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Although I literally just started reading this book only about 15pages in I have to vent The reason I decided to read this book was because the blurb on the back was written in the perspective of a dog So I assumed that s how the book would be written Wrong It s written in the perspective of the main character, a woman I will continue to read the book and give it a shot, but VERY misleading and disappointing Had to stop reading this one I like chick lit, but this was like reading something written by a 13year old girl It s hard to get into a book with no substance Cheesy is an understatement Glad I only paid 1 for it at the thrift store Although I would have rather bought a can of soda at work. As an animal lover, I actually enjoyed this novel despite my middling rating It was a bit heavier on the religion than the other Inspirational titles I ve tried which wasn t a plus as I prefer the lighter touch but it was fun nonetheless.Baer manages to combine rom com, inspirational and realistic fiction in the story of small town, animal rescuer Norah As a single woman in a small Minnesota town, Norah is used to slim pickings in the romance department until the arrival of dashing Captain Trevain and hunky cop Nick Norah is drawn to Nick until he asks the unthinkable of her, get rid of her beloved rescue Bentley due to his fear of dogs.Norah s Ark won t ever find a place in the annals of epic fiction and some may find it a bit twinkie and Pollyanna but I find the Inspirational genre including Norah s Ark a nice break from heavier fare. @DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⚤ Norah's Ark æ Hi, My Name Is BentleyI M A Mutt With A Dash Of Pit Bull In The Soup, And I Have Issues I M Not Likely To Win Any Beauty Pageants, And I M Afraid Of Cats But My Human, Norah Kent, Thinks I M The Greatest Despite All My ShortcomingsThe Problem Is Norah Won T Go Out With Anyone Who Doesn T Like Me Norah Says She S Perfectly Happy Being Single, And That In God S Time She Ll Marry Mr Right But I Think God S Time May Be Right Now, And Mr Right May Be Officer Nick Haley The One Guy Who S Afraid Of A Kitten Fearing Basket Case Of A Dog Like Me I Ll Do Just About Anything To Bring Norah And Nick Together, Even If I Have Togulpwoof It s a funny book about a Christian girl who owns a pet shop She isn t searching for love, but all these men start to come after her OH I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS jk It s very light reading. I was honestly sad that I finished this book I would have loved for the story to have continued on forever Once again, Judy Baer delivered an amazing, heart warming touching story of God s love, grace and mercy If you re an animal lover dogs especially you ll absolutely adore this book As cliche as relationships can be in most novels, this one throws unexpected twists and turns which had me anxious to read the next page If you ve ever felt like your world was falling apart around you, this book is for you If your heart has ever been touched by the selfless and unconditional love of an animal, this book is a must read Once again, Judy Baer has delivered a contemporary story filled with scripture and a character unashamed of her faith in Jesus Christ. Loved it No muss, no complicated fuss, just a lovely story of someone staying true to themselves and their beliefs Refreshing on a hot summers day. I feel like I ve been reading a cream puff which is not always a bad thing However, in this case, I was expecting something a littlesubstantial actually I was expecting to read a book in the dog s perspective, which I was led to expect from the very misleading back cover Needless to say, it was in Norah Kent s POV which wouldn t have been so bad if Norah weren t quite so annoying and CLUELESS 2 random new hunky guys move into Norah s vicinity, one a sea captain dude Conner and the other a hunky police officer Nick Strangely enough, they are both as well as the coffee shop owner Joe across the street interested in Norah who is a self professed dumpy dresser instead of her beautiful, alluring, attractive, beautiful, well dressed etc etc etc friend, Lilly Rather than decide she keeps hanging out with all 3 guys, stringing them along and messing up her friendships with them as well as Lilly Oh and I didn t even mention my favorite parts His eyes looked as raw and painful as two holes burned in a blanket Yes, that sounds very painful He s definitely an enigma, cool and warm, aloof and friendly a little like that stuff my dad uses on his aching muscles, Icy Hot And the best for last It s like this, Norah I ve begun to realize these days that life is like a roll of toilet paperAt first the roll goes down very slowly, but the nearer you get to the end, the faster it goes I m afraid I may be getting near the end of my roll, Norah ANYways everybody gets somebody in the end and it ends very happily Lilly gets Java Joe Norah getsyou guessed it, NICK Their names are NICK and NORAH in case you hadn t noticed The only one who gets the bum end of the deal is Conner, who gets Winky, a bad mouthed parrot Even though I am a Christian I can t stand pushy Christian fiction which this was to a slight degree but it was wholesome and Norah at least sort of tried to do the right thing All that said, it was an easy, clean read, and good fluff which it never hurts to indulge in every once in awhile Norah is painfully clueless and naive, but an enjoyable enough heroine. Pet store owner Norah Kent loves the Lord and animals she dreams of one day having a family with Mr Right, a person who must accept that she is prime caretaker of her beloved elderly Auntie Lou, is owned by Bentley the mutt, and must share her two passions especially her Christian faith Three bachelors show interest in Norah US Navy Commander Connor Trevain seems to care for Norah, but she fears stepping out with him because her best friend Lilly wants him The townsfolk push Joe Collier, who asks Norah for dates, but she knows he is not the one so has ruled him out Finally there is police officer Nick Haley, who has three things going for him Bentley has chosen him though he seems to fear the mutt and she keeps hearing the bells Still Connor is nice if only Lilly wanted someone else like Nick for instance NORAH S ARK is a pleasant optimistic Christian romance starring an upbeat somewhat innocent too naive around men protagonist and a cast of eccentrics starting with her matchmaking canine and a horde of other two legged, four legged, and no legged animals The fast paced breezy story line will provide fans of Judy Baer with plenty of entertainment from start to finish as the audience will wonder just who will win the Norah sweepstakes The novel lives up to its classic second line HAVE YOU HUGGED YOUR IGUANA TODAY as a fun filled tale. I absolutely loved this book Unusual characters, great story line, fantastic humor and a Christian theme running throughout Whatcould you ask Norah, the owner of the small lake town pet store, is not really ready to settle down But her steady boyfriend, Joe, is ready for a commitment, the new cop in town, Nick, is chasing her and the owner of the ships on the lake, Charlie, has come back to town and he s interested too Along with her best friend Lily and her neighbor antique shop owner Auntie Lou, Norah s problems just get piled deeper and higher Then throw in the new toy shop owners teenage son, Bryce, and craziness is the focus of the day Oh and did I say there s also 2 mynah birds, lots of cats, kittens, dogs, some horses and Norah s dog Bentley that add to the fun. I enjoy most of Judy Baer s books they are nice, light hearted reads Nothing deep or heavy, but yet, you don t feel like you are totally indulging in brain candy like Lori Wick s books, for example This was a cute story, that even though it involved animals, etc I was able to enjoy I am not an animals person..