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~Book ♲ Notes from the Hard Shoulder ♬ Top Gear Presenter And Columnist For The Daily Telegraph James May Brings Together Another Brilliant Collection Of His Most Controversial And Humorous Writing From Tales Of Motoring Adventures Through India, Russia And Iceland, To Classic Articles On Essential Subjects Such As Driving Songs And Haunted Car Parks, These Gems From The Number One Car Connoisseur Will Take Readers On A Motoring Journey That Will Amuse And Entertain In Equal Measure Lacking the acerbic wit of theerudite Clarkson, and resembling an overgrown schoolboy or hip Geography teacher social worker on the front cover, this selection of automotive anecdotes is mildly amusing There are indeed a few very funny bits, but overall, I was pleased to have arrived at the end, thankfully aided by the larger than usual font size. 3.5 stars This is another collection of essays from one of the presenters on Top Gear. James May writes with one of the driest wits I have ever come across He has a real knack for finding absurdities in all sorts of situations and making them amusing I d love to read something by either May or Jeremy Clarkson that wasn t simply a collection of essays It took me some time to get through this, mainly because there wasn t any unifying theme as there was with Richard Hammond s books Still, it was good for a few chuckles. The books is a collection of James May s magazine columns.One thing is obvious, he is out to claim Jeremy Clarkson s title of BBC s Curmudgeon in Residence But he does it with muchflair and intelligence.He makes comments and jokes that, unless you are VERY well read with good general knowledge, the average reader is just not going to get them.A must read for Top Gear fans, car enthusiasts, and fans of middle aged English curmudgeons. This has an incredibly wide range of subjects, all broadly related to cars naturally but some chapters were too technical for me while others werefun Also May has quite a dry sense of humour that is better heard than read. This book brings together a good collection of articles written by James May and previously published in various magazines If you like Clarkson s books which contain similar articles or if you re a fan of Top Gear then you ll find something in here to like Easy to pick up and read one or two articles if you only have a short while. Entertaining, low pressure read I enjoy James grumpy but articulate rants, and even if I don t always agree with him, I can usually at least see his point It s nice to pick this up and just read a couple articles for a laugh. I love the start of the book James May had some very interesting stories at the start 100 pages or so But after reading half way through the book, it became boring and dry I give this a 2.5 out of 5. James May is one of the presenters of Top Gear , a car based magazine programme on British TV He is often seen as the fall guy who is there to be the butt of the joke, coming last in the various races that the team run He even has the nickname Captain Slow.This book is a collection of his writings in various newspapers and magazines He is clearly the most eloquent of the team, able to tell an amusing tale as well as to argue a detailed case.Like many of the books I ve been reading recently, this is a short snippets type affair, with most articles being nothan three of four pages long This makes it handy for reading in the small snippets that my reading is currently reduced to.The book is enjoyable, with James May able to entertain I don t agree with much of his views on things like global warming, but that didn t really get in the way of enjoying the book. Had higher expectations from him And although it is unfair to compare him with Clarkson, but have to mention it as I was disappointed to find that somehow Clarkson manages to make much better intellectual remarks and deeper thoughts than James, even though I would have expected it to be opposite.