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~READ PDF ♰ Frostfire: A Novel of the Kyndred ♀ Best Book, Frostfire A Novel Of The Kyndred By Lynn Viehl This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Frostfire A Novel Of The Kyndred, Essay By Lynn Viehl Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This is, for me, by far the weakest book of the 3 I m glad I ve got it but it will be a while before I read this one again.Lilah can speak to the animals but suddenly, she can understand human thoughts too Their powers were also unexplained, the descriptions between them often refers to heat and then his ice cold the Frostfire of the title presumably but this is again, never explained Why can she do things with him and not by herself The connection is never explained and so lost in the story Her counterpart in this is a question mark in himself Who is he What s his past Why are the Darkyn after him Who the hero turns out to be is meaningless if you have not read Darkyn books and even then, as he is so characterless, it does not tie in at all with the earlier story And how he is turned not turned is not revealed at all.There is a lot in this relatively small book but too confusing to be enjoyed Maybe it will make sense of a second reading but a really good book should pull the reader back a second time to appreciate the layers, not to simply understand what went on in the first place. My rating 4.5Lynn Viehl s has a way of building a tantalizing world around alluring characters that just fascinates this reader Like every book before in the Darkyn and Kyndred series, Frostfire was no exception and I fell headlong into reading it Frostfire is a page turner with a plot that grabbed my attention with the mystery that surrounded the different secret groups, who all seem to be trying to get the upper hand in the secret world of the paranormals this time around by controlling Lilah and Walker The couple, Lilah and Walker, in this paranormal romance had me pulling for them throughout the whole story with an ending that was a terrific surprise I m mean, just WOW The romance between these two was palpable and awesome in it s steaminess I also liked the cameos from characters in past books for these series.Frostfire is one of those books that you want to read in one gulp and a definite read for readers of this series Now, I m anxiously awaiting the next book Nightshinethere was an excerpt at the end of this copy of Frostfire that left me desperate for it Seriously desperate.A note to those who haven t read any of the books from the Darkyn or Kyndred series, I highly recommend you start with the first book, If Angels Burn in the Darkyn series You won t want to miss out on one bit of the Kyn world. That was one wacky soap opera Every time I read a Lynn Viehl book, she stretches bounds Viehl s Frostfire includes furry people, copper allergic vampires, and animal whisperers yes, animal whisperers Watch out Caesar Milan, animal control officer Lilah Devereux can tame the savage beast Enter stud and former soldier, Walker Kimball, also a captive of the greedy gene therapies giant, GenHance Escape from GenHance, mystery of the hairy people, a rogue Darkyn vampire, and the trials and tribulations of Lilah s clairvoyant friend Samuel Taske enough plots for you There s LOL.I loved it all, even though introducing the freaky Chahanat was pushing it Only Viehl could go there, and by the end, I was fascinated by them too Can we have a book for one of them Once again, Viehl employs tight prose, a fast pace, brief, newspaper flashbacks, seedy characters, and female spies doing the dirty for the good of the cause, and once again, we learn about the hero s emotional history late into the narrative I would like that info which informs our opinion of him to come earlier, but Viehl did resolve his emotional personal issues at some length, so I appreciated that.I liked seeing the tresori in depth.Readers liking soft and cuddly heroines will love Lilah versus the harder Rowan Dietrich from book 2, Dreamveil Meanwhile, I liked the reappearance of a certain Darkyn, even if I did think his personality flipped 180 Now I want to read Ever from the first series again On an unrelated note, Richard and Korvel, please They are so great I m a little skeptical about Samuel he s either fatherly or saintly as a hero, but I will read 4 anyway D I have been anxiously awaiting the newest Kyndred book not only did I have it on preorder for my ereader, but I won an early copy For those of you who are not familiar with the Kyndred series, it is an offshoot from the Darkyn series, which is being featured this month A lot of the characters from that series show up in passing in the Kyndred books, but unlike the Darkyn the Kyndred are human and mortal.Established in the Darkyn series, Kyndred are people who have been biologically altered They have evolved separate from the Darkyn and are subject to a whole other set of hardships in life Unlike the Darkyn, there is not set society to help protect them The Kyndred are in the world, for better or worse, on their own and often than not they are on the run because of what they are.Frostfire melds a lot of storylines together I ll admit that about halfway through the book if you aren t paying attention closely you will be confused There are characters that show up from not only the previous Kyndred books, but from the Darkyn series However, I am possibly the worst person about forgetting names with complex plots that jump around, and I followed it pretty well There were only a few places where I had to flip back and forth to double check who was who that did what.I laughed, I cheered, and I m going to go reread now because there won t be a new book from Lynn Viehl for a few months and that makes me sad. With Frostfire we get Viehl s take on werewolf lore and, as always it s unexpected The thing I love about Viehl s books is that she always holds something back along the way to keep you guessing I hate that about her books too because I m always like, okay just give already Gaaak But in the end, she delivers as she did with Frostfire It was fun to discover the true identity of the hero, you know all along his name is indeed not Walker Kimball , although it made me want to go