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Margolin has an annoying habit of introducing a seemingly endless cast of characters, and this book is no exception Once he finally wades through and settles in with the characters of importance, he gives us a great tale of political intrigue This quickly turned into a fast paced thriller with a shock ending, which was a great twist He revisits quite a few characters from his previous book, Executive Privilege, and although it is not necessary to follow this storyline, I would recommend reading it first. Full review over at Fantasy Book Critic OVERVIEW ANALYSIS Phillip Margolin has been a favorite of mine since I read Wild Justice back in 2001, since then he has written books featuring the characters of Frank and Amanda Jaffe From Wild Justice and several other solo books as well The thing to note over here is that Margolin doesn t write sequels unless of course his characters fit the plot Twisted plots are trademark of his so with every other Amanda Jaffe book we get a solo book which feature a different storyline One such book was Executive Privilege, which was released in 2008 and featured both Brad Miller, Keith Evans, and Dana Cutler So when Phillip Margolin found a plot which could expand on these characters, he wrote Supreme Justice and here we are.This book like other Margolin books is divided into several parts which are set in different time periods, for example the first part opens in 2006, the 2nd part in 2012, the third part in 2006, the 4th in 2007, the 5th again jumps to 2012 and the last two continue in the same vein Each chapter begins with a different POV character and the characters are mentioned above The story begins with John Finley surviving an attack on his ship, the next chapter then introduces us to Tom Oswald who happens upon an empty ship which has dead bodies and drugs They are told to keep a lid on it by agents of Homeland security who abruptly confiscate the case The narrative then shifts to Brad Miller in the year 2012 as he s preparing for his Clerkship with Supreme Court Justice Felicia Moss The Supreme court is in a bit of upheaval as one of the Judges retires suddenly and the vacant spot causes an issue as people from various factions try to fill it with their candidate There s also an attack on Felicia Moss which Brad foils To gain ideas about this he enlist the help of Dana Cutler.The next part moves on to a previous murder trial which was dismissed the first time but now Sarah Woodruff has been indicted again for the murder of the same individual Plus the prosecutor Max Dietz was never convinced of Sarah s innocence the first time around It s from these varied plots that Phillip Margolin spins his web for the reader to decipher The tale and the multi character cast might seem a bit daunting but it s to Margolin s forte that he pulls it off with aplomb The reader will be sucked into this tale as clues and misdirections are presented and the saga unfolds exquisitely.Phillip Margolin is quite a storyteller This can be gleaned easily from this book as he presents three dimensional characters and gives each chapter from a different POV This allows the reader to have a very omniscient view into the story but at the same time not everything is as it seems It also allows the reader to race right along side the characters as they uncover the actual mystery and not feel as if it s happened in the past and told to them later Even though this book contains characters from a previous book, this story is a standalone and can be read as such There are very few spoilers for the previous book and so readers who like this book s characters can also check out their previous appearance in Executive Privilege Phillip Margolin once again deftly shows how mystery thriller writers can keep their books fresh for long time readers with enticing plots and mesmerizing characters A very good thriller for those who like reading plots in the vein of those by Agatha Christie, Arthur C., Doyle and recent greats such as Jeffrey Deaver. Margolin has a knack of taking a number of principles acting on their own and bringing them together to solve a crime or several of them This book dealt with the inner workings of the Supreme Court which I can only assume was or less factual and I found interesting Several characters from the first book by Margolin appear again and give us some exciting moments I like Margolin s writing. A US Supreme Court Justice is surprised when a colleague vehemently refuses to grant a new trail to a sarah Woodruff, a woman on death row She is surprised when there is an attempt on her life and it seems to be tied to the Woodruff case There are lots of twists and turns and the Woodruff case connects to murders on a ship carrying drugs that mysteriously disappears with the help of the US government Highly recommended. This novel is an exciting thriller, a puzzling murder mystery involving a ghost ship and the President s nominee to the U.S Supreme Court The story leads us in a twisted tale that opens questions than answers involving a real soup mix of law enforcement officers local police, state police, CIA, FBI, Homeland security and the U.S Supreme court Hahaha it seems the only group missing is the keystone cops This is quite an involved story with numerous characters, plots and sub plots weaving in and out.The main plot involves an attack on Felicia Moss, a Supreme Court Justice, who has the swing vote concerning a death penalty case reviewing the fate of Sara Wooddruff, a police officer, convicted of murdering her boyfriend, John Finley When the officer s appeal reaches the top court, shadowy links begin to