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@DOWNLOAD EPUB ì God of the Poor: A Biblical Vision of God's Present Rule Ì God Of The Poor Applies Kingdom Principles To Two Thirds World Issues And To Western Attitudes It Is A Valuable Book For All Christians In Developing A Biblical Approach To Poverty Serving The Poor Is A Christian Virtue But There Are Many Ways In Which To Act Such A Broad Agenda Needs A Wide Biblical Vision In The Light Of This Massive Problem The Church, As The Visible Community Of God, Has The Task Of Blessing The Poor The Author Also Considers The Two Issues Threatening Mass Poverty Population Growth And Environmental DegradationReprint With New Cover Jan This book came at a time when I was preparing form y first mission to trip to Uganda After asking for direction about which book to buy, I went directly to a shelf in the local christian book shop and pulled this book out.During a home group meeting someone felt that they should sing a song Which turned out to be the same song written at the beginning of this bookFor me, this is a must read for every aspiring missionary ww.breakthruinternational.co.uk While Hughes didn t present in depth solutions to any of the complex problems in this book, he did cover a lot of the issues and at least explain in a general sense how they apply to our lives I appreciated this book as a sort of introductory statement on how Christians ought to consider their role in combating suffering globally.