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Irena Liapis is pregnant Although she knows who s baby she wishes she was having she cannot be sure Returning to Vincenzo Antonello, the man who stole her heart in so few days, she learns he has a 6 year old son, Dino, along with an ex wife Learning this, she comes close to backing out of her plan to tell him, but after promising Dino, she accompanies father and son to his mothers house Vincenzo is elastic when he lays eyes on Irena again Discovering he s got a 50% shot at being the father, he makes good on his request before she left and they get married Getting married, now allows Vincenzo to gain shared custody Luckily Irena and Dino hit it off immediately Not being able to stand not knowing who the father is, Irena schedules a CVS test In the meantime, Vincenzo takes over his father company, making her his cochair and they both spendtime with Dino.The day of the test comes and goes and the next morning, Irena fears what the results will do to herself and her marriage Luckily, the test does indeed bring them good news 6 1 2 months later, they welcome baby Alessandra into the world. Le do en Abril 2013 2.5 estrellasUna lectura para pasar el raro, entretenida no m s pero nada memorableEmbarazada por accidenteSerie Pasiones bajo el solProtagonistas Vincenzo e IrenaArgumento Amor en el Mediterr neoIrena y Vincenzo hab an pasado una vertiginosa semana juntos Conectaron de forma instant nea, profunda e intensa Pero aquello no pod a durar porque ella estaba destinada a casarse con otro hombre Sin embargo, Irena acab sola y embarazada.Vincenzo no la hab a olvidado y, cuando se enter de su situaci n, decidi ayudarla del nico modo que se le ocurri proponi ndole que se casase con l La vida en el palazzo de Vincenzo parec a id lica, pero l estaba a punto de descubrir que el beb que Irena llevaba en su seno era suyo. Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing such a wonderful story I Love it It has everything from family problems, a divorce,broken engagement , a marriage of convenience, a long lasting loveHOT ITALIAN MENThis novel was so sweet and exceptionally good I Hope for everyone to enjoy it This book just straight into story U find out bits along the way Lovely romance with three different couples and great HEA. I read this a while ago and forgot to rate I thought it was quite good and turned out just the way I liked. Accidentally PregnantThey met while she had been away from home She had been having second thoughts about her upcoming marriage They had an affair Now that her marriage is no longer in the way The groom married someone else She is back But will they be able to reconnect or was it just a holiday fling What about his ex and child What about the child they will have together .Read Ebook ♷ Accidentally Pregnant! ♫ Two Months Ago Irena And Vincenzo Spent A Heady Week Together Their Connection Was Instant, Deep, Strong Yet It Could Never Last She Was Destined To Marry Another Now Irena Is Pregnant And AloneVincenzo Has Never Forgotten Irena When He Hears Of Her Plight He Takes Control The Only Way He Knows How By Offering Marriage Life In Vincenzo S Mediterranean Palazzo Seems Idyllic But Vincenzo Is About To Discover That The Tiny Baby Inside Irena Belongs To Him I don t know, it fell a bit flat for me Maybe because Vinz was too nice But, a jerk H is kind of expected right So you can have angsty drama or dramatic angst with of course a good grovel, and finally HEA There was a lot of drama potential from Vinz s ex and family, Irena s family, even Andre, but everything was easily solved The problem mostly evolved around who s the baby s father Irena so that s the story doc, why I can t be sure who is the fatherDr Santi You do know there is such thing called birth control, right Irena Not in Harlequinland 3 1 2 Stars We met our heroine Irena in Doorstep Twins as Andreas love interest before he met Gabi In this lovestory, Irena had fallen in love with Vincenzo and after their night of passion she returns to Greece to inform Andreas she does not love him When she discovers she s pregnant, she prays that the baby is Vincenzo s Ms Winters writes such wonderfuly tender lovestories that grab your heart from the first pages. Miniseries Mediterranean Dads