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Aaron Mcgruder was one of the only people involved with the American media in any way who had the balls to speak out against some of W and co s several missteps in the touchy months following 9 11 He even lashed out at his own censors, replacing the little thugs in his comic strip with new characters called Flaggie and Ribbon Oh my God that was fucking funny I guess we all have our own ideas of what patriotism means I love the Boondocks I do wish that in some of the strips there was less Caesar and of the other characters I mean, I like Caesar, but just not as much as I like the other characters I prefer Riley, Granddad, Tom, Cindy, and Jazmine to Caesar The strips that he s in aren t as funny as the other ones. BEST COMIC EVER Sorry it s not for meIt doesn t help that I read this on Kindle and it was hard to read the font which was impossible to make larger couldn t zoom in on pictures either I was bored and even thought about not finishing it in spite of it being such a short book I don t think comics graphic novels are really my genre. way better than the animated series. In this book the way they told the grandpa that he was fired was wrong And why did they let the little kids see a bad movie I would of told them no And they were too young to see it.I really think the family in the book is crazy. Nothing like the TV show version of the strip. Its the boondocks nuff said (DOWNLOAD EBOOK) ⛑ Fresh For '01... You Suckas: A Boondocks Collection ó The Boondocks Is A Rich, Multilayered Comic Strip That Offers A Frank Yet Often Funny Look At Race In America It Starts With A Simple Premise Two Young Boys, Riley And Huey, Move From Inner City Chicago To Live With Their Grandfather The Tension Increases, However, Because The Two Boys Are African Americans Now Compelled To Adapt To A White Suburban World They Must Take All They Ve Learned In The Hood And Apply It To Life In The Burbs Superbly Illustrated, The Boondocks Has Stirred Controversy, Attracted Widespread Media Coverage, And Won Readers Who Ve Applauded McGruder S Unapologetic And Humorous Approach To Race A little painful to read the Nader Gore Bush stuff now, 8 years later.