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What a nice surprise I really enjoyed the second book I read Witch Eyes a very long time ago but I remember that it slightly bored me sometimes, which this book did not do at all It probably would do me good to re read Witch Eyes because I think I just read it at the wrong moment What you need to know is that Demon Eyes is original and has a few interesting characters who are realistic Let me jump straight to Braden and Trey relationship because I want to talk about how well it was done Mr Tracey does not try to pretend like the idea for their relationship did not come straight from Romeo and Juliet because there is even a scene where it is mentioned However, let me set things straight if you think Braden and Trey are full of angst and make everything about themselves and each other, not caring about the whole world then you are SO wrong.Their relationship is basically what would happen if Romeo and Juliet used their brains and would not be so self centered.So basically, Trey is loyal to his family, and I loved it Yes, we know Catherine is not an angel, but she is his mother and the fact that he did not turn his back on his family because he likes a guy made me really happy I am sick of the guy having no interest in anything but the main character in today s novels Trey has his priorities sorted, staying away from Braden is safer for them both, and he is not sure what actually is happening and who he should trust so he basically does not really pick a side and stays with people who he knows for longer and are his family but not really completely abandons Braden This is how it should be Of course he loves Braden therefore he can t just forget about him No, don t worry, Trey does not turn into a creepy stalker, haha What I found to be a really big plus was Braden s attitude too He wants to be with Tray, he is not happy that he pushed him away, however he does not turn into his creepy stalker either He pursues him at first however when Trey tells him to go away, he does What s even better, when he noticed that Trey continues on giving him mixed signals, pushing him away and pulling 5 seconds later, he got angry and told him to finally decide what does he want instead of playing him all the time Bravo.Even though their situation is pretty sad, when you look at it, there is absolutely no forced angst there They have other things on their minds too and they focus on that instead of whining about their relationship This book could easily turn into another no plot but relationship drama story but it did not Trey really cares about his family and so does Braden, I don t want to spoil it, but I found his decision at the end interesting I like how realistic his reaction was, because it is what I expected from him after what happened He did not play Trey, he told him straight away what he is planning to do, did what he had to, and now things got even interesting because I really wonder how it all will turn out I really learned to appreciate both boys and the fact that the author made them realistic, caring about than just their crush Also the character development was very well done The ending was very interesting and I really wonder what s going to happen next I really, really recommend it I was really hooked up since the beginning and the story plus characters are really great Bonus I really liked Braden Drew friendship too, Drew grew on me a lot and I found his way of trying to annoy Trey kind of cute as well as Trey s jealousness , lol. This was better than 1, mostly in that it was coherent and there were fewer distractions, fewer collapses, and fewer villains I still can t rate it than okay, though.It desperately needed an editor proofreader There were missing words, wrong words Enough to be offputting Some Favorite Quotes Books like these share our experiences with others, and normalize what shouldn t be feared This obsession with the mundane is silly and wasteful Can t wait for my new kindle to arrive tomorrow, so I can start the next one If Romeo and Juliet were gay.and witches.This was a much better sequel to the original Witch Eyes My problems with that novel were that it showed potential and promise, yet never really capitalised on it The lore felt interesting, but underdeveloped, the characters were interesting, but not interesting enough to stand out etc Everything was very meh , and it left me wondering whether I should read the sequel After finishing the sequel though, I can say that I m glad I stuck with it It still has it s issues and it will never be one of the great series, but overall this was a much thought out and developed effort A bigger novel than the first and the fact that it s already established the world leads this entry into being or less one magical fight scene romp after another The fight scenes themselves have also improved, with a bit suspense thrown in, and detail about Braden s actual powers, at least I wasn t confused as much this time around The romance between Braden and Trey continues to be interesting, and non sappy which is appreciated, especially considering the Romeo and Juliet theme the book is based upon There are still some faults however, the cast of characters could do with a bit of a culling Riley s connection to the storyline for instance seemed stupid, and as if the author needed a hostage for later in the novel or it could just be that I find her rather annoying Overall though, a decent follow up to a so so debut, but this series has definitely avoided middle book itus