surface to a mysterious ghost ship and several cold case murders Reopening the case threatens to uncork a bubbling mess hidden within the justice system.Private investigator Dana Cutler, FBI Agent Keith Evans and attorney Brad Miller are brought in to determine why the murder case is causing shockwaves in Washington As they search for answers, they are forced to pull out every trick in the book, jump many hoops and cross many avenues The result will inevitably leave a warm spot in the heart of any demanding mystery reader.This book is sharply written with an interesting and charming cast Although some recurring characters from Executive Privilege have the lead roles, not knowing their past history did not deter my interest, the non stop action kept me on the edge of my seat and entertained for hours. The three main characters from Executive Privilege, private investigator Dana Cutler, FBI Agent Keith Evans, and attorney Brad Miller, are back in Supreme Justice Brad is now working for Supreme Court Justice Felicia Moss One of the important cases of the session is one regarding a woman charged with killing her lover twice The first case was thrown out after a jury was selected but the second time, Sarah Woodruff was convicted and put on death row She is trying to get a new trial based on evidence the government kept out of the trial Justice Moss wants to give the matter consideration but one of the justices becomes enraged that she s even considering it Soon after that, someone attempts to kill her and she s saved by Brad There are a number of plots and subplots going on that all merge and get tied together at the end In this case the ending left me hanging a bit Overall the book was a fast and fun read, especially because I m a fan of legal based thrillers While this book can be read as a standalone, there are references to events in the first book I like the characters and plan to read the next book in the series, Capitol Murder. |DOWNLOAD BOOK ♍ Supreme Justice ♍ New York Times Bestselling Author Phillip Margolin Returns To The Corridors Of Power In Washington, DC With An Exciting Thriller About A Ghost Ship And The President S Nominee To The US Supreme Court Sarah Woodruff, On Death Row In Oregon For Murdering Her Lover, John Finley, Has Appealed Her Case To The Supreme Court Just When A Prominent Justice Resigns, Leaving A VacancyThen, For No Apparent Reason, Another Justice Is Mysteriously Attacked Dana Cutler One Of The Heroes From Margolin S Bestselling Executive Privilege Is Quietly Called In To Investigate She Looks For Links Between The Woodruff Appeal And The Ominous Incidents In The Justices Chambers, Which Eventually Lead Her To A Shoot Out That Took Place Years Ago On A Small Freighter Docked Upriver In Shelby, Oregon, Containing A Dead Crew And Illegal Drugs The Only Survivor On Board John Finley With The Help Of Brad Miller And Keith Evans, Dana Uncovers A Plot By A Rogue Element In The American Intelligence Community Involving The President S Nominee To The Supreme Court, And Soon The Trio Is Thrown Back Into The Grips Of A Deadly, Executive DangerWith Nonstop Action, Supreme Justice Picks Up Where Executive Privilege Left Off, Putting Readers Right Back Where They Were On The Edge Of Their Seats I had given up on Philip Margolin after a series of particularly gruesome outings with the lead Amanda Jaffe character This despite really enjoying his plotting and pacing in several novels beginning with his break out Gone, but not Forgotten Thank goodness from remainder tables While cruising a remainder table in a BN on the West Coast, I found a hardcover of his 2010 Supreme Justice on sale for less the the e version or paperback 6.98 So, what the heck The book flap promised suspense and the Supreme Court as a main setting Great for a political junkie like myself I wasn t disappointed Good read Margolin was never good with believable characters, and he s remained true to that deficit But great plot It might come close to banging its head into a fairly low credulity ceiling but it does it with a wink and sufficient pace to keep you running forward.Good enough read to get me back to the remainder table but probably not to the next Margolin first edition. 3.5 StarsA good, fast, and entertaining read about a ship full of hashish, murder, and the attempt assassination of a Supreme Court Justice to keep the details of a rogue covert CIA op from becoming public Dennis Masterson has no qualms in what he is doing and so be it if an innocent woman, a former cop, is put to death for a murder she did not commit The Woodruff cert must be denied at ALL costs He has the power to go to great lengths to keep the events of the China Sea buried and will bury ANYONE who gets in the way Justice Moss, Brad Miller, Dana Cutler, and Ginny Skinner are as determined to get to the truth as Masterson is to bury it Miller, Cutler, and Skinner brought down the former President after all.As I said, Supreme Justice is fast paced and very entertaining The writing style is easy The last twist of the novel blew me away This was a re listen to a book I read a few years ago I can t remember why I liked it enough to put it in my read again pile, because it certainly did not deserve that allocation, in my current judgement There appeared to be too many characters in the book with new players turning up at the drop of a hat The story of the boat etc., in its second rendering, went on and on and life appears to be a pretty cheap commodity for Margolin I lost track of all the killings by the end of the book And the ending it also seemed to go on forever, before reaching its less than credible climax.3.0 stars out of 5.0 stars