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#FREE BOOK Í Falcon's Honor ñ FALCON S HONOR Medieval Historical Romantic Adventure Would Duty Make Him Blind To Passion Against Her Will, She Would Be Married To The Devil S Own Spawn Truly, Rhian Of Gervaise Should Despise The Knight Who Would Deliver Her To A Terrifying Future But The Perilous Their Journey Became, The Deeper Grew Her Longing For Gareth Of Faucon, Honor Bound To Surrender Her To Fate, But Soul Sworn To Cherish Her As The Bride Of His Heart Dark Powers Wanted The Lady Of Gervaise Dead Indeed, The Enigmatic Beauty Was Possessed Of Secrets As Mysterious As The Jeweled Pendant She Warmed Against Her Heart But Gareth Would Do Whatever He Could To Protect Her For Destiny Deemed He Had No Other Choice dnf Read this in one sitting I have to say, this author seems to favour infuriatingly indecisive female characters. This is a historical romance with the story of Gereth and Rhian He is a knight and protects Rhian since someone wants her dead It was pretty good and a quick read.