and this is my first Brenda Rothert book Victor and Lindy are adorable Their first meeting is in an empty hockey arena She floors him with her hockey knowledge and he surprises her by being down to earth and approachable They become friends and eventuallyThis is a very sweet romantic book and I look forward to readingfrom this series. Victor Chicago Blaze, 3 ARC was graciously provided to me by Inkslinger PR for an honest review I have voluntarily read this book and have provided my honest opinionA Heart Breaking, Gripping, and, Heart Warming ReadA sweet, heart warming, squeal worthy, yet absolutely gut wrenching, addicting read has the emotions of this reader vying for attention as the after affects of this new read vary between greatly stunned to a desperate needy state of warmed loving goo that teeter back and forth as a result of a recent read of a particular hockey team once again. WHOOP WHOOPHe passes the puck to Anton..to Luca..and..what s this What s happening sports fans The lightening fast missile goes right back to Victor and he..heSCORES fans cheer loudlyThis is what it feels like when I read a new story from one of my most favorite tropes..Hockey Pure excitement fueled by high levels of adrenaline..YESfist pumpFor this, I may have screamed just a wee bit upon discovering the next release from the Chicago Blaze Series was due to come out because each of my reads from this series has been a great one. Victor..oh sweetheart Victor..I have waited not so patiently, ever since the first book of the series, to read about this mysterious yet very intriguing character And, boy, it has not been easy to wait as there have been tiny snippets throughout the previous books as to the character s great potentiality But..BUTonce his story presented itself, it s overall storyline was so incredibly mind blowing and beautiful and one of those that had me needing to squeeeze hug not only Victor but also sooo many other characters of this story Victor, by Brenda Rothert, was quite the read This friends to lovers story was such an endearingly heart warming read that I actually didn t mind it s slow pace and slight steam But, one thing I can attest to are the shocking blast in the face kind of moments that are typically rare for this reader and for this are generally avoided whenever possible This story has major triggers that were beyond shocking that blindsided this reader like a quickly moving intermittent and painful storm Moments filled with childhood abuse and illness, death, and, extortion were severely difficult to read I loved the overall theme of this story Victor, is a strong, gorgeous and mighty hockey player on the exterior But, on the interior, a deeply hidden tortured individual as he is a product of an indescribable childhood filled with pain, isolation, and abuse He is someone who, understandably, has spent his life looking for some sort of validation that he is actually worththan what he had experienced In his quest for that security blanket kind of love, comfort, and success, he runs into Lindy As a walking encyclopedia of hockey knowledge, this hard working, multi talented, humble, kind concession stand worker, Lindy turns into this Florence Nightingale of warmed comfort for Victor just at the right time, as the beginning of the end for him, inways than one, was quickly approaching As discussions at the rink turn into dinner and movies, as both seemingly different individuals begin to unearth actual similarities, quiet insecurities and hidden fears turn into a strengthening loving bond for them both. Throughout this story, there were plentiful cameos from characters from previous books, and, it was no surprise how much I continue to squishy love the main and secondary characters from this series They are all wonderfully realistic and unique that it is super easy to quickly become addicted to their lives as well Therefore, like a frigid blast to the face during a blizzard, as I read through this story, full of so many sub plots, some that were massive and heart breakingly brutal, it was difficult for this reader to completely understand the purpose of some of them and their connection to the main plot as that which was indicated was slight and limited With a need fordepth and development to some of the sub plots as well as the actual main plot, a true connection between the main characters as well as an overall storyline connection would beclear It is also in this reader s opinion that to have the actual moments described in detail rather than glanced over would be beneficial for that overall well rounded connection between the characters and the actual storyline as well Despite the shocked confusion of this storyline, in the end, it was truly an intrinsically beautiful, gripping, and, heart warming story There were so many uplifting and encouraging security blanket type of support, that these loving times had me gushing all over my kindle I adore the main characters from this series and am glad to have readof their hockey world. star rating 4.30 I really liked it stars Victor and BelindaVictor is a NHL hockey player Belinda lindy is a sweet girl who works at a concession stand at the arena She has a secret Victor has been her favorite hockey player She even had a poster of him on her bedroom wall One night lindy works over night cleaning machines During a break she walks down to the rink and Victor is there alone Next thing she knows they start chatting This is there story.. I m so tired of manwhores and virgins, is there no other combination to write about Its 2019 bangs head on wall Some people might think that a successful professional NHL player may have a lot to be happy about Yes, money and fame changes things but it isn t a magic wand that transforms everything in your life Victor knows he is lucky to be doing something he loves and being paid well for it He was not born into a life like he is living now, in fact it was the complete opposite.Victor is going through a bit of a rough patch in his career, he s struggling with his game and getting a lot of flack for it Usually he would drown his sorrows at a bar, get naked with a willing puck bunny and forget his problems but that formula doesn t seem to be working for him any He needs to go back to the good habits he started his career with and reset, focus in the game and not get distracted by other things in his life.Lindy works at the concession stand at the arena, the home base for the Blaze Ever since she was a teenager she has had a crush on Victor Lane In fact, she had his poster on her bedroom wall for four years and his lips on it are worn through from the many times she kissed him She has been a fan of the NHL since she was young and is very passionate about her favourite team but most of her devotion is set aside for Victor.One night, late at the rink she unexpectedly comes face to face with Victor in the flesh They enjoy an easy conversation yet it is an encounter that will have a lasting impact on both of them In fact, it is the beginning of a sweet friendship between them Victor has never really had any sort of friendship with a woman he is not sleeping with and he loves how easy it is to be himself around Lindy.Thetime they spend together, the deeper their connection becomes These two are falling for each other and nothing has ever felt so right Victor knows that if he truly wants to go all in he needs to completely open up to the woman who is quickly becoming so muchthan he could have anticipated This wasn t a very long story but it has a lot packed into it and it was so damn sweet Loved this latest addition to the Chicago Blaze series. First of all, I devoured this book in one sitting It was amazing Second of all, I don t know if I have ever loved a heroineLindy is a huge sports fan who meets her crush, who is even better in person Hello, it s my ultimate fantasy come to life