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!Download Book ⚖ Cleo ☲ A Hist Ria Real De Uma Gatinha Que Salvou Uma Fam LiaHelen Estava Na Casa De Uma Amiga Quando Recebeu A Not Cia Sam Tinha Acabado De Morrer Ainda Pensou Que Sam Fosse Um Familiar Qualquer Distante, Mas N O, Era Mesmo O Seu Sam, O Seu Filho Mais Velho Morreu Atropelado, Frente Do Irm O Mais Novo O Mundo De Helen Come Ou A Ruir Noites Sem Dormir, Pensamentos Suicidas, Uma Depress O Profunda Enquanto, Sua Volta, A Fam Lia Se Deixava Levar Pelo Desespero, Pelas Discuss Es, Pela Tristeza Infinita De Perder Um Ente Querido At Que Um Dia Bateram Porta Era Uma Vizinha, Trazia No Colo Um Gato Ainda Beb Helen J Nem Se Lembrava Um M S Antes Tinha Ido Com Os Filhos Ver Uma Ninhada, E Prometera A Sam Que Lhe Daria Um Dos Gatinhos E Ali Estava Ele, Uma Impertinente Bola De P Lo Preto O Seu Primeiro Impulso Foi Rejeitar De Imediato Aquele Pequeno Intruso Mas Ent O Viu Rob, O Seu Outro Filho, A Acariciar O Bichano E Pela Primeira Vez Em Muito Tempo, Viu O Sorrir Cleo Tinha Chegado A Casa E Aos Poucos Come Aria A Devolver Quela Fam Lia A Alegria De Viver Yet another book that I tried really hard to like When the author is talking about Cleo, the book gets interesting, even if she does anthropormorphise her pet Otherwise, there s plenty of self pity, whining, and a backhanded slap to the good people of Christchurch, New Zealand While I can understand the author is understandably grief stricken and mourning at the loss of her eldest son, she also fails to see the agony the rest of her family is going through This one just gets three stars from me as much as I liked Cleo the cat, there just wasn t enough to carry the book Only somewhat recommended For the longer review, please go here The Book Report A family devastated by loss takes in a little black mutt kitten and learns, painfully and slowly and with much trouble, to live the lives they ve been allowed to keep despite the life that was lost Marriages begin and end, relationships resemble the ones they began as not at all, and through it all, for a remarkable twenty four years, a proud black cat runs the entire world from a succession of Kiwi then Aussie kitchens, living rooms, and Asian run delis One day she dies, and the pain of loss renews its hold on the current family configurationgently, clawlessly, and with a sense of the rightness of life even in the absence of our dearly, dearly beloved.My Review I know that the publisher feels this is superlative writing It s plenty good enough to tell the author s story It s not lighting up the literary firmament But the story is the star here It s touching and it s heartfelt it s amazing how honest one can feel the author being and it s quite endearing how exasperated this woman spends her life being with her lot in life.Reading about loss is always problematic for those who have suffered itI lost my own son at an early agebut let me tell you now that grief and grieving end up being the constants of life so it s a damn good idea to get the coping techniques of others into your head and stat You could do a lot worse than start here.There is a moment near the end of the book, one which for obvious reasons I won t go into in a review, but that moment, that single page and a half, would make this book worth the US 16 it costs Peace descends on us in the oddest ways, at the strangest times, and there is absolutely no earthly connection between the ease and the suffering it replaces Unearthly connections, well, those I am not qualified to analyze.So then, I hear you thinking, why d you give the book a mingy three stars It s about a cat That s unforgivable. I debated between four versus five stars I went with the five for two reasons 1 I was dreading getting to the end and not being able to readThat s a solid good reads endorsement, I d say 2 The Ms Brown s story truly made me stop and think about my life, what I consider important, how precious the gift of time is, etc Plus, the book did make me laugh out loud a few times that was when I wasn t snickering over the antics of Cleo the cat Even , I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I m not a cat person dogs rule , but I sure was sad I never had a chance to meet Cleo.I considered reading this with my kindergartner, but the quick reality check on just how fleeting life can be stopped me, especially since I didn t know how it would play out I think most of it is child appropriate, though, so we could always keep that part succinct and delve in once Cleo enters the picture permanently.I have to say the letter from the Superman Hero made me sniffle and the way the grief over Sam is detailed leaves you raw and aching inside So many books like this gloss over the sadness as time marches on, but throughout the book I felt connected to Sam If you need an enjoyable albeit tragic at times book to make your life better, I highly recommend Cleo I greatly appreciated Helen Brown s writing style It was steeped in authenticity and was able to blend tragedy and humor seamlessly. I love reading books about cats and enjoyed this one about the wonderful Cleo who helped a family from New Zealand to recover from the tragic death of their eldest son, and subequent difficult family times Cleo was quite a character and I cried at the end of the book when she died at a stately old age A recommended read for cat lovers. I started off really liking this book, but about halfway through, the focus changed It became less about how Cleo helped the family andabout Brown s divorce and second marriage Cleo was thrown in the scene a few times, but it felt disjointed and forced I was so disillusioned with it that I actually stopped reading about 75 pages from the end After a few months I picked it up again and finished reading it The ending was better than I expected but that middle part where Cleo made short, random appearances ruined it for me I think it could have been a great memoir if Brown hadn t billed it as a cat book It gave the wrong impression. Cleo The Cat Who Mended a Family by Helen Brown 292 pages On January 21, 1983 a tragedy would occur to Helen Brown and her family her 9 year old son would be killed when he was run over by a car A couple weeks later Cleo, a rambunctious little kitten would enter their world and change it for the better She would be there to comfort them through the death of Sam She would also be there to witness divorces,kids, marriage, and muchThis book was suggested