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I loved mostly everything about The Mockingbirds The writing was superior The subject matter was one that needs to be talked about and the characters were drawn very well Even the smallest character in the book had a fantastic voice The rape scenes were believable and scary The black outs from the drinking caused the character to remember her rape in bits and I loved that aspect of the book.I think this book in time will be looked to and taught in classes around the country I do believe the subject matter makes it important immediately and I think that there are a lot of things to learn from Whitney s story.Daisy Whitney is courageous She wrote this story from her own experiences in college when the idea of what date rape is was still forming and being fought over in committees at our nation s finest collegiate establishments Daisy gives young girls courage and hope in this book but I did have one major problem with the story The next part of this review may contain spoilers Beware.At first I thought The Mockingbirds were a great addition to the story A secret group set up by the main character s older sister in hopes of fending off and discouraging bullying of any kind by dispensing with a court like mandate and justice under the noses of the school administration The administration believed that no child in their academy could do anything wrong so there was no need to have a zero tolerance policy in place.I thought this element brought action and a feeling of empowerment to the story That feeling lasted a few pages until The Mockingbirds decided to take on the case of rape There was an initial meeting where Alex explains the circumstances of her date rape They Mockingbirds then decide to take on her case.Before the case is even tried, The Mockingbirds begin to exact justice on the rapist He was not innocent until proven guilty They docked his points to leave campus and even went as far as to take away his birthday cake All on the word of the girl who had been raped They wrote his name in a book which I saw as bullying and said if he is found not guilty he gets his points back and his name erased.I have a firm belief in innocent until proven guilty and the vigilante bullying in the name of justice ruined a huge chunk of Whitney s book for me Yes we as the reader know he was a rapist, yes he got what he deserved but the characters were unsure or couldn t be sure until the case was heard so by rendering punishment without giving him the opportunity to say his piece or defend himself the book took on a bitter taste It seemed childish and vindictive when it was meant to be empowering.I urge you to read The Mockingbirds and make your own decisions If you like Speak you will enjoy reading Whitney s The Mockingbirds. What happens when, being a hater of Issues Books, you re confronted with an Issues Book concerning an issue you actually feel strongly about Every element of plot in The Mockingbirds every character has some function in the task of showing that sex without explicit consent or ability to consent is rape that though rape may be a difficult crime to prosecute and so humiliating to the victim going through the process, those victims who speak out are validating victims everywhere I agree with all of that, passionately But there is no character who feels like a whole, complex, spontaneous and individual person, which made it tough for me to enjoy as a piece of literature Every character is an avatar for a stance or a stage in our main character s coping process All of Alex s friends understand what she s feeling immediately in the aftermath of her being raped twice by a water polo player she met at a show while drunk, and they hop in line to help seek justice for her There s a boy who has a crush on her and is respectful of her, who helps her build back up her comfort level with sexuality Her unmarried female teacher explains that having a physical response to the sex doesn t mean consent The date rapist is a complete villain who taunts his victim and lies to evade conviction Are there rapists who make the lives of their victims hell Sure There are also many date rapists who are not mustache twirling, dastardly liars They re men who, for lack of self restraint or poor decision making or selfishness, proceed with what they were doing without regard for their partner That doesn t make their actions any less wrong or any less a case of rape But it does mean that rape happens with nuance, too, and that s something that young women especially have to be aware of With all of the focus that Whitney gives to consent and to the thoughts and actions that blur the line of what we call rape, I think that nuance is important to her too, that nuance in rape is something she wishes to convey to her teenage readers for the purpose of empowerment That s great But I only wish it had come through in her characters.It s hard to write a book for teenagers about date rape, I m sure It wasn t until college that I started exploring feminist thought and truly comprehending how deeply entrenched sexism and victim blaming is in popular culture Given how thoroughly exposure to feminism shakes up your worldview as a young woman and gives you a feeling of worth, which is why it s important , maybe a plot like The Mockingbirds needs to be written in an obvious way for this age group But I also thinkmaybe it doesn t I don t know. [Free Kindle] ♷ The Mockingbirds ♶ Some Schools Have Honor CodesOthers Have HandbooksThemis Academy Has The MockingbirdsFrom The Glossy Pages Of Its Admissions Brochure, The Prestigious Themis Academy Appears Perfect In Every Way Exceptional Academics, Extraordinary Students, The Kind Of Extracurriculars To Make An Ivy League Proud, And Zero Instances Of Student Misbehavior