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~DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⚖ Revealed: A Prince and a Pregnancy ♾ When Pampered Heiress Simone Duvalier Sashays Back Into Rafael Alexander S Life, Rafe Can T Wait For Her To Head Back To France Where She Belongs And Leave Him To His Empire Building In Australia He D Believed In Her Once But Not Any Loved Her Once Too But Those Days Were Over All That Remained Were Unwanted Memories And A Compulsion To Bed Her That He Would Not Surrender ToSimone Has Never Forgotten Rafael, The Housekeeper S Unloved, Unwanted, Fiercely Ambitious Son, Or The Hold He Once Had On Her Heart Making Amends Isn T Easy Gaining His Trust Is Next To Impossible, But She Is Making HeadwayUntil A Princely Secret Threatens To Destroy His Fragile Trust In Her Forever I was sort of enjoying it But it was a little boring.I m not sure what went wrong but it just wasn t interesting. In Misbehaving with the Magnate prequel couple Gabrielle and Luc overcame fairly minor obstacles with a minimum of drama to reach their happy ending A Prince and a Pregnancy opens with their wedding at Gabrielle s Australian vineyard, and it s choc full of boozy wealth and my version of Australianess The wedding was like an episode of Real Housewives except everybody was happy drunk, rather than snarky vindictive shouty drunk I couldn t manage a whole book where everyone behaved fairly nicely, but it was a refreshing change Nobody put on gumboots and took a machete out back to kill the tiger snake coiled around the base of the Hills Hoist, nobody said crikey or wore a hat with corks without irony I m sure setting the opening of a novel in an Australian winery is a huge temptation to have someone s uncle Keith wear such a hat, and Kelly Hunter deserves an extra star simply for resisting.I love it when romance heroines get happily buzzed Mostly they are resisting the demon liquor because of their Goodness, or bitterly knocking back Prosecco without tasting it because the hero sitting across the table is being So Mean And until that titular pregnancy happens, Simone has plenty of drinking fun Simone is lots of fun She could win a gold medal at table setting, and how to amusingly niggle at a hero about his reticence in naming his ducks Rafe is the vineyard owner and duck non namer Simone and Rafe have a Past Simone is the daughter of wealthy French champagne makers, and Rafe was the housekeeper s son until he ran away to Australia when Simone was eighteen, and she refused to go with him This is such a big deal to Rafe, who is all about how this is the ultimate rejection and betrayal and I thought perhaps he was going to be one of those kinds of heroes, and that Simone would be wracked with the terrible guilt of having been a normal teenage girl who didn t actually want to leave her home and wasn t that keen on forever ultimatums, but awesomely she calls him on it She even gets Rafe to sort of acknowledge that maybe she also had cause to be angry over him being a jerk.However, there s no fun without a good degree of unreasonableness, and Rafe s kicks in when he learns the truth of his parentage, and realises that Simone had worked it out before him without telling him They sort of stumble along together being a bit miserable but not over the top about it and that s probably my main problem with the book I had nothing to be really outraged over It also meant that I thought the passionate aspects of their romance were sort of muted and that may not be this book s fault, it may just be that my head s in completely the wrong space after a steady diet of Harlequin Presents Simone and Rafe were both such nice, sensible people who could clearly work everything out eventually What s interesting about this book and its prequel is the way Kelly Hunter mythologises her characters pasts They are frequently referred to as the children of Caverness Which is the name of the French vineyard, and as an aside, I could never quite hear it as French in my head Its inherent Scottishness kept throwing me Anyway, the references made it clear that there was this unbreakable bond between the characters, who shared an idyllic childhood tainted by darkness It s an interesting technique, to stick such an identifier on their pasts, and it always felt out of genre I didn t dislike it, but it stuck out each time I read it Which was twelve times over both books, and in this one, the phrase the children of Caverness protected their own occurs three times.Ultimately, I like Kelly Hunter slight hearted approach, but found it undermined some awful backstory Everything working out just right with a minimum of fuss is a nice antidote, but one that is best taken in small doses. This was the second in a duo of books and I found that in some respects it was too careful to close up a lot of the messy personal relationships brought up in the first book Simone and Rafe have reached an uneasy accommodation relatively early in the book and then the