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This book was not for me and I did not enjoy it Everyone has books they are good matches with and those that aren t and this one isn t the book for me The whole set up of the book is one I just happen to strongly dislike The hero acts like a jerk and of course in his inner monologue it is all justified and for the heroines good and the heroine seems to stand up to him Then all his has to do is give her a come hither look or touch her and she is ready to have sex with him and put it all behind her Then the hero gets what he wants and acts like a jerk and we repeat this cycle throughout the book The very end of the book was not enough to save it for me I didn t like the characters and couldn t connect with them The hero was very controlling and the heroine was supposed to be strong willed and smart yet did not come off that way for me at all especially when she was giving up standing up to her husband because he made her lusty I also found the constant bickering to be off putting rather than what I expect was supposed to be endearing.I think this book will appeal to people who like these kind of dynamics it just doesn t appeal to me. Dear me, this book is bad I shall sum it up with the following it had been fifteen years since he had first made love to an actual woman As opposed to what A sheep A blow up doll The curtains Mortimer has written some great if often overblown category romances This is not one of them. I guess this is 4th book in a series Arabella is young sister of 4 older brothers She and Darius Wynter, Duke of Carlyne, are caught in a compromising situation and he offers marriage and she accepts They secretly have loved each other for years He works for government secretly and is thought by society to be a rake but really has reformed his ways This was pretty good and kept my interest rating 4 It was a little text book not a bad read not really good depth in the characters one that if you want a sweet little romance with characters that both should be sent to a therapist this is the book for you bellissimo incipt e bella storia, ma basta ogni volta che si ritrovano soli succede qualcosa che ansia da scaraventarlo fuori dalla finestra proprio consigliato a lettori pazienti. Cheesy with a thick slice of cheese on top. This was a very entertaining read I enjoyed the banter between Arabella and Darius Arabella is used to getting her own way, Darius has an arrogant side to him and they are well matched There are a number of secrets and a villain to add interest to the story. A little twist in the story made it even better.Great book {EPUB} ⚢ Lady Arabella's Scandalous Marriage Ý You Are Cordially Invited To The Marriage OfDarius Wynter, Duke Of Carlyne Dark And Dangerous, Darius Has A Reputation Riddled With Unsavory Rumor ToLady Arabella St Claire Headstrong And Feisty, Yet Innocent Than She Ll Ever Admit What Is Lady Arabella Letting Herself In For Sinister Whispers Surround The Death Of Darius S First Wife Could Arabella Be In Jeopardy Or Will The Infamous Duke Prove All Of Society Wrong One Thing S For Sure After The Compromising Situation That Led To This Marriage, Arabella Will Soon Discover The Exquisite Pleasures Of The Marriage Bed Forse il migliore della serie Siamo giunti all ultimo volume della serie dedicata ai fratelli St Claire ed il turno dell unica sorella, Arabella D Negli altri libri avevo notato una certa chimica ed anche un certo astio XD tra la nostra lady e l affascinante Darius Wynter, Duca di Carlyne e qui tutti i nodi e i trascorsi vengono al pettine Darius ha un passato di scandali, l ultimo riguardante l improvvisa morte della neosposa, ed un presente dedicato al servizio della patria come spia Non il momento ideale per esplorare i sentimenti che prova per Arabella ma cupido non aspetta nessuno e i due si ritroveranno in un baleno uniti in un matrimonio riparatore che inevitabilmente porter la ragazza a scoprire l uomo che si nasconde dietro i pettegolezzi e Darius ad amare non solo la bellezza ma anche il coraggio di una donna disposta a tutto per rimanergli accanto Non manca qualche scena stile isteria tipica di famiglia ma certo Arabella pi riflessiva ed equilibrata dei fratelli e tra agguati, rivelazioni, litigi e appassionate riconciliazioni arriver al suo lieto fine D