But This Boarding School Isn T As Pristine As It Appears There S A Dark Underbelly To The Perfect Record The Themis Administration Flaunts Student Infractions Are Rampant, And It S Up To A Secret Vigilante Society, The Mockingbirds, To Maintain Order On Campus A Responsibility Their Members Take Very Seriously Alex Patrick Never Thought She Would Need The Mockingbirds But When She S Date Raped By Another Student, She Doesn T Know Where Else To Go As Much As She D Like To Forget What Happened, She Can T Escape The Daily Reminders Of What Went Wrong That Terrible Night Before She Can Summon The Courage To Take A Stand, She Ll Have To Accept That Her Battle For Justice Is Not Hers Alone Standing Up For Someone, Especially Yourself, Is Worth The Fight I really hate when I wait so long to review a book after I read it I don t even have a copy of it here to refer to, so I m really just giving my impression of what I could remember from this book If I remember correctly, this was Daisy Whitney s first novel, and frankly, I felt like it showed I found the story idea really interesting, but the execution of the plot and the writing itself was a bit so so The basic premise is that at an elite boarding school, a small group of students called the Mockingbirds have taken it upon themselves to administer justice to those who were wronged and punish those students who otherwise went unpunished for their crimes Sounds pretty exciting, huh Like a small group of Batmans or something.And yet, the author managed to make it boring The main character, Alex, wakes up one morning to discover she has been date raped while she was too drunk to even remember what happened So she goes to the Mockingbirds for help The rest of the story is the long, drawn out process of the court like proceedings the Mockingbirds enact to hear the case and determine the guilt if any of the accused It felt a bit like watching a court case on TV or something where you re expecting it to be exciting, like in the movies, but it s actually very tedious and dull.Maybe my problem was that I didn t like the main character very much I can t even remember what it was that bugged me about her, but I kept wanting to thump her for the dumb things she said did thought And many parts of the story felt too unrealistic like I could just feel the author making them up instead of becoming immersed in the story itself and forgetting there IS an author behind it, you know One thing that particularly bothered me was how the students hated ALL the teachers, and every last one of these teachers was a complete idiot It felt like the author did this to justify the existence of a group like the Mockingbirds The students clearly couldn t get any help from the moron teachers at this elite school for only the most brilliant and gifted , so their only choice was to do it themselves.Final verdict cool idea, boring writing, annoying characters Blah. Rating 2 Stars DNFHere s the thing about Daisy Whitney s The Mockingbirds if you aren t invested in the characters and if you aren t a fan of the way this issue is handled, you ll likely not enjoy this book Now, that isn t to say it s a bad book at all In fact, I m than a little thrilled that Whitney wrote a book about date rape, set in a boarding school, all with a secret society who takes matters into their own hands From the surface, it sounds fantastic When you dig a little deeper and really stop to think about this, though I can t say I was wholly sold on the idea.Alex, our protagonist, really is one of those characters you connect with from the beginning itself Her horror at waking up in a strange boy s bed, at not remembered what happened to her the night before, at realizing she was raped while passed out and unconsciousit s all so frightening and real Whitney does an amazing job of giving us a character who can t remember her rape, whose act of rape seems almost ambiguous but truly isn t Yet, though these events are shockingly realistic, Alex herself and her dialogue and conversations with others, from her best friends to her older sister, felt very flat For me, the main issue stemmed from the fact that the surrounding facts behind this story didn t feel real at all I was unable to buy into the fact that all the teachers and adults at the prestigious academy Alex attends believe that because they teach highly intelligent and motivated students, bad things cannot happen I m sorry, but not even one teacher thought, Huh, you know, there might be just ONE kid who gets bullied in this school The Mockingbirds requires this type of suspension of belief, for without the lack of adults in this story, how would we have a secret society on our hands And still, this society disappoints The Mockingbirds only operate if when they ve been asked to, which means they don t help people unless they want help Which I think is ridiculous If a member of this club saw someone being bullied, they wouldn t be able to actively help them unless that person themselves asked for help In one way, I almost admire this concept I love the fact that people have to want to stand up for themselves to be helped and I also love the idea that teens can find strength after horrible events such as rape and bullying without having to rely on adults Yet, this book was hardly written in that manner instead, it blatantly forces you to suspend your belief to enjoy it, which is something I find very difficult to do as a reader Additionally, the secondary characters in this novel were very flat Not only did the dialogue seem forced in some parts, but the friendships in this also seemed highly superficial and a bit too perfect I do think Whitney did an amazing job of portraying the horror and fear that a victim of rape feels especially the acknowledgment that they suddenly are a victim