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Awesome simple cute story,good readDax Zoe are such adorable couple,both have lots of things in common and they understand each other very well and know what they want from their relation but when Zoe is pregnant,there is a little fight but all is well and they have their HEAZoe is one strong woman for once i was so happy cause like many other harlequin books the heroin is shown to keep career as her first priority but as soon as she falls in love it take back seat but here nothing of that sort happens Zoe falls in love and yes she gets pregnant as these 2 things are so important to her,her job is also important it does nt takes back seat she wants to prove to everyone she is not a free spirit and knows what she wants from her lifeDax is also adorable man,sexy confident and great business man with one failed marriage behind now he has sworn off marriage and children but soon that also changes once he realises and accepts he loves Zoe so much then he gets along to win her back make her his wife be a father to his child and we get our happily every after the secondary characters were great and story went ahead with good paceGood readRecommend it Why do they name these things this way I can see why people are reading theseandon ebooks.Girl takes a job with a guy who has trouble keeping assistants They get along well with their hands off policy And then they end up crashed in the jungle and things don t go quite to plan. I found this book pretty sweet Zoe Bravo is kind of the free spirit of the family and she doesn t like that tag, yes she s been too many colleges and hasn t gotten a degree but she has a tendency to get bored, then her mother gets her an interview for a magazine run by the super wealthy hero Dax.At their interview he hires on trial and tells her that there would be no hanky panky between them, you see his assistants tend to fall for him so Zoe invents a fiancee but it is clear Dax knows he s made up He wants her but likes the work she does.Then they take a trip and crash and Zoe saves his life and nurses him and things take a personal turn between them and they decided once they get back to civilization it will end.They try but they can t stop themselves and start a relationship but Zoe knows that Dax doesn t want marriage or children and then she turns up pregnant and he suddenly wants all of that, she refuses.I did feel Zoe put his feelings to the test for too long but I enjoyed the book. I found this book for a quarter at a used book sale and bought it as a quick read for a weekend vacation I had planned Not disappointed Yes, it was cheesy and predictable, but I totally did not see the plane crash coming It was a good, quick read for the money I paid. Ok little romance Dax Girard was so gorgeous he has to beat women off with a stick and his policy at work sex is absolutely off the table Admin assist wannabe Zoe needed and wanted the job he offered Thethe no strings attached Dax swears he s immune to Zoe, thehe envisions a future with her in it. Miniseries Bravo Family Ties *Kindle ✙ Expecting the Boss's Baby ↿ Sex Is Absolutely Off The Table So This Was Dax Girard S Hiring Policy Well, It Might Not Be Conventional But Then Again, All Admin Assist Wannabe Zoe Bravo Wanted Was A Job And Her Prospective Boss, Dax Girard, Was So Gorgeous That He D Clearly Had To Beat Them Off With A Stick Before So She Calmly Agreed To The Mogul S Terms Even Throwing In A Fake Fianc For Good Measure A Strictly Hands Off Policy Was Fine With HerBut Was It Fine With Him Because The No Strings Attached Dax Swore He Was As Immune To Zoe As He Was To Your Average Beautiful Woman, The He Started Envisioning A Future That Had Her In It And, In Nine Months, A Little Someone Else, As Well Loved this story