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This book wasn t quite what I was expecting About half the book was dedicated to King Loius of France and the events that led up to the eventual betrothal of Mary to Louis I found this section to be a bit boring and, at times, confusing because a lot of characters were introduced briefly while detailing the French line of succession I felt that part of the story could have been omitted and time devoted to Mary s time in the French Court and her time after returning to Englanda lot of things seemed to be just skimmed over The other Plaidy novels I have read seemed to have been devoted to the title character and better executed This book did make me wonder about Charles Brandonin other works I ve read he s been portrayed as the rake who was happy to be with whomever he was with in the moment, but Plaidy paints him as a devoted suitor and husband to Mary and a devoted father I think this is a decent novel of Mary and her love for Henry and Charles. This is my first Jean Plaidy book and I liked it very much I m a fan of historical fiction, especially royal histories Princess Mary Tudor was the younger sister of Henry VIII, one of the lesser known characters of the Tudor dynasty Jean Plaidy made her story interesting and compelling and kept me entertained to the end It seemed a very quick read indeed and I look forward to reading of Jean Plaidy s work. This is my first Jean Plaidy novel, and while i plan to read , I am a little disappointed in the story telling in this particular novel Perhaps it is because this has been written before my generation am 24 and an avid historical fiction reader , but i found the writing a little bland The story is so sensational and scandalous but she writes it too quickly, obviously conforming to a publisher s limit of pages I found this book to read out this way Mary falls in love, Mary gets married away from lover to King of France, Mary marries her real love after King dies I just wanted drama I understand that this isn t a Danielle Steel novel but I just wanted juiciness. 3.75 starsMary Tudor was Henry VIII s younger sister She was originally betrothed to Charles of Castile when they were both young Charles much younger than Mary In the meantime, at home in England, she fell madly in love with Henry s best friend, Charles Brandon and he with her She thought she was free when the betrothal was broken, but, even worse, she was instead promised to Louis XII of France, an old man She fought for a chance to wed Brandon instead, though she was still required to go to France and marry Louis This was quite good There were a couple of dryer parts, most notably the history of the succession in France I don t know much about French royalty, so it was new to me, but not knowing any of the names, my mind tended to wander That was only a brief part in the middle, though, just to introduce Louis and his court and rival for the throne. I m surprised HF has not been written about the romance between Mary Tudor Henry VIII s sister and Charles Brandon the Duke of Suffolk, elevated from humble origins because of his friendship with Henry It s a compelling story that often gets glossed over In this novel, Jean Plaidy does a great job of developing Mary Tudor s character, as well as showing why her marriage to the French king Louis was such a big deal hence, the entire section that focused on the French court and Francois I s childhood I first read this several years ago and have read it multiple times since. I enjoyed the first 2 3 of this one but after that it became very sappy. Way too short and written in a very distant long ago story fashion I wish Charles Brandon s first two marriages and his entire personality were explained I wanted to know his motivations I wish was done with Mary s fear of Henry, and her non fear of the French royal family I never felt like I got in the character s heads I never felt the fear, the joy, pain or love I didn t feel like I was there It was of a historical re telling of the facts.As I was reading, this story seemed like it could have been so epic If Mary was as power hungry as the rest of the royal families both England and France , she could have changed the world produced an heir for France, etc It s really interesting how she left everything to be with Brandon, who seemed only to marry her for her connections and his personal gain of power.But overall this is a good synopsis of Mary, and good to add to your Tudor collection I just wish could have been done with it. This is an interesting novel that focuses on a mainly forgotten figure Mary, Henry VIII s younger sister I like the idea that you get to see an older Margret Beaufant and Henry VII It also shows a rare vision of a younger Henry VIII, when he was the young vibrant prince There is some nice forshadowing, including seeing a young Anne Boleyn.The writing style takes some getting into, but is good once you are used to it The novel also veers away from the original story line in order to introduce one of the characters and give him a backstory This was rather long and could have been made shorter. {Free Epub} Õ Mary, Queen of France: The Tudor Princesses õ Legendary Historical Novelist Jean Plaidy Brings To Life The Story Of Princess Mary Tudor, A Celebrated Beauty And Born Rebel Who Would Defy The Most Powerful King In Europe Her Older BrotherPrincess Mary Rose Is The Youngest Sister Of Henry VIII, And One Of The Few People Whom He Adores Unconditionally Known Throughout Europe For Her Charm And Good Looks, Mary Is The Golden Child Of The Tudor Family And Is Granted Her Every WishExcept When It Comes To Marriage Henry VIII, Locked In A Political Showdown With France, Decides To Offer Up His Pampered Baby Sister To Secure Peace Between The Two Mighty Kingdoms Innocent, Teenage Mary Must Become The Wife Of The Elderly King Louis, A Toothless, Ailing Man In His Sixties Horrified And Furious, Mary Has No Choice But To Sail For France There She Hones Her Political Skills, Bides Her Time, And Remains Secretly In Love With Charles Brandon, The Duke Of Suffolk When King Louis Dies, After Only Two Years Of Marriage, Mary Is Determined Not To Be Sold Into Another Unhappy Union She Must Act Quickly If She Wants To Be With The Man She Truly Loves, She Must Defy The Laws Of Church And State By Marrying Without Her Brother S Permission Together, Mary And Charles Devise A Scheme To Outwit The Most Ruthless King In Europe And Gain Their Hearts Desire, Not Knowing If It Will Lead To Marital Bliss Or Certain Death This is, I think, a less rich take on these people than what I ve read previously I did like the look into the context of France but I m less sure about the tendency to write particularly women in this period as practically obsessive over one person most of their lives, whether that s love interest or son Maybe it s accurate, I don t know, but especially when it s a love interest it rings false to me, maybe not when one or two do it, but on a large scale I don t know Anyway, I d have liked nuance in all the characters.