back and re read the novel he was first introduced in because I don t remember him as he s portrayed here And I loved Lilah and her powerful abilities Though nothing we haven t seen in comic books X men stories already, which, now that I think of it, the Darkyn Kyndred novels sorta remind me of anyway considering their abilities and all The beginning of Frostfire starts out with Kyn orphan child, Lilah, whose beginnings are still part of the overarching mystery of The Kyndred series , drugged and captured for Genhance, the big bad trying to replicate the Kyn s supernatural DNA , languishing in the back of a freezer truck with a cadaver whom isn t as dead as their captors think.Picked up dead in Afghanistan, Walker Kimball knows, for him anyways, there are varying shades of death But what he doesn t know is that his DNA is shifting literally Whatever s going on he has to get away and he s taking the mysterious woman he s handcuffed to with him They eventually make their escape into the snowy Colorado mountains straight into a hidden enclave whom are somehow connected to Walker s metamorphosis Lilah and Walker s combined DNA seems to affect not only them, but their environment too and when they come together as lovers it changes everything for shifters and DarKyn alike Actually, I really enjoyed this entry into the Kynred series, thankfully I already had the next in the series bought because Frostfire story made me want to read it immediately. I keep wondering with this series if the author is deliberately trying to be confusing This story could have easily been a bit straightforward without losing any suspense or mystery Attempts to be creative have run a bit amok here There so many things I m still confused about that I would have considered central to wrapping up the plot of this story What is the nature of lilah s power How is this power connected to Walker Why are their abilities so strangely varied I m still trying to figure out how Walker guy whathisname got furry It s never explained and I kept wondering if I d missed something But even after checking previous stories, I m still confused The problem with this series is the potential for a really great story is usually there and the plot keeps just missing it I know romance plots tend to rush to the love you forever bit but I was still caught by surprise by what is essentially an overnight romance between two people who spent large parts of their initial contact unconscious, immobile, and mildly incoherent But I would have been willing to put that bit of unbelievable aside if the plot bothered to answer the questions it raises about the characters. This is a really hard book to review, while I liked it, I was confused for much of the book There were all these groups, they didn t seem to be connected at all, but as the story went on you could see the connections What made it harder to figure out what was going on was that it seemed everyone one had than one name or identity It was really hard to figure out who were the bad guys and who were the good guys, but that can be very subjective as people can change.One thing that I really liked about this book was something that I have been waiting forthe Darkyn and the Kyndred to cross paths As these 2 different series reside in the same world with the same rules it is great to see I am hoping that there will be of that in the next book.The couple in this book were fun, but in a weird way They each had a quiet way about them that just made you like them Each one of them had secret upon secret and just when you thought you had heard them all a new one would come out and really throw you.I really liked the resolution to this book I found the little Colorado town to be an odd place, but one where odd people sure fit in. Kyndred beast whisperer Lilah s very bad day takes a turn for the deadly when Lilah is drugged, kidnapped and handcuffed to a dead marine, both destined for DNA harvesting to fuel Genhance s efforts to recreate the experiments that created the Kyndred But it turns out that the marine, Walker, is not as dead as he seems and soon Walker and Lilah make their escape in the snowy mountains of Colorado But even as they find refuge in a remote town filled with secrets, they aren t out of the woods yet With multiple parties hunting Lilah and Walker both separately and together their allies are just as dangerous as their foes Frostfire takes a while to get rolling, there are just so many threads setting up the members of the very large cast both the leads, their hunters, another of the Kyndred, the residents of the isolated mountain town, and also past Darkyn leads, Nicola and Gabriel, who also on a hunt for a rogue of their kind I did really like one of the side pairs the sheriff and his really interesting one night stand but I have to admit that I was a bit impatient with some of the other parts of the setup I was dying to find out about the mysterious Walker and rushed though some of the other threads to get back to the parts with Walker and Lilah I was eager to get back to watching their relationship develop, as the mysterious Walker finds in Lilah the woman who can soothe his savage beast and bring him back from the edge of rage and madness, and Lilah finds in Walker someone with whom she can share her secrets and someone to end her loneliness and isolation Once Viehl finally gets all of the ground work in place though, she does pull everything together with plenty of action, some steamy bonding, and a pretty amazing display of power by Lilah So even though Frostfire didn t end up being my favorite of the Kyndred books I really liked the first two Viehl manages to pull off a surprising revelation at the end of the story that fans of her Darkyn books will appreciate and that made the story for me So with the next Kyndred lead, the crippled touch sensitive Samuel already waiting in the wings I am ready for Nightshine now. This is the third book in the Kyndred series by Lynn Viehl I m partial to stories that have shifters, animal communication, etc.I liked the main characters of Lilah and Walker The emotions were believable as were the interactions and relationship between them.I like twists and turns and this book had some well placed ones that made this story an enjoyable read.