and is leaving me looking forward to Phantom Eyes If you re looking for a gay themed YA novel, you could do far worse, trust me. 3.5 5 My thoughtsExpectations my expectations aren t mile high Maybe that s a good thing I hope it will be better and here s hoping there s history on the founding of Belle Dam Cover The sequel has another floating head but a grey one this time and the lighthouse from book one is shown I like it less than its predecessor Book Living in Belle Dam has become welcoming and the drama at the end of book 1 has settled a bit He has made some close friends and a relationship with the person he has strong feelings for But the ugly heads of literal and figuratively demons begin to rear their heads again in Belle Dam and in his life Local girls have been disappearing and a silver smooth haired being has appeared Town secrets and history are exposed, how the feud came to be is further clarified and doubt creeps in his life and relationship The headaches are still a major pain Will Braden ever have peace of mind I will address the dislikes and likes of the sequel the same as I did in the review of Witch eyes.The positives I longed for town secrets and history in Belle Dam and my wish came true Finding out how a lot was connected with each other including the founders of Belle Dam, the kidnappings and the visions that motivated his traveling to Belle Dam, was fun 2nd I went with no real attachments towards the romantic interest starting book two but he has grown on me I don t know him like a character on his own and he s still just the boyfriend of a paranormal creature,but You start feeling compassion towards him after the ending of book two and learning of the effects the feud has had on him.3th Demon eyes should have been the first book in a trilogy It started with a bang and closed with firecrackers though I have to admit the middle felt like it was fizzling out but still far better than the first Kidnappings are often used and it was cool how to see how Mr Tracey handled it It is sad that he didn t write that way in the first book I m not an editor or a language expert but I could notice his progress as an author If the last book in the trilogy is even better, it improves my desire to read the last book in the trilogy.The negatives has somewhat stayed the same.Braden has kind of improved He was a lot darker and was becoming a master of lies and that resulted in thinking that people he cared about were going to turn on him and Braden redeemed himself a little bit than in Witch eyes But the whining stayed and still not getting attached to him is the reason why he s still a negative.2nd My feelings towards the towns people and the romance has stayed the same The romance has developed slightly that s a plus but it still feels forced My reading experience was a better than witch eyes but sadly there were still some parts that were annoying It does not deserve a 4 out 5, hence I m giving it a 3.5 Give it a try if you read the first. The first book, WITCH EYES, was a good debut book, but the sequel, DEMON EYES surpassed it I thought WITCH EYES had a semi predictable plot, but the characters were amazing and relatable Not only are the characters BETTER in this book, but the twists and turns kept me going.Scott Tracey made sure to keep the reader guessing what was happening next, what the motives were to the characters, and just who is the villain Braden is proactive, which keeps the story moving in ways I wasn t expecting I love characters and now I love where the series is going I can t help, but worry that the last book will end with complete turmoil I have no idea how Braden is going to survive or if he and Trey will ever be together for good.This isn t your typical paranormal romance It is darker and the couple are two homosexual males But, that s what makes this a great read It doesn t follow any of the norms and yet breathes new life to an already cookie cutter genre This is definitely a series to look for You Can Find My Review Here Demon Eyes was even better than Witch Eyes, the first book felt like an introduction and the action really got going in this one.I loved Braden s struggle with the events of the first book and that killing someone even a demon had a big effect on him I also really liked how the side character were developed this book, especially Drew I wish I could get excited about Braden Trey though because I love that the main pairing in this book is a gay couple but it s still hard for me to get really invested, I think Trey needs to grow and accept that his mother isn t always right view spoiler though he thankfully starts to do that near the end hide spoiler ^FREE PDF ⇚ Demon Eyes (Witch Eyes, #2) ✐ Demons Don T Die Without A FightAfter Destroying The Demon Lucien, Braden Son Of Belle Dam S Most Powerful Warlock, Jason Thorpe Doesn T Need The Power Of His Witch Eyes To See That Everything In His Life Is Turning Against Him Friends, Family, And Even His Visions When Disturbing Nightmares Of Lucien S Return Haunt Him, Braden Discovers That The Simmering Feud Between The City S Two Witch Dynasties Is Fast Approaching Its Explosive Boiling PointWhile Struggling To Come To Terms With His Attraction To Trey, Catherine Lansing S Son Who Should Be His Mortal Enemy, A Diabolical Plan Starts To Unveil Before Braden S Eyes Young Women Are Disappearing From Belle Dam, And As He Investigates, Braden Is Forced To Explore The Dangerous Unknown Power Within Himself But When The Truth About His Family Is Revealed, Braden Must Pay A Terrible Price