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A good story.5 stars A white knight and the damselGood read fast paced, and a delightful set of characters AK does a masterful job bringing the two sets of people together to solve a cold case crime Jamie is thoughtful, strong, and passionate I found the story believably written Good job, AK Well done. This was a quick read I almost gave up in the beginning when the heroine found she was majorly in lust with the hero after knowing someone wanted to kill her I would have thought self preservation would come first, not lust Anyway, I stuck with it and found it an interesting read and didn t regret the time I spent to finish it. You d kinda think that a Texas Ranger would be a little smarter than your average bear Unfortunately, a lot of these books featuring some nameless bad guy seem to have law enforcement heroes who seemcareless Ok, so 10 years ago, an armed robbery took place at the diner the h worked at She was the only survivor, and it was mostly due to being grazed head and the addlepated robber not checking I never really understood why he made the owner drive to the middle of nowhere and killed him elsewhere The h s parents split up due to dear old dad not being able to handle this, the h s mom got a legal name change and was able to continue being a vet Huh And they reinvented themselves.The owner s remains have been found and our H shows up shortly after the h gets a newspaper and finds this out He wants her to undergo hypnosis to see if she remembers anything She comments that she d always sort of had the impression the killer knew where she was but since she didn t seem to remember anything, he left her alone.Undergoes hypnosis, remembers a detail or three, goes home Ok yes sex does happen shortly after the hypnosis, and he stays the night after taking her home, but he leaves her there No one to watch her or anything.The killer shows up at the office she works in She recognizes the tattoo but keeps her cool until well after he s left and her co worker comes back from break She quickly calls H and tells him He collects her and takes her to his mountain hideaway that everyone at the office knows about And then he decides to set a trap Of course, they go to the pond unarmed and without a phone He goes back to fetch and well We never learn the ID of the killer there was some speculation that his brother worked with the Rangers but it s never clarified And even when he s suspicious that there might be a leak, he doesn t exactly make much effort to cover his tracks And why, if you re setting a trap, would you ever be unarmed, let alone without the phone Cold case I enjoyed reading this book The main characters are romantic and courageous at the same time as frightened and insecure You re engaged with the first chapter and held captive until the end You can feel the Texas heat and the deep fear Jamie has carried for 10 years Her Texas Ranger isn t going to give up and this provides an exciting story DisappointedI totally enjoyed several of Ms Kent s novels, specifically the Hope Springs series, and looked forward to reading WSR Nothing like what I ve previously read, in fact it s hard to believe WSR was written by the same person What passes as plot is skimpy and contrived mostly filler between unending sex Ugh I loved this book from start to finish.I love the characters and the story. YummyThis book has everything, adventure, action, love, sadness and hope The characters was wonderful to read It was an enjoyable read Love it. The sole survivor of a vicious multiple homicide in a Texan diner ten years ago, Jamie Danby is floored by the news the last body from that night has been found and identified What she can t understand is, why the law enforcement didn t alert her or her mother.Apparently because they decided to do so in person, or at least Texas Ranger Kellen Harding did, because he s suddenly there, in the small Texan town she s lived in for the past decade, wanting her help in the investigation.Jamie s been through this time and again She does no remember anything But Kell explains her amnesia is a defense mechanism, her memories are there, they only need to jog them With the help of hypnosis And though Jamie fears what the jogging of her memory might do to her, she s still willing to give it a try To assuage her survivor s guilt and bring some closure to the people who lost their loved ones on that hellish night.The hypnosis session doesn t bring much result, but apparently enough to rattle the killer who comes looking for Jamie, and Kell must do everything in his power to keep her safe.This wasn t anything extraordinary, but it wasn t bad either, taking a safe middle ground Jamie bugged me with her inconsistencies, Kell was your typical jeans and Stetson wearing, I m not the cuddling type, don t take it personal Ranger though he did cook and had a great log cabin in the middle of nowhere , and the pacing was too slow at times It picked up toward the end, when Jamie s past came back to haunt her, but the ending left quite a few loose ends was there really a leak, who was the leak, what was the reason for the killing spree etc.A solid story, but I ve read better. `Download Book ↞ One Good Man ↸ He S Her Very Own Texas RangerTen Years Ago Jamie Danby Was The Only Survivor Of A Senseless Killing Spree Because The Killer Was Never Found, Jamie Has Lived Her Life In Hiding, Waiting For The Worst Now She S In Danger Again And She S Not Sure She Can Handle It Until One Sexy, Rugged, Gorgeous Man Strides Into Her Life, Determined To Protect Her At Any Cost Kell Harding Is A Texas Ranger And How They Don T Make Em Tougher Jamie Soon Finds Out That They Don T Make Em Hotter Either But Kell Plans Only To Keep Jamie Safe Not Keep Her Forever As Soon As His Assignment Is Done, So Is HeAt Least, That S What He Thinks