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!Free Pdf ♡ On My Own (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, #4) ♨ University Life Isn T What Caitlin Expected Her Roommate Liz Is Hostile To Her Faith Tormenting Her With Raunchy Music And Sleazy Boyfriends Worst Of All, Suddenly Caitlin Doesn T Understand Herself Any Why Has She Regressed To Being The Shy, Insecure Girl She Was In Junior High She Doesn T Even Fit In With Her New Christian Fellowship Group Caitlin Tries Not To Envy Josh And Her Friends At Christian Colleges, But Suddenly All She Has Are Questions And Few Answers In The Story Of Caitlin O Conner S Soul, This Frustrating Year Is The Most Significant One Yet, As The Homesick Freshman Eventually Remembers There Is One Companion She Can Always Trust I actually picked this book up without realizing it was out of a series and hardly reading the blurb I m not one to write extremely negative reviews, however, I didn t enjoy this book at all I find Caitlin s voice throughout the novel extremely irritating I see that she s genuinely a nice person and that she always tries to do the best for others around her, although it bothers me how she takes it upon herself to save other characters in the book The religious element doesn t usually bother me in a novel, I just feel that in this book particularly it was too strong of an influence. I just couldn t put this book down It helped me so much. The beginning of this book was waaay too slow and the only real plot was Caitlyn s problems with her roommate Liz I could definitely use a littleplot on college life etc However the last 3 4 of this book Made up for the slow beginning I really liked how Caitlyn worked her relationship with Josh and how the author showed a very real thought decision making process I still think Caitlyn s view on relationships is strange and there are muchpractical ways not to make the whole dating thing so complicated But overall, it was a good read that made me think Glad that it s not a cheesy book like so many Christian books are and that it tackles hard issues Love seeing Caitlyn grow in Christ and as a person. probably my faveorite book sigh God is good at putting the perfect book in my hands, with just the right timingI m now completely obsessed with findingin the series off to check out ebay Melody Carlson is a great writer, and the youth angle makes for a quick easy read still with just enough of an intense message to get my mind, heart, and soul pressing forward into a new place with Him This book dealt with a lot of highly relevant issues The way Caitlin is so dependant and in love with God is inspiring I recommend reading this The other books in the series are great as well. I found this book truly lacked any backbone in the issues that were raised I commend Caitlin for sticking it out with Liz She did not need God s advice to know that there was something deeper going on with Liz However, I find it hard to believe that Caitlin could not find any friends in her classes I realize that Caitlin was a shy girl but schools have exercises, even in the larger classes, that put students together for the purpose of meeting new people She also could have dropped her English night class and took a different type of class during the day so she could attend fellowship Maybe because Caitlin does not date, she was naive in the statements Josh made to her about other guys However, she did not tell anyone else about Josh, so what he proposed to Caitlin should have been a shock to her family and friends They were wise in questioning the reasoning behind the meaning Though they said they would support her, I do not feel they supported her in helping her make her decision Why didn t anyone ask to read the paper Josh wrote to understand what it meant Being a book about the first year of college, I think there should have beensubstance in real issues that kids face sex, drugs, alcohol, friends, course work, and depression As I read through this series, each book seems to lackThere is onebook left and I hope it ends with a bang If it does not, I do not know if I would move on to the next series about Chloe.Until next time, take life one page at a time As usual Caitlin never fails to inspire me and get to my heart with her strong faith, wisdom and kind heart She uses both her heart and mind in making decisions In this part, Caitlin faces two major problems The first one was having to deal with a rather hard hearted person The way she acted patient, friendly and believed there s sth good out of this was definitely sth to learn from.The second problem was deciding whether to get engaged to the love of her life at such young age The way she consulted God and followed His lead even if against her wishes was also sth to learn from.Amazing book series I can t wait to read the last part On My Own is the fourth book in the Diary of a Teenage Girl Caitlin series and gets a littleintense as it goes along Byintense I mean that Caitlin and one of her good friends Jenny get into a big fight about body image Here is the good part Caitlin is now in COLLEGE Now Caitlin is free to do whatever she wants to do That is until Caitlin s vicious roommate Elizabeth Banks gets on her nerve with going out late at night with her boyfriend or at some kind of drug party While that is going on Caitlin still has her commitment to God not to date Could this be the year that that gets thrown away Caitlin also has to keep on top of her good grades too I mean, this is college Around Christmas Caitlin also stops at her parents house and on other occasions Caitlin also tells herself that this is not high school any and that she won t live in her normal house ever again After On My Own come my favorite book in the series which is the last book I hope everyone enjoys the fourth Caitlin book