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!Free Kindle ♵ Touch Of The Wolf ☪ One Look And Shape Shifter Lucaine Herrick Knew Mate The Urge To Claim The Woman For Himself Was Instant Yet He Could Not He D Come To A Tiny Texas Town In Search Of A Myth A Halfling Healer Who Had No Idea That Pack Blood Ran In Her Veins, Or That She Was The Only Being In Generations With The Power To Heal Shape Shifters With Her Touch And If What He Suspected About Samantha Warren Was True, His People Needed Her Too Much For Luc To Claim Her As His OwnBut Someone Else Watched Samantha From The Shadows And Soon, Claiming Samantha Might Not Be Luc S Forbidden Desire, But His Only Choice For Protecting Her Life NCT 12 3 stars WowI love unique shifter stories and this is as unique as I ve ever read You get suspense, lots of drama, and a loving community She even tossed in heartache and loss. Une belle histoire sans plus In this story Luc is in search in a Halfling half human, half wolf She does not know she is a Halfing but does know she has an ability to heal When they meet there is a strond and instant attraction He s stunned, but she knows he s found his mate There is one problem, he s got o convince her she s a Halfling, a healer, and to heal a little girl who s dying I liked this shifter story It wasabout dealing with identity and knowing who what you are, and excepting that in order to help others I liked that theme This was my first Karen Whiddon novel and I would read her again. Good quick read This is the first story I read of this series, and I was able to follow it just fine I was drawn to the premise of the the heroine Sam, not knowing what she was, but dealing with her own powers, and not knowing of the existence of supernaturals I felt Luc was a good hero, sent to find the healer to help his best friends dying daughter, and dealing with the fact she was his mate There were a couple of intimate parts that were steamy but not graphic Only complaint is I wish it was longer so issues could be dealt with indetail Everyone just seems to accept things too quickly I would recommends his book, and will probably readfrom this author. The author has not progressed in writing skills past most fifth graders The characters were shallowly illustrated I only gave it the second star because I enjoyed the plot. Better than the previous one. Samantha Warren a Halfling father werewolf mother human she doesn t know about weres, and she can t shift though she does dream of wolves but she can heal animals her ex husband left her when she was in a plane accident where her mother died and it was ruled she couldn t have babies so now she is trying to adopt Luc Lucaine Herrick werewolf Halfling half brother died of cancer 2 years back he mourns he is sent to determine if Samantha is a healer one of the wolf cubs got caught in a trap she healed him with touch and warmth and cub shifted to human when all gone, and left the vet s office and told the pack He recognizes her as his matethough he fights it she hides her healing ability but he catches her he tells her of weres and shows her himself shifting they take a road trip across country in stormy weather and she can heal and have babies with a were wolf ahhh again, another series that i read which i didn t know it s a series i remember liking this book it s just that i already forgot what happened shame