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Great for people who have traveled in the Bahamas. Non fiction, story of a high school math teacher, bored with his life who heads to the Bahamas in early 1930 s or 40 s At that time you could become an out island doctor without credentials Fascinating to read all this man did for the out islands of the Bahamas, the services he offered, sacrifices he made and nearly lost his own life Really good read The first copyright for this book was 1963 I din t read it until the 90 s and since have both suggested others to read it, or given it as gifts numerous times It s am amazing true documentary type story of the life of Evans W Cottman, The Out Island Doctor Mr Cottman was originally from the U.S He secured a Master s degree in biochemistry, but he never trained to be a doctor it s just something he stumbled on while when De Doctuh Done Reach The Bahamas sometime in the 40 s Told with humor and honesty, the reader enjoys an inside earful of the culture and the language enjoyed back then by the inhabitants of the outer islands of The Bahamas Crooked Island, Andros, Abaco, Long Island, Nassau, etc Just reminiscing about this story makes me want to take if off of my A shelf and re read it A highly engaging autobiographical account of an Indiana high school science teacher with a MA in biochemistry, who disliked cold winters and ended up moving to the Bahamas in the early 40s In the Bahamian out islands there were no doctors, and he found himself administering first aid, and ultimately much medical help to the out islanders, who would line up on the beach anticipating his periodic rounds by sailing skiff and greeting him with excited shouts of De doctuh done reach This is a vivid view into the life of a part of a little known part of the Bahamas at a time when almost no outsiders went there Well written and interesting to read. A surprisingly good read for a non poet autobiography Simply told story of his experiences in the Bahamas Perhaps it s positively clouded by my having grown up in the tropics. Charming story about a fascinating man I would have loved to meet him in real life Heck, I would have loved to live his life. An interesting memoir of the Caribbean from a unique slice of time on the verge of modernity. An interesting read about a teacher who retires to the Bahamas to work as a doctor. I enjoyed every sentence of this book It gave a well told and unexpected picture of life in the Bahamas in the early to mid 20th Century, no doubt a different perspective than most could ever gain in this day and age without a lot of research I had the pleasure of meeting this gentleman s daughter in Marsh Harbour and seeing the beautiful house, the castle that Mr Cottman built high on the hill overlooking the turquoise Sea of Abaco an adventure he chronicles in the sequel to this memoir, My Castle in the Air how a dream came true The story is just so captivating Cottman leaves his midwest US home and life as a high school teacher to follow his search for adventure in the Bahamas, eventually finding himself de doctuh to many of the remote communities on out islands in the Bahamas He ends up finding a wife and a whole new, unexpected life for himself just because he had the courage to leave behind a safe and mundane life.A real life adventure tale that is all the exciting and charming because it is true. `READ E-PUB ☟ Out-Island Doctor ⇬ Out Island Doctor Is Living Proof That A Man Change His Life In Mid Course It Is One Of The Most Unusual And Enduring Biographies Ever Writtenthe Colorful Story Of A Middle Aged Man Who Left The Security Of A Small Midwestern Town To Carve Out For Himself A New And Adventurous Life In The Exotic Bahama Islands