to me by my therapist I have two things in common with this woman I lost my son given, in a very different matter but the loss of a child is the loss of a child and have my cat who has been a great relief to me through this year I actually have two cats but only one likes to acknowledge my existence without the assistance of food being involved The day I went into labor, it as was if my cat knew something was wrong before I did He laid his paw gently on stomach and wouldn t leave my side but would never lay on me as I was in terrible pain After coming home from the hospital, he stuck by my side and 10 months later continues to be a great source of comfort I really enjoyed and appreciated this book so much What this woman writes was soothing to me because it was nice to know someone felt the anger and the sadness I felt She writes wonderfully She is descriptive and honest from beginning to end I have read complaints from people who felt the cat, Cleo, wasn t as much as a focus as they had wanted and I can see that But for me, it was about so muchIt s about finding the beauty and joy in the little things It s about resilience and courage to move on with life It s about showing emotions and having hope It s about a cat and her love for her family People are regularly telling me I should stay away from these books that I should read happy, upbeat stories But it is these books that help me the most because for those 300 pages I m with someone who understands and isn t that what anyone wants To be understood If you re a cat lover, I think you will enjoy this book but be prepared that it sthan just a story about a cat And you might want a tissue or two while you re at it. It s always hard to review a book that has a profound impact on you, and I just know that this will never do justice to this book I can hope that others will read this and pick up the book anyway, so I ll have a go, but my writing can never match Helen Brown s.Picking out a kitten is a normal part of family life, especially a family with young kids But Helen did not know the huge impact Cleo would have in their lives, showing up at entirely the wrong time, but also the right time to help heal her family I don t want to go into why Cleo was so special, and why the family needed healing, because I want readers to find out for themselves, the way I did I marked this book as to read without really knowing where I would find a copy, until my library stocked both this and the next book about Jonah I hope if you ve got this hanging around your bookshelves, or half hidden under your bed or where ever you keep your books, if you re like me that can be any room of the house that you will pick it and up and read it There is a real story here, and I loved the descriptive, quirky writing style The honesty in describing characters, even Helen s mum, was beyond charming.So give this a go, will you I don t believe you will regret it if you love cats and animal true stories, as I do You will see the same love Cleo gave shining from the face of your animals, if only you look. Helen Brown took her animal loving son Sam to see a litter of kittens as he badly wanted one for his upcoming tenth birthday The only kitten left is the runt, a tiny little scrap of black fur Naming her Cleo it is arranged that the kitten would be dropped off to Sam in a few months time when she was old enough to leave her mother.Sam s love and total fascination in animals leads to a horrific accident Shortly after his birthday while rushing an injured bird to a vet s, he runs out in front of a car and is killed The family is devastated for Helen the grief is almost too much to bear A few weeks later there is a knock on the door and Cleo is delivered Helen insists that the kitten be taken away as she is no longer wanted but when Helen turns around and sees her younger son Rob smiling and cuddling Cleo she agrees to keep the kitten Cleo is like a little whirlwind leaping from one moment of mischief to another, doing what comes naturally to kittens ruling the roost Yet in amongst the impishness, there is wisdom and compassion beyond human ken in this tiny furry companion She knows when cuddles are needed, she knows when to distract from the depths of despair After a while she not only heals their hearts, but allows them to move on with their lives Rob is convinced Cleo tells him stuff in his dreams, that he will find friends and everything will be ok It certainly appears that for the whole of her 24 years of life Cleo brings the right people into their lives at the right time As a marriage ends, a career blossoms, love blossoms and illness strikes, Cleo is right there front, centre and in their face.Helen Brown writes with a down to earth approach and never allows the story to get overemotional or melodramatic, even when tragic events occur Helen s story is about recovering after personal tragedy and the power of animals in that process it is both heart rending and very funny, sometimes on the same page But it is honest and from her very soul I recommend CLEO HOW AN UPPITY CAT HELPED HEAL A FAMILY as it brings to the forefront the uncanny knowledge of our furry friends, the patience and restorative power of animal love. Such a lovely little read which turned out to be a lotthan the back cover suggests Over the years I have read various columns penned by Helen Brown and enjoyed her frank and honest style The idea of a whimsical read about her cat seemed just the ticket uh wrongYes it is a memoir and yes it is woven around the long and eventful life of a captivating cat named Cleo What this book really is, is the appropriate way for a master word smith to sort out and make sense of a huge loss Helen s life like all of ours has had its ups and downs How we deal with them is our own unique stamp and the learning acquired through adversary also very personal In this book she has given me a snippet of hers and in doing so allowed me to shuffle things in mine That she could be so brave to put herself out there offering hope to others yet inevitably be open criticism that surly would have come her way impresses me For this I am grateful and quietly inspired.I particularly enjoyed the way she incorporates her environment with day to day coping both in the positive and negative aspects The power of animals to provide a safe haven must never be underestimated Mine reward me with much pleasure and I felt the use of Cleo to unfold a memoir rather charming Thank you Helen.