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THE PROMISE HE MADEby Linda Style Review by Charlotte Liebel c 2011 The Promise He Made is another of Linda Style s complicated and romantic novels She follows the lives of several friends whom readers will remember from her previous book, The Mistake She Made .Although I ve read the book and returned to read favorite passages, I have delayed to write a complete and worthy commentary I hope to return in a reasonable time with a full account of this exciting story I promise Charlotte Liebel The Promise He Made by Linda Style |READ DOWNLOAD ♪ The Promise He Made ☢ Since When Does Be Right Back Mean In A Few Years Serena Matlock Has Been Asking Herself That Question Ever Since Cole St Germaine Took Off And Now That He S Back In Spirit Creek, He Ll Have To Pony Up A Lot Of Apologies Before She Ll Even Consider Forgiving HimThe Real Heartbreak, Though, Is That She Still Loves The Idiot Despite All The Poor Choices He S Made, She Knows He S A Good Man But Can They Move Beyond The Chain Reaction Those Choices Kicked Off Or Will He Constantly Remind Her Of The Life Altering Decision She Had To Make