but truly, I can t say I enjoyed this book I went into The Mockingbirds looking for a book that was about coping with rape than dealing out punishments a book that was introspective than a mock trial by teens I m sure the idea of The Mockingbirds appeals to many readers and doubtless this book has and will resonate with many readers, but my idea of an issue book isn t this If you go into The Mockingbirds with the right mindset, though, Whitney doesn t fail on the other hand, she may sometimes disappoint. Can t wait for you all to read it 4.5 stars Although I had a minor issue with this book, overall it coveys a serious message with an unforgettable tone.I loved the Mockingbirds Their system fascinated me and I wanted to know about them just like Alex did It intrigued me that the students took it upon themselves to organize a system to deal out justice, as opposed to pleading with the teachers or administration to aid them.The issue of date rape is austere and genuine I realize that even though it is not reported often, it does happen than it should The fact that Daisy Whitney was a victim of such a horrible deed herself is unfortunate, but I am glad she wrote such a powerful novel to help others learn about it.One thing that peeved me a bit was how the students refused to contact the police I understand how blinded the school administration might have been, but I hope individuals who read this book will not be afraid to call the authorities it is their job, after all. I don t know what happened, Alex, Casey continues Only you do and he does And you ll know for sure whenyou remember But I m just saying something doesn t sound right It sounds as if he had sex with you while you were sleeping Alex, it sounds like he raped you This is such a good an powerful book.It s about standing up for yourself and getting justice in its own way but a justice that gives you peace of mindBut was it really my choice Was it ever my choice last night Did I choose Could I choose I have to know We re talking about a girl who didn t even realise she had been raped A total example of the lack of knowledge in our culture when it comes to consent.I m going to let the book speak ofr itself because I m really bad at wordsI m saying it s unfortunately very normal to doubt, to think it was your fault, that you let it happen And it s also completely awful to feel that way, because you re the one who got hurt You re the one whose rights were taken away And you re the one I m getting the sense trying to stand up for yourself now Unlike All The Rage, we didn t get that much of the psycological part of the situation but we also have a girl who is surrounded by people she can trust and can help herI m me again, restored I m me, who I was, who I m supposed to be, who I ve always been In this moment I m not defined by the other things, the things that happened to me, the things I didn t choose This is the part of me that defines me for all time, for always The thing I choose completely Added this book a few days ago.Bought it yesterday.Decided it was crap Returned it.I had a review on here, but I took it down because in reality, it was an open invitation for trolls to gripe me out No thank you The end Most of the reviews I ve posted haven t been getting a lot of attention, so I doubt this one will matter, either. This is what I thought The Mockingbirds would be a powerful, heart felt, intriguing and emotional read It has a lot of components that appeal to me like mad boarding school, mysterious society, fierce vigilante justice with a traumatised but strong and sympathetic main character.I was SO thrilled to finally have a copy, especially after reading so many fab reviews.Unfortunately, I found myself kinda bored while reading this First off the first chapter is intriguing The prose utterly appealing kind of sparse and sharp and a little bit ache y I liked that.I also loved all the little references to To Kill a Mockingbird and I adored the music stuff the Mozart, the piano playing and the passion for classical music It was really well expressed and very cool.However, as the book progressed, I found myself not caring much due to not being able to connect to the characters I don t know what it was about Alex that just made not feel anything, really, about her plight Because I think date rape is horrific as anyone would Yet she was so distanced from me, I couldn t feel her emotions I didn t feel compelled by her story.The other characters all seemed interchangeable with each other none of them rose above just being characters in a book They felt flat and one dimensional The love interest had no real spark but, hey, he was a great sensitive guy Because I didn t connect to the characters, I wasn t whisked into the story and it made it harder for me to suspend my disbelief regarding the set up of the novel For this kind of premise I really need to be engaged and rooting for the main character which unfortunately didn t happen for me Little things regarding the plot snuck in and bugged me SighI am obviously in the minority here There s mostly high ratings and glowing reviews yet reading through a lot of them it seems some people are all pumped up about the importance of this book in addressing date rape It makes me wonder if people liked the book due to the powerful message or if they genuinely had a brilliant time reading it, you know Overall, I found it to be a stark kind of dull read Yet, it really is just my objective opinion I did like the idea and kudos to the author for tackling such an intense and relevant subject The prose was well written perhaps a similar vibe to Courtney Summers so I d still consider reading Daisy Whitney s future books I guess I m just disappointed I didn t connect to this title.I give this two stars because, for me, it was just okay.