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A look at events that happened in Hart s Tempted from Alex s point of view Written in broad strokes without much detail and very little emotion, this short piece didn t do much for me personally except to reiterate my initial thoughts about Jamie and Anne as two self centered people who use and hurt Alex to please themselves A sad story that I did not find erotic that goes for Tempted as well as Everything Changes Also note that the cover with two males on the cover is extremely misleading However, I would say that this book is a must read for fans of the narrator, Alex, and the book Tempted. 2.5 starsThis just didn t really add anything to the story, a story I enjoyed It didn t feel like a true alternate POV Onwards to the next book, hoping to readof Alex. @Free Kindle à Everything Changes í In Tempted, Anne Gave In To Her Passion For Both Her Husband, James, And His Friend, Alex Now It S Time For Alex S Side Of The Story When Jamie Tells Alex He Wants Him To Sleep With His Wife, Alex Thinks It Will Only Lead To Trouble Sure, Alex Thinks Anne Is Hot And They Ve Talked About Sharing A Woman Before, But That Was A Long Time Ago Before Jamie Knew What Alex Really WantedStill, Alex Can T Resist The Pleasure Of Being With Anne And With Jamie Portada enga osa donde las haya Si como yo est is buscando el refrote perdido entre Alex y Jamie a arfs , os adelanto que no lo vais a encontrar xD la novella es una vuelta sobre Tempted desde el POV de Alex Est bien escrito y los personajes tienen profundidad, una lectura muy agradable Aunque hay una cosa que no me cuadra en toda esta historia Alex, hijo, te andas con remilgos a la hora de view spoiler zumbarte a Jamie, y mira que ten as al muchacho y a una servidora LOL begging for it, para no arruinar vuestra amistad y bla, bla, pero luego vas y te tiras a su mujer hide spoiler Kissing someone isn t the same as being kissed It is still a kiss I know The mechanics are the same his tongue intertwines with yours, you feel his breath merging with yours, your lips touch, yet it is different, being kissed feels different.Reading about Alex, Anne and James from Anne s POV in Tempted wasn t the same as seeing the same story through Alex s eyes Everyting was familiar, yet different I m glad that Megan Hart didn t give him this voice in Tempted It wouldn t be right He deserved his time Megan owed it to us I loved Alex in Tempted I knew from the start of their little summer fling that his time with Anne and James as the apex of a triangle was limited and doomed Yet I couldn t but hold my hand over my mouth to keep my sobs quiet when she came to say good bye and I had done that I had gone to let him go, and I d done that, too It was not a happy ending of the sort in fairy tales, but it was the only one we had Be happy, I whispered to the water.And he was watching her from his hotel room standing in the water It was the end and he couldn t decide if the truth had been worth telling All he knew was that it was time to go Because sometimes doing what was best for someone you loved wasimportant than taking care of yourself Because sometimes the things that were never meant to last were what ended up mattering the most.Because sometimes even a door that s always been open has to close.But I m not closing the door on Alex I m seeing him in Naked soon. WARNINGS Homophobic biphobic slurs view spoiler SPOILER The only rule was that Alex wouldn t fuck Anne So what happens She goes to his hotel, and he fucks her The one thing Jamie said not to do, they did Anne may not have known the rule, but Alex did Disrespectful hide spoiler What a fabulous follow up to Tempted Tempted was one the most real books I have read in a long time A real look into why the fantasy of a third person in a relationship should stay just that, a fantasy This short story was Alex s point of view, and it was very insightful I love Alex and this story gave you a little better view into Alex s head I cannot wait to start Naked, bring onAlex A very condensed version of Tempted, only now through Alex s eyes Warning A lot of mentioning of Temptedahead, so if you haven t read it and you re planning to, you should probably not read this.Everything changes My thoughts about Tempted in particular I went into it believing it was just the first part of the story about Anne, Alex, and Jamie This definitely fooled me, so Tempted didn t have a an impact on me as it would have had had I known Tempted was all Anne, Alex, and Jamie would get Reading some of the scenes from that book again, now from Alex s perspective made that perfectly clear.My expectations and hopes those three would make it work are long gone I m over it Alex found his place with someone else, and I m happy for him After everything that happened in Tempted Everything Changes, and everything that happened to him before, it was long due I still do kind of wish Anne had dumped Jamie s sorry ass, and went with Alex, but that s because I ve grown to like Alex evenafter Everything Changes, and Jamie if I didn t dislike him before, I do now I used to think he was bi, at least when it came to Alex, but too much of a douche to admit it, but now I think he sof a spoiled brat, his mother s golden boy who couldn t stand his best friend was spending time screwing other men, and not making the moves on him, because how could anyone not want him I don t understand anything about his actions, not now, not ever He was toying with both his marriage and friendship with Alex Idiot My heart broke for Alex, but he s better off without them Well, without Jamie and his mother, at least Also, no matter how much I like the cover, it s misleading the three main characters did share a bed together, but Alex and Jamie never touched like that, or at all for that matter And what little intimacy Alex and Jamie shared here was I don t even know what it was I just blamed it on Jamie s stupidity.Alex is a dear character to me, and I ve enjoyed reading about him through the perspective of two different women who have loved him This was good, too, but not nearly enough to satisfy my curiosity To be honest, it didn t provide much information about Alex s character Even after this, he still has an air of mystery surrounding him It was nice seeing some past scenes through his eyes, and some new ones, ones that didn t involve Anne, but my favorite is the last one, for now I knew it was really was the last one. I ve just finished this and have to confess that this story has left me speechless, that s really the only way to describe the intensity of the emotion that pours through these pages Anyone who s read Tempted will know the story of Anne Jamie and Alex, this is their story told by Alex If your read Tempted and loved it you have to read this Once again the story told in Tempted has come back with full force and , and my heart is breaking for all of them Initial reaction Ahh, this is one of those times when I wish a companion short story would ve been incorporated into a main novel because it clarified a few things, but not nearly enough It manages to stand on its own to a degree This short story novella was penned from Alex Kennedy s perspective during the events of Megan Hart s erotic novel, Tempted I appreciated the eye of insight from Alex s perspective, and the steamy scenes were well written, but in the end, for me, it still felt like a few things were missing development wise.I m content to have this as a bridge to Hart s follow up novel Naked , though.Full review I still can t believe I read this almost four years ago and still haven t written a full review on it, but nonetheless, that s getting remedied right now I did like Everything Changes not just the first time I read it, but in re reading it for the present year I liked following Alex Kennedy for the most part in Tempted and this short this book actually takes place during pertinent times when he s in a relationship with Jamie and his wife Anne If anything, Megan Hart does a great job with establishing character intimacy, whether it s sensuality or just getting an idea of whom the character is in their mindset and life This short story does a little bit of retracing through events in Tempted , but it doesn t overwhelm or overtake the story for what it chooses to showcase on its own.This little short also explains why Alex has the Hello Kitty pajama bottoms in the first place I always thought that was a cute quirk to remember him by, but if you read about how they were given to him it wasn t in good context Alex has commitment issues and it s complicated by the relationships he s had here That overarching theme is something that s explored in Tempted , this story, and Naked But even further, Alex finds himself the third wheel in the relationship here and that s something I noted was a parallel with respect to another work of Hart s The Space Between Us Overall, I liked this story as a bridge between the two full novels and how it gave me a chance to learn about Alex Kennedy s character , though I wonder how this would ve fared if incorporated into the events of Tempted , rather than as a stand alone.Overall score 3 5 stars.