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I had finally decided to award this book with three stars because it got me reading to the end and it managed to amuse me at various points along the way This would have been four or maybe even five if it weren t for some things 1 The vulgar words constantly used in the book Yes, I know A lot of children already know these words thanks to the wonderful world of media But it certainly doesn t mean one should just flaunt it It makes them think that it might be okay to use those words, which it certainly isn t And this is a children s book, for crying out loud Such words should be omitted The author can quickly undo parents desperate attempts to keep their children s minds not as tainted as everyone else s with this book.2 The uselessness of Tom while he was in Emma s body Okay, so he made her parents loosen up But that s all about it He totally ruined her gymnastic test while she completely aced his He hardly did anything positive to her life at all It s unfair, don t you think She had comforted his mother, tricked his brother several times, scared off some eighth grade boys, increased his fame, and got him into the A team while he did what exactly 3 The general clich ness.Still, an enjoyable read Sort of. [[ READ DOWNLOAD ]] ✘ Gender Blender ☠ Emma Wants Jeff Matthews To Notice Her Hates Sexist Boys Wonders When She Ll Get Her Period Tom Must Avoid Looking Like A Wuss Must Deal With His Blended Family Must Get A Chance With Kelly AThen Something Freaky Happens Emma And Tom Switch Bodies And Until They Can Find A Remedy Emma Can T Believe She Has A ThingieHates Mean Girls Finds Out Secondhand That Her Period Has Arrived Tom Must Learn To Put On A Bra Must Deal With An Overachieving FamilyMust Not Be Alone With Jeff Matthews THIS WAS MY FAVORITE BOOK I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN THE PLOT SUCKS YOU IN I got in trouble a couple times for reading it so much and not coming down to dinner or to do my chores Now you know why , Mom Reviewed by Jocelyn Pearce for TeensReadToo.comGENDER BLENDER is a fun but thought provoking novel about gender differences for middle schoolers Since they started middle school, Emma and Tom haven t been able to get along and be friends the way they used to be Emma hates boys except Jeff, the cutest sixth grade boy in school She can only hope that he ll notice her She gets straight A s and is involved in a ton of after school activities She s worried about getting her first period, among other things She s pretty much a typical overachieving sixth grader Tom isn t what anyone would call a good student He spends most of his time fooling around with his friends and playing baseball He s got stuff to be stressed about, too, though For one thing, he wants beautiful Kelly to notice him When their health teacher gives them an assignment on gender differences, Emma and Tom suddenly have an advantage over the rest of the class though they don t see it that way While jumping on a trampoline, they knock heads, and, suddenly, they ve switched bodies Can they learn to understand each other and get along in time to switch back GENDER BLENDER, while it is quite entertaining, deals with an important issue Gender differences are certainly something to think about Emma and Tom s health teacher is right boys and girls don t really understand each other, especially in middle school not to say that it gets completely better later, though Blake Nelson s novel deals with this issue in a fun, if slightly ridiculous, way, using likeable characters, as well This is a great book for preteens of either gender Switching bodies to learn about gender differences Awesome Exceptthis books teaches exactly what we trying to help children, and much of society to unlearn That gender isn t informed by your sex at birth, and the constructs around gender such as the ones the children discuss with Miss Andre are masculine versus feminine, not male versus female Sex Swap would be a perfect title, but gender blender just completely misleads the reader, adult and child alike For a book that is supposed to be a funny romp about gender, the biggest problem is that the author doesn t know what gender is This was incredibly disappointing, and yet another example of how misinformation is rampant in children s lit. Disclosure I am sort of biased towards Blake Nelson because he wrote a poem I really like and I first read his fiction in Sassy magazine.This is a nice read for middle schoolers it s not preachy and still tries to get at some of the frustrations of gender stereotyping, by using a Freaky Friday premise but actually done in a way that tries to make sense, rather than just being general magic Of course the cover could use an update because it s kind of dorky looking and that decreases the chances of a kid actually carrying the book around. Cute middle grade book that tries to cut through some of the dumb stuff about gender but, unfortunately, I think, also contributes to some of it too I wish that the stereotyping had been shown to be about societal differences though I think that s what Nelson was going for Just think it could have been illuminated on better Also funny War ein Zufallsgriff aus der Vorschlagsliste der Onleihe meiner Stadtbibliothek Naja liest sich halt wie etwas, das Kinder in der 6 Klasse in der Schule lesen m ssen Inhaltlich fand ichs eher schwach Es will Vorurteile widerlegen, ersetzt es aber blo durch neue Klar k nnen M dchen Sport Emma ist schlie lich beim Turnen ausgerechnet Bodenturnen son klassischer M dchensport seufz Und klar haben Jungs auch voll die Gef hl Und Emma ist gar nicht zickig, sie leidet nur darunter, dass M dchen im Allgemeinen und als solche gro em Leistungsdruck ausgesetzt sind, w hrend Jungs halt machen d rfen, was sie wollen und das nat rlich auch nutzen, um nur schei zu machen.Ist zwar so ne ganz witzige Geschichte aber diese Idee dahinter, dass jetzt halt alle Jungen und alle M dchen so und so seien, die nervt Genau genommen lernt Tom ja nichts ber M dchen im Allgemeinen, sondern nur ber Emma als Einzelperson Und Emma lernt nicht alle Jungen kennen, sondern nur Tom Die Schlussfolgerung, dass M dchen angepasst und klug und stark gefordert seien, w hrend Jungen voll rebellisch, ungeschickt und irgendwie leicht d mmlich seien naja Von diesem klassischen Frau Mann Schema, dass keinen Platz f r andere Geschlechtsidentit ten kennt, mal ganz abgesehen. This book is sorta like Freaky Friday the hilarity and newfound understanding and appreciation that comes with switching bodies, except the bodies in this case are pubescent children of the opposite gender who had been friends until middle school social expectations turned them into enemies One fun twist is a Native American tribe folk tale, The Tohaka Love Curse, that their particular body switch seems to mirror Also, as fate would have it, they have been assigned each other as partners to help give perspective for an essay on gender differences Insightful into the concerns of young teens of either gender and a delight to read. What would happen if two friends, from elementary school, who aren t now getting along, find themselves paired up to do an assignment on the opposite sex And what would happen if some ancient curse suddenly had them switch bodies to see what life is really like for the opposite sex A young contemporary person s take on Freaky Friday.