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fluff I had a tiny bit of a hard time getting into this one I took a little break and when I came back to it I got sucked in I guess I didn t care much for Gabriel at the start, but as the story progresses he really grows on me, even if he is a bit conceited Nola was pretty likable and they have fun chemistry The story was pretty lighthearted and there is not much drama I like the idea of Gabriel making a list, and realizing how dumb that is I liked that while Nola was attracted to him she didn t become an idiot around him and never let him know it Overall, a very entertaining read I ll definitely be looking forbooks by this author Content Clean, PG mild steam Overall, the book is clean does have a bit of swearing , and there is quite a bit of talk about bosoms Toward the end there is a passionate kissing scene with some wandering hands, stays on the cleaner side though. Nice, though ridiculous at some parts and a bit slow in the beginning.Very much entertaining read. Handsome, wealthy Gabriel Carr dislikes a fuss He has made a life plan Corinthian until 25 check, make fortune 25 30 check, find a wife, set up a nursery by age 30 not done and the only thing left to do is find a wife and set up a nursery Gabe has three months to find the ideal bride and makes a list of the attributes he wants in a wife At the top of the list is lady from merchant class Gabe is used to being chased for his looks and fortune by the ladies of the ton and would prefer a wife who shares his interest in business He also wants his wife to have a pleasing figure i.e large bosom Enter Lady Nola Grenvale, tall, red haired, flat chested and the daughter of an Earl, most certainly NOT the ideal bride At 25 and without a fortune, Nola has no intentions of marrying anyone, let alone Gabriel Carr She is devoted to helping the poor helpless war widows and is determined to set them up in a bazaar where they can sell their handmade wares in a single location instead of running around the city to various merchants Nola learns that Gabriel Carr is a noted real estate genius His latest plan is a sort of early department store mall, which will leave an empty warehouse in Soho Square just right for the widows bazaar However, Gabriel does not see it that way, and wants nothing to do with Nola or her opinions He s delighted to hear that Nola will be leaving London soon to live with her aunts in the country so he will never have to see her or hear about her widows bazaar again, but Nola is determined he shall hear her out Gabe tries to escape to the country but returns to find his mother has invited Nola, her maids, her aunts and her cook to stay at his home When Gabe is injured and must stay in bed, it s Nola s deaf, old nurse who nurses him Poor man is surrounded by scheming women determined to push Nola at him and Nola continues to only be interested in Gabe s warehouse, or so he thinks Nola and Gabe learn to appreciate their mutual interest in business and soon, of course, find each other physically attractive as well, but Gabe stubbornly refuses to give up his list and admit that Nola is the ideal bride for him while his life spirals out of control as Nola and Gabe s relatives and servants meddle until the get the intended results This is a hilarious romantic comedy The crazy secondary characters provide a lot of laughs as does Gabe s stubbornness The romantic plot becomes sensual as Gabe and Nola becomeaware of each other This story may not be for everyone because much of the humor is a bit bawdy and many of the jokes revolve around bosoms Normally, I find such humor crude and unfunny but I found myself giggling madly through each chapter The only real fault I found with this novel is that there isn t much depth to the characters We know what they do and what they re thinking but not why they re so driven or what their pasts were like This may be a good book to share with a teen who is just becoming interested in the genre due to the rather modern jokes Does anyone have a copy of the follow up Courting Trouble I could read 4.5 5 5 stars AI laughed and laughed throughout this whole book Nola and Gabriel were very funny characters without meaning to be This is the type of historical romance I might recommend to a person who likes a sweet romance but doesn t want any explicit sexual content in the story. 4.5 stars Quick and fun read for everyone Gabriel Carr is one uptight or starchy hero It s fun to watch him thaw and fall in love with the heroine I also love the heroine and her quirkiness They are both so funny together And the hero s list of qualities for an ideal bride epic haha For everyone who likes Mr Darcy type hero, this one s for you Complete with the perfect blend of humor and romance. I found this to be a very enjoyable read Witty and comical Couldn t put it down. I liked the premise but the execution was a little too slapstick for me. Oh man I don t think I ve laughed so hard reading a book since well never The crazy antics of all the characters in this book are so ridiculous I couldn t stop laughing Definitely don t read this if your looking for drama or deep thoughts Read and enjoy because I guarantee you ll be rolling on the floor laughing in every page of this book. ^Pdf ↙ The Ideal Bride (Zebra Regency Romance) ⇵ WHY LOOK FOR THE IDEAL WIFEMarriage Is A Serious Matter According To Wealthy Businessman Gabriel Carr, Not To Be Influenced By Anything So Frivolous As Emotion Or The Usually Giddy Female Reaction To His Striking Good Looks Drawing Up A List Of The Traits He Requires In A Bride Is The First Step The Second Is Asking His Merchant Tenants To Introduce Him To Suitable Young Women Lady Nola Grenvale, The First Candidate, Is Far From Ideal Especially When Gabriel Learns That Her Interest In Him Has Nothing To Do With Marriage, But With His Soho Square Warehouse Instead WHEN TRUE LOVE HAS JUST ARRIVED Nola S Fondest Dream Is To Create A Bazaar Where War Widows Might Sell Their Handiwork, And Gabriel S Warehouse Is A Perfect Site For The Enterprise Yet The Stubborn Man Ridiculously Handsome Though He May Be Refuses To Lease It To Her Determined To Prove That Her Scheme Is Sensible, Nola Agrees To Lend Her Aid To Some Of His Other Projects And Soon Realizes That Gabriel S Masculine Appeal Is Not The Only Thing About Him She Admires It S Clear That That She Fulfills None Of His Stated Ideals, Yet Before Long She Yearns To Offer The Irresistible Man The One Thing He Hasn T Listedher Love