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!READ DOWNLOAD ♀ Shift ⚉ Little Changes Can Make A Big Difference When Some Of The World S Biggest Corporations Need To Revive Their Brands, Innovate Products, And Rethink Their Images, They Call Peter Arnell Now In His Fourth Decade Of Branding And Marketing For Such Companies As Samsung, Reebok, DKNY, GNC, And Pepsi, Arnell Explains How You Can Use Some Of The Same Strategies That Famous Brands Do, In Order To Improve Your Own Image, Life, And Career Arnell Knows This Firsthand Because He Applied Many Of These Same Strategies To Transform His Own Life By Losing Pounds How Did He Do It Arnell Created An Idea He Calls Shift With Shift, You Ll Discover The Steps You Need To Take In Order To Become The Best You Creating And Revitalizing Brands Happens Every Day In Business Shift Shows How You Can Make It Happen For Yourself And Your Personal Brand Innovative Insights Such As Go Helium Are Used By Arnell To Explain How He Reached His Ultimate Goal Of Pounds You Can Apply His Techniques To Reach For Your Own Goals You Will See Through Arnell S Description Of How He Went Tiger How To Exercise Your Own Discipline And Commitment, Without Apology, Even If That Means Bucking The Norm And By Learning To Reach Out To Your Brand Audience, You Will Come To Understand The Importance Of Your Network Of Friends, Acquaintances, Colleagues, And Family Your Fan Club In Keeping You Motivated And Providing The Feedback You Need For Success Weaving Together Personal Stories Of His Own Transformation With Stories About How He Created Transformative Change For Brands Such As Reebok And Pepsi, Arnell Shares His Unique Vision On How Each Of Us Can Rebrand And Transform Ourselves, Both Personally And Professionally, To Achieve The Success We DesireTER ARNELL, Founder Of Arnell, Is One Of The Foremost Branding And Design Experts In The World Among The Companies He And His Team Have Worked With Are DKNY, Samsung, Chanel, Reebok, Mars, Pepsi, Home Depot, GNC, De Tomaso, Fendi, Mikimoto, Special Olympics And Con Edison He And His Family Live In Westchester County, New York This is not a very interesting book Arnell has a good story of losing weight, but he spends most of the time talking about himself and stories from his career When he does try to tie it to what the reader can do, it s usually a pretty obvious connection. A stupid, stupid book. I am constantly digging for some insight or idea that might allow me to become better at some aspect of my life And, for some reason this book really struck a chord I m not sure exactly why this book hit me so hard It could have been the amount of oranges that Arnell eats I ve been an avid orange eater, eating than a dozen a day on occasions than I would care to admit Or, it could be all of the strategies about branding that I found met my own philosophy on marketing and branding Or, it could have been any number of other things Anyway, I found the strategies that Peter Arnell offer to apply to me The idea of Going Tiger to be yourself than you have been allowing yourself makes sense I think everyone finds themselves getting stressed out because they aren t completely following along with what they think they should be doing Or, this idea of Going Helium as a way to shoot past easy goals and to dream largeanother great idea But, like all books that offer advice and guidance or paint a picture of how someone has been successful, it is all about how you are able to take these lessons and apply them to your own life, to make yourself better Ultimately, if you are able to use something you take from any book, then that book is successful And a good way to spend your reading time. The topic of this book is how to reinvent your business, your career and your personal brand Based on the subtitle s description I expected the book to be a strategy with examples how to rebrand What I read did not meet my expectations of what the title described Arnell writes a great story about the rebranding of his life, career and brand He writes in a way that makes it easy for me to connect with him and he seems very approachable and friendly Most of the book discusses his incredible weight loss For that alone, he is an inspiration He includes stories about his business experiences an how he helped household brands reinvent himself Most people in the USA culture would know the names of the companies he has served well My major thoughts about how this book could better manage expectations 1 It should have been in self help or biography section, not the business section of the library.2 The subtitle could be retitled to describe how he reinvented his business, career and brand.3 The stories about how he helped organizations rebrand tell about what he did, but I would have loved for his cases to describe deeper the why, how and thought process behind the new strategy.4 Or to keep it in the business section, the author could spend time laying out a strategy for how others could implement a similar plan in their own life because I think the book focuses on Arnell s story than the readers stories And that s perfectly ok.I would still recommend this book, just adjust your expectations of the topic of the book It is still a great story, Arnell offers some great insights and he is a very successful person. Why did my one and only father send me this Either he adored it or, or he simply needed to get rid of it, and make room for superior reading materials I m guessing the latter, but let s see. This is a motivational autobiography book The author explain his weight loss journey and motivates to make big changes to achieve a goal. A good marketing book when marketing yourself is your primary goal The author s engaging narrative of his own personal transformation is central, and works very well to anchor his theory He also reveals several of his personal mantras which make for good memory devices The book has two glaring weaknesses, however 1 His high profile stature makes some of his examples fall flat Some of them, while describing the stakes, actually undermine his position One such example is when he talks about needing the right person for the campaign, so he hired Celine Dion to sing Now I am no longer thinking about creativity or simplicity It sounds like throwing money at the problem Of course Just sign crazy superstar Why didn t I think of that 2 Even though he has a great theme about vision and his own story of transformation, the book is named Shift which seems unrelated to the theme in any direct or metaphorical way Though I get it, it is the kind of title that needed to be integrated This is, of course, ironic since this is a marketing book Overall, I enjoyed the book and recommend it Many of the reviews on here are unreasonably harsh, particularly because of the tone But I felt his style infectious and hopeful when it could have been much self involved, considering the company he keeps Bottom line if you want help making this life you ve got better, speed read it or read it on multiple trips to the bookstore. Where to start, where to start This book might better have been titled The Marginally Interesting Weight Loss Journey of Peter Arnell Or better yet Peter Arnell Toots His Own Horn Or better still Peter Arnell Breaks His Own Arm Patting Himself on the Back This book was narcissistic, rife with name dropping and self congratulation, and offered very little in the way of actual advice on the personal re branding process It felt like each time Arnell got close to offering something helpful he veered away into yet another saga of his own brilliance in saving a company s image So you want to change your image You should go helium Shoot higher than you normally would For example, there was the time Donna Karan came to me begging for help, and my brilliance launched her overnight into fame and fortune Not an actual quote, but you get the picture.Two stars because I salvaged a few meager nuggets of branding advice out for my own fledgling business It was hard going, though Hard going. When a guy who has reinvented the brands like Samsung, Pepsi and Reebok writes that what he did with those brands can be replicated to develop a personal brand, I say this looks like worth reading Worth reading it is Peter Arnell has beautifully converged his personal journey of loosing his weight of over 200 pounds to the world of his experience with brands which have changed our lives in some way This book certainly provides a priceless opportunity to peek in the mind of the genius and provides an insight of how creativity works.The entire book is written in an autobiographical style, with anecdotes placed in proper places, but then again one cannot expect any less quality when it comes to positioning from Mr Arnell Reading his principles is of a personal journey, if one chooses to follow it in their lives.This is not a book which will tell you How to be awesome but this is of How to be COMFORTABLE being yourself , a quality which is quickly diminishing As one reads this book, one would discover his her uniqueness in a completely different light would be able to discover tools to utilize communicate this in a manner which makes a lasting impression.