question is which life will Rafe choose which is an interesting question, and an unusual one for a Harlequin category romance which usually goes hey, secret prince awesome But the strictures of the genre mean that the book is too brief to really go in depth the way I think might have beeninteresting with that So the romance, emotionally, is kind of in the background as both characters suffer around other life issues Additionally, there was a lot of forgiveness for the parental generation here Josien, Rafe and Gabrielle s awful mother, was left a littleone note evil here than she had been in the previous books, while Rafe s biological father ended up getting basically a complete pass on abandoning his biological child with an abusive, far from wealthy mother until he realized he needed an heir thirty years later For that matter Harrison s abandonment isn t really covered either, although at least there s sort of a reason for that he couldn t take Gabrielle without abandoning Rafe Hunter s books tend to be pretty realistic for Harlequin category romances, which means that we don t get the kind of sweeping put downs or revenge that other authors put in that has its up sides but it has its down sides, too, as here, where I really wanted Rafe s biological father to suffer some actual consequences, or at least get yelled at, for screwing his kid over. 3.25 stars Rounding down because, among other things, this is not a stand alone book You must read Exposed Misbehaving with the Magnate first.This second book of a two parter is rathersatisfying than the previous story It was good enough to make me go back to re read the first part, which I had read quite some time before.That said, there were plot holes and conveniences that annoyed me I found it an average though imaginative read YMMV. A surprisingly sweet and charming story Having read the first of the duology, Exposed Misbehaving with the Magnate, I was looking forward to meeting Rafe, the brother of the heroine in EXPOSED I probably sound like a broken record when it comes to Kelly Hunter s books, but again, I loved the chemistry and the banter between the h h her writing never fails to make me smile The big secret was possibly a bit OTT, but this is a MB after all. Woot woot another Kelly Hunter sOne thing I learn from this book The richer you are, thecomplicated your love life will becomeHaha I just have no idea what I should write about this book I mean, the story is typical Harlequin story, and there is a Prince who was born as a winemaker but raised in champagne empire and falls in love with one of the wealthiest champagne heiress I just can t imagine, how life could be really that complicated Perhaps, I need to be rich first to find out Well, I m working on it hahahato be rich I mean e Sweet little second chance story told in an easy breezy style that I had to get used to While the circumstances are angsty, the characters are all very matter of fact and don t take themselves too seriously.The story opens with the French wine making heroine arriving at a guest house in Australia She is there for the wedding of her brother and the hero s sister All four of them grew up at a chateau in France The heroine and her brother were the rich heirs to the vineyard The hero and his sister are the offspring of the abusive housekeeper The hero left at 18 and wanted the heroine to accompany him Heroine felt she had to stay with her father and the vineyards Hero hasn t forgiven her.There is a lot of wedding talk that establishes the heroine s practical side The night of the wedding the H h spend the night together but their happiness is short lived when the hero is introduced to his biological father who is king of a mythical European country The hero thinks the heroine knew this all along and that s why she went to bed with him she wouldn t be slumming any Heroine returns to France Hero realizes he made a huge mistake, but instead of chasing the heroine, he goes with his father to the mythical kingdom and begins to learn about his inheritance Heroine mopes around the chateau The hero s sister lets the hero know the heroine is pregnant view spoiler Hero brings her back to the mythical kingdom along with a Rubenesque golden retriever puppy they name Ruby The heroine proves her worth as a princess and the hero realizes he loves her and wants to marry her They both recreate the ball where they first got together as teenagers Hero was valet parking some ugly Italian sports car Both the H h manage to find the vintage model for their marriage proposals HEA hide spoiler I read the first one but i don t really remember how it was.This one was blehthe heroine was running after the hero, blablablaRecently, i ve been reading oldies and i have seen the huge difference, not only in writing but also the story itself.I m afraid to admit that the oldies areinteresting to read.I don t really care about the great sex butabout the story and the relationship.I do hope that it s not the case for all modern books..