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Elizabeth Ransom has no where else to go with her 3 year old son, Brady and her 6 week old daughter, Jenny except for her father in laws ranch After the death of her husband and his son, Reggie, nothing much changed for Elizabeth except for the few checks she got would now never come and from sickness during her pregnancy, she cannot work until the new year Luckily, them showing up is exactly what Tom Ransom needs to put some joy back into his old, sad life Soon the house is full of happy children and Elizabeth can finally relax some If only she could get Tom s number one ranch hand, Jack Crawford out of her head Jack, almost instantly is hooked on Elizabeth and the kids He volunteers to always help with the kids and forms that male bonding with Brody When Tom decides to not sell the ranch to Jack like he was planning because he wants to keep it for Brady, it puts strain on all the members So what s a compromise How about Elizabeth and Jack get married Probably the only thing I didn t like was the way the marriage came about Although I knew there was an attraction between the two, neither one was willing to admit the feelings I m like hello, you two are adult, just say it Anyway they let each other believe the marriage wasfor the children and a way for Jack to keep the ranch With just one slip, the truth is out and all is right. True escapism A simple heartwarming story of giving love a second chance. I liked this book I liked the emotion and family feelings and dynamics I would like reading this again Enjoy Ending was a bit rushed. |Download Book ⚆ Cinderella and the Cowboy ⚒ The Hardheaded, Dyed In The Wool Cowboy Had Been Called Many Things But Could He Ever Be Called Husband And Daddy With Her Newborn And Toddler In Tow, Struggling Widow Elizabeth Ransom Stepped Onto The Ransom Ranch Looking For The Family She D Never Had Luckily The Children S Grandfather Welcomed Them With Open Arms But It Was The Blue Eyed Ranch Manager Whom Elizabeth Dreamed OfJack Clayton Had To Leave Now That The Oklahoma Ranch Was No Longer For Sale But The Lovely Elizabeth Would Be Tough To Walk Away From