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Fun read. Much stronger plot than anticipated More character development Not sure I m 100% comfortable with the open relationship thing Maybe that will change further down the series Entertaining read. #READ BOOK õ Real Vampires Live Large õ REAL VAMPIRES TomeReal Vampires Live Large Fnac Rsum Real Vampires Live Large She S Sexy, Plus Sized, And On A Liquid Diet Of Blood Plus Sized Vampire Glory St Clair Takes On Paranormal Drug Dealers Who Are Selling A Dangerous New Fix For Anyone Who Wants To Live Forever Vampires Is It Real National Geographic YouTubeNationalGeographic Vampires IsItReal About National Geographic National Geographic Is The World S Premium Destination For Science, Exploration, And AdventureReal Vampires Live Large Gerry Bartlett Livres Not Retrouvez Real Vampires Live Large Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Real Vampires Live Large Glory St ClairReadReal Vampires Live Large Glory St ClairIt S Not Easy To Keep A Boyfriend, Run A Business, And Survive For Centuries As One Of The Immortal Undead Glory St Clair Knows Ever Since A Sexy Scottish Vampire Bit Her While She Was A Tadbloated Woman Allows Real Life VAMPIRES To Suck Her Blood Blut Katzchen, From Shreveport, Louisiana, Is A Black Swan , Someone Who Lets Self Proclaimed Vampires To Drink Blood Straight From Her Body Real Life Vampires Exist, And Researchers AreReal Vampires Is The Collective Term By Which These People Are Known They Re Not Real In The Sense That They Turn Into Bats And Live Forever But Many Do Sport Fangs And Just As ManyVampires The Real History Live ScienceAre Vampires Real Liveabout Interest In The Vampire Mythos Is At An All Time High The Recent Enthusiasm For This Blood Sucking Immortal Began Perhaps With The Highly Popular Anne Rice Novel, Interview With The Vampire Published In , And Which She Followed Up With Severalbooks About The Vampire World She Created Real Vampires Website For Real Vampires And PeopleHowever, In The End, Real Vampires Will Live Along Side Humans They Will Run The Local Corner Shop And Be Your Neighbors How You Want To Welcome Us Into Your Life Is Your Choice, But Know Whether You Are Welcoming Or Not We Will Be There Meet The Real Life Vampires Of New England And Here Are A Few Vampires From America And Elsewhere, The Real Lives Behind Our Modern Legends Peter Plogojowitz This Serbian Villager And Accused Bloodsucker Was Exhumed And Staked Through The second book in the Gloriana St Clair series delves into her world s rules Full figured I wouldn t keep going on about it but she does constantly Gloriana s beloved store is fire bombed and it s clear to the vamp community, that a local vampire hunter is the perpetrator BTW, the paranormal population is flourishing in Austin despite the previously mentioned local vampire hunter who is also a billionaire has them all up in arms.Jeremiah Blade, Gloriana s on again, off again lover is after the hunter who he knows won t stop hunting Despite his reservations, he leaves Austin to find the hunter, leaving Glory to her own devices as she rebuilds He does contract a shapeshifter to serve as an additional bodyguard, to help Valdez, her current bodyguard in a labradoodle s body Despite these precautions, Glory discovers that human hunters aren t the only thing she has to worry about Energy vampires vampires who drain power from other vamps have targeted her and want a power donation, whether she wills it, or no.While I liked this book, I found Glory s lack of knowledge a bit irritating I understand some of it was for exposition purposes, but she s been a vampire for over four hundred years and while I could buy some of the gaps in her knowledge of the paranormal, IMHO, this book makes her sound like an idiot at times It seems as though she s trying to be ignorant which is not an attractive quality.Despite some reservations, I am planning to read the third book in the series Take from that what you will. This series isn t thrilling me and honestly, if I didn t already have other books in it already I d stop reading it Glory and her flip flopping regarding men is getting annoying rather than endearing Other than that, the story is good and the side characters are enjoyable I like it but I don t REALLY like it. I don t mind chick lit books but the thing that drives me crazy about this series is that it skips chunks of time in the same chapter without any kind of or warnings One second Glory having a conversation in her shop, and the next, a week has gone by It s jarring Also reading these first two books, they don t match up with what happened in the prequel book When Glory met Jerry Conflicting histories. Love this series Fun read and great story. This one seemed disjointed from the first book for me There s some connection the store, Cheetos and Westwood trying to kill her But other than some interesting harassment incidents, it s like Westwood s been put on the back burner and Blade s been sent away so the new crisis and male temptation can take place Also somewhere between book 12, Glory s amazingly managed to find the large amount of money and time to repair her broken down car, though it s only been a short time since she ate the Cheetos bad idea since she s still sick But I guess the storyline had to let her so could handle the motorcycle and the firebombing expenses which also faded away Beware of Greeks EV s bearing gifts Glory s just not suspicious enough For a centuries old vampire, she hasn t learned much from history She played right into their hands Good thing Richard was there This time perfect Flo made a big mistake Not really her fault though, since Simon tricked her while she was on a rebound from Richard And there s several interesting surprises with the other members of the group Speaking of, I m not sure about Richard He just kind of appeared Not sure if he s a good guy or just pretending to be He s so secretive He s supposing chasing the EVs, but when that s done, how is he going to fit in with the rest of the group And how does he compare to Blade energy skill wise Glory has enough guy competition with Blade and Damian I hate that she s being tempted while he s gone But Blade sure has some passionate phone skills to make up for it I m sorry, but I just don t like the vampire mural I love the store the way it was and that just ruins it for me It s too in your face, vampireish Vampires attending church on Sunday Interesting concept No reason why not, just haven t come across it before Definitely makes them seem normal And is another place for action to happen Fave scenes the rooftop wet sheets, Glory s phone call to Blade, Glory s VV dance and her first shape shift. I m liking this series and I only gave the 1st book 3 stars, I think But I m not sure if the books are really that great or I m just enjoying reading books set right up the highway from me in Austin, Texas Think about it, tho if vampires left NOLA for any southwestern city, I believe it would be Austin The city who s proud to be weird and prints up the t shirts to prove it Plus there s TONS of nightlife, Bat Cave Road and politicians to feed from snark.Glorianna is a size 12 vamp who owns a vintage clothing store called VintageVamps who better to get great consignment clothing from those friends who lived those years with her She has a real can do attitude, knows and plays to her best assets the girls but has many of the same misgivings we real ladies do dislikes her body size, worries about her man when he s around beautiful, skinny female vamps, stresses about how to pay her bills while feeding her vintage clothing addiction, etc Glory has many problems I gladly don t, however, such as being the target of a billionaire vampire hunter the same guy who had VintageVamps firebombed, ruining all those beautiful clothes and the target of an EV emotional vamp ring who wants to steal all her unused and untapped power to make VV Vampire Viagra no, they definitely don t need it for THAT, just to make sex a little different after all those hundreds of years I know this sounds kinda corny but it really isn t This series is well written, charismatic and just light hearted enough to be a change from all those angsty vampire books I ve been reading lately I also happen to love the hunky vamp guys Glory keeps runing into while trying to decide whether to keep trying to keep her independence from Jerry, her loooong time boyfriend like from the Crusades He is a Scottish warrior who is very protective of Glory and can t seem to get the hang of independent modern women they break up when she can t take any of his telling her what to do old habits are hard to break instead of asking her or believing she can take care of her self.So I intend to read the next book and see if Ms Bartlett keeps getting better And if not, I ll at least enjoy reading about one of Austin s most unique vintage clothing stores