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It s thoroughly enjoyable to retrieve Hertzberg s Comments from the archives of the New Yorker His portrait of Bush s departure and the rise of Barack Obama consistently delivers something than knee jerk liberal commentary on the nature of our times. @DOWNLOAD EBOOK ñ Obamanos í The Most Critical Election In Living Memory, Viewed In Real Time Through The Eyes Of One Of Our Most Trusted Political Commentators Celebrated Political Analyst For The New Yorker Hendrik Hertzberg Watches The Long Presidential Campaign Of And As It Unfolds To Reveal The Transformation Of The Democratic Party, The Meteoric Rise Of Barack Obama, And Other Seismic Shifts In Our National Political Consciousness Hertbzerg Wrote About The Events That Culminated In The Victory Of Barack Obama In Two Venues, One Olympian And One Immediate His Comments For The Talk Of The Town And The Informal Blog He Began Keeping On The Magazine S Web Site Fifteen Months Before The Election OB MANOS Is Adapted From Both And Framed By A New Introductory Essay OB MANOS Shares The Context Needed To Truly Understand The Events Of The General Election The First In Than A Half Century In Which No Incumbent President Or Vice President Was On The Ballot By First Examining Bush S Second Term And The Primary Campaign Hertzberg Follows The Central Political Players And Rising Stars While Also Looking At The Issues That Emerged As Critical During The Debates, Such As Health Care, The Iraq War, And Our Economic Crisis Through His Documentation And Analysis Of The Campaign S Defining Moments, We Come To Understand The Current Political Landscape In A Whole New Way Hertzberg S Voice Combines Sharp Observation, Historical Perspective, Analytic Power, And Often Funny Polemic He Brings All These Qualities To His Chronicle Of One Of The Most Intense, Exciting, And Surprising Campaigns In The Nation S History, Sharing How Most Americans Including The New Yorker Editors Came To Identify A Junior Senator From Illinois As A Leader Temperamentally, Intellectually, And Emotionally Attuned To The Complexities Of Our Troubled Globe OB MANOS Heralds A New Chapter In American Politics I couldn t even read past the introduction The amount of liberal ideology that is spouted from this book is enough to have even the most liberal moderate in a dry heaving fit The poor writing didn t help at all either. 11 9 09 on Wash Post Kayso, I trained as a political scientist in the 70 s Much has changed, as these essays point out, but much remains the same Can only hope that the politics of hope win out over the politics of greed and unregulated power Obama lights the wayall should follow. would ve been interesting to read during 2008 still a hertzberg fan definitely suggest his Politics book Excellent set of essays of the run up to the 2008 election by the terrific NYer writer, Hertberg.Audio reader, Dick Hill, a bit annoying Although this was a good book and I enjoyed reading it, I am not sure I would recommend purchasing it to others Mr Hertzberg has essentially compiled already published essays he wrote between 2004 and 2008 and packaged them in book form If someone is interested in reading Mr Hertzberg s writing which is excellent from this time period, I suggest searching the Internet or locating the printed version of his writing in a library in lieu of buying a book with the same material in it. Kind of hit or miss for the first 1 3 or so of the book but the essays about the period when the election was down to just 3 or 4 candidates were very entertaining and insightful I quite enjoyed most of it.