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~READ E-PUB ♅ Lord of Legends ⚆ He Is Arion, King Of The Unicorns Powerful, Seductive, He Could Possess Any Female He Desired Until Now He Is Condemned To Live As A Man, And It Is Only The Enchanting Lady Mariah Donnington S Innocence That Can Release Him From His CurseAbandoned On Her Wedding Night, Frightened Of Her Hidden, Otherworldly Heritage, Mariah Is Instinctively Drawn To The Mysterious Stranger She Discovers Imprisoned On Her Husband S Estate But As The Secret Of Arion S Magical Identity Unfolds, Their Friendship Burns Into A Passion That Cannot, Must Not, Be Consummated For To Do So Would Destroy Them Both King of the unicorns, Ash was imprisoned by Mariah s new husband who is a big game hunter in a vain attempt to hunt the unicorn when Ash shifts Ash was betrayed by his own kind the Fane or Fae and cursed to live as a man Mariah found him imprisoned in filth on the estate and her virgin heart could do no other than fall in love with this sweet tortured man You know what they say about the virgin and the unicorn, right.I really liked this book though the part in the Prince s court Prince Albert of England was a tad bit tedious I don t usually go in for all the backstabbing that goes on in court Ash is a wonderful hero and Mariah is a delightful heroine. Well perhaps 2.5 starsI won t even bother to tell you anything about this book as so many have done wonderful jobs of it alreadyThe only thing I can say is it never came together for me and I am really easy to please with books as I go into fiction as fiction especially fantasy fiction I leave it to the author to put together anything they want that makes them happy and I will buy into it..usually As long as the main characters speak to me and has a few good secondary characters to round out the castthis, after the start, left me flat Simple as that The last handful of pages gave them the HEA but I didn t care so much about it Perhaps I was just suffering from Krinard burn out. I found the description of this as an ad in the back of another novel and the concept was so ridiculous I had to see if I could get my hands on it Unicorn trapped as a man Yeah, of course one of the local libraries had it Surprisingly, this wasn t nearly as pathetic as I d expected, but I m certainly glad I didn t have spend any money on this Mariah is a weak character and easily manipulated by everyone around her and Ash is, well, as is a unicorn man who sees her as a means to an end until wait for it he develops emotions and falls in love with her.Formulaic at best, laughable at worst Overall thoughts meh 1.5 stars islike it It wasn t what I thought it was going to be when I bought it, but that s the whole thing with books I am giving it two stars instead of one because I liked the time period it was set it, but other than that I didn t care for this book Its starts out really slow and it takes forever to get to the point and by the time the climax of the story takes place, I just didn t care any. I really like Susan Krinard s writing style She uses rich language and plays to all the senses Lord of Legends was beautifully written Her characters are consistent the unicorn is just as proud and kingly in human form as he is in unicorn form, even though he doesn t have so much as a scrap of clothing to his name I found all the aristocracy intrigue a little tedious in this one, but the rollercoaster relationship beteen the H h was worth wading through a lot of thinly veiled insults and murmuring behind gloved hands.I recommend Lord of Legends for the wonderful way fantasy and reality are woven together and for the hourney the main character, Mariah, takes as she faces her biggest fear insanity, and comes out the other side with love as her beacon. All in all, a decent read, but I do wish that Arion was a littlethree dimensional, with a littlepersonality, wit, and charm. As a horse lover, the moment I learned that the hero of Lord of Legends was a unicorn banished into the body of a human male, I couldn t wait to dive in and read how this mystery came to be.Mariah s marriage was a sham She agreed to marry the Earl of Donnington and even sailed across the ocean from America but she never agreed to have her husband leave the morning after their vows without a word or letter proclaiming his whereabouts or when he ll return Instead, the man that she thought she loved left with nary a kiss, leaving his virgin bride to fend for herself in an unknown land with his cold mother who carelessly blames Mariah for her son s disappearance.Now, roaming the extensive grounds of Donbridge, Mariah feels nothing but loneliness But her life is given renewed purpose when she discovers a man locked in the Folly Mariah is struck instantly by his strange and uncanny resemblance to her husband They look identical except for the prisoner has thick white hair and endless deep pools of black for his eyes His cell, only truly habitable by a large dog, is cold and filthy His water bucket is empty and the whole place smells of rotted food Then there is the unsettling fact that the prisoner is very naked with sleek muscles rippling beneath smooth skin Unfortunately, but thankfully, he is wearing a rudimentary loin cloth that barely hides his virile maleness.Sadly though, the prisoner appears to be mad Throwing himself against the iron bars of his cell and locking Mariah s gaze with his wild black eyes Mariah discovers quickly that he can t talk nor does he know who is or how he came to be locked in a cell Mariah is no stranger to madness Her mother suffered for years from delusions of another world where fairies and unicorns bounded upon an endless sea of green grass Having lost her mother despite her valiant attempts to bring her back into the real world, Mariah feels that helping the mad prisoner might help her to feel that she s done something right for someone in need One thing does become clear, the prisoner knows and hates Mariah s husband with a vengeance and she begins to suspect that Donnington had something to do with his imprisonment.Mariah, needing a name for the prisoner and since he doesn t have one, dubs him Ash She gathers clothes and other necessities along with books to take back with her to the folly It s soon discovered that Ash could talk but that he simply didn t remember He tells Mariah that her recital of the books helped him to find his words Over the next few days, Mariah and Ash spend time learning from one another And when they accidentally touch, sparks ignite sending warmth traveling into every corner of Mariah s body.It doesn t take long before memory returns to Ash While Ash certainly isn t his real name, he decides to let Mariah continue to think that he s possibly Donnington s cousin, suffering from a miled bout of amnesia For Arion, the King of Unicorns can t ever let Mariah find out the truth about him or he ll never again return to his true form or back to his home of Tir na Nog Banished by the leader of the Fane, Oberon, after being polluted by the scheming usurper, Cairbre, Arion was punished into the form of a mortal man and cast out of Tir na Nog Cairbre, power hungry and conspiring to steal the thrown from Oberon, had tried to persuade Arion s help But the Unicorn King not only denied him but laughed in his face Angered and scared that Arion would go to Oberon Cairbre got to the Fane lord first and convinced him of Arion s treason But Cairbre whispers to Arion that he can return if he helps to bring across the Gate a mortal virgin named Mariah Upon her safe arrival, innocence still intact, Cairbre will return Arion to his true form Hating his clumsy mortal body, Arion will do anything to return to Tir na Nog, even if that means he must win Mariah s trust only to betray her.Mariah is bit nonplussed by Ash s rapid learning skills Soon he is speaking, reading, and acting like a true English gentlemen and he s also becoming difficult to control With the help of her only real ally, Sinjin, Donnington s brother, Mariah is able to break Ash out of his cell and install him at the grounds keeper s cottage Promising that he ll not leave the cottage or attempt to confront the Dowager Lady Donnington, Sinjin will then provide him clothes befitting an English lord and help him to act as such as well But it s not long before Ash breaks their rules Pouncing on Sinjin s and Mariah s belief that Ash is a long lost cousin, Ash uses a visit from Prince Albert to make his surprise entrance into human society.Mariah, frustrated and angry that Ash has stepped out so brazenly into society, can t help but wonder about his motives Revenge seems logical Is Ash using her to get back at Donnington for wrongly imprisoning him It s a horrible thought but Mariah can t help but let it consume her heart Nowthan ever, Mariah strives to distance herself from Ash but when he asks her to join him at Rothwell, Sinjin s home, at the request of the Prince, Mariah can t say no As long as Ash needs her, she will be there for him Little does she know that Ash wants to keep Mariah as close as possible in the hopes of earning her heart Hoping that taking her out from under the Dowager s all seeing and cruel gaze, perhaps it ll make it easier for Mariah to succumb to his need But Ash isn t the only one intent on betraying Mariah.Lady Westlake, a cruel woman who would have Donnington to herself, strives desperately to tarnish Mariah s reputation beyond ruin in the hopes that when Donnington returned, he d seek an annulment after learning of his wife s unforgivable behavior The Dowager aids Lady Westlake in her endeavor, not because she wants the conniving woman in her son s arms but rather to help her dispense with the American upstart so that she may find her favorite son a good English girl Someoneappropriate and befitting for the role of Countess And these two woman are ruthless in their plans.Ash slowly comes to realize that betraying Mariah is not something he could ever do Yes, he wants to return to Tir na Nog and destroy his enemies both mortal and immortal, but he s come to admire Mariah s courage and her trust in him When Mariah admits that she thinks she s starting to go insane as her mother did, Ash knows that Cairbre is close and is tired of waiting for him to deliver his promise Cairbre is sending his spies after Mariah They are fairies or sprites that buzz about Mariah constantly Then there is the fact that Mariah is catching glimpses of Ash s true form When her heart is open to the minute amount of Fane blood flowing through her veins, the world of Tir na Nog is revealed But Mariah can t trust these visions She can only believe that her greatest fear is coming true She is just as mad as her mother.When suddenly Donnington returns, Ash is once again imprisoned and Mariah makes the deal that if Donnington lets Ash free, than she will be his wife in truth, forever But neither the Dowager, Lady Westlake nor Ash will allow that deal to fruition Ash will have his vengeance and he will make sure that Mariah is safe not only from Tir na Nog, but from her mortal enemies as well Lord of Legends , while satisfying, wasn t entirely what I was expecting I truly thought that with a Unicorn hero there would be amystical feel to the novel My mind was captivated for the first hundred pages and then my interest slowly waned I thought there were too many evil characters plotting Mariah s downfall And Lady Westlake was cruel to the extreme It almost seemed like the novel revolvedaround the plotting of these evil characters rather than focusing on the romance.Also, Ash never felt real to me In the beginning I hung on his every look, word, and thought but then he became a shell or place holder in the novel The worst aspect was that I never truly believed that he loved Mariah except for the last two or three pages Granted it was his goal to get Mariah to love him not the other way around but I would have liked to read in his monologues that he was falling for her That he loved her with every inch of his soul but alas, that was never the case.Conversely, I believed in Mariah s love for Ash She suspected her feelings for him early on and she truly would have strived to do anything and everything for him And she did She risked her reputation and her life for Ash again and again With all the magic that Ash possessed, why couldn t he have salvaged her reputation Her peers were tearing her to shreds but his comfort seemed paltry anda matter of necessity rather than a burning desire Plus, he almost has sex with another woman I nearly lost complete respect for him there.Lastly, the ending was brief and hazy Of course they did reach their happy ending and I did like how that unfolded in the last thirty pages or so but I didn t feel that the plot and sub plots were tied up I closed the book wondering about things I guess that all and all, it just wasn t what I was expecting from the novel It starts off with bang and ends to crickets chirping. Arion, king of the unicorns, is cursed to remain in his human form unless he betrays the woman who loves him Can he discard his heritage to be true to her, or must he lie to return to a world so different from hers she can only imagine its wonders Mariah meets the stranger imprisoned on her husband s estate and recognizes the bond that resonates between them Is she going mad like her mother, or do her visions speak of another realm Should she believe the sexy lord s claims that they belong together, or